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Hello DGC! I was wanting to share a little like KCBennie did. I was not sure where to post this because when I read KCBennie’s post it says it is on GROW TALK but i can’t find that to save my life. The DGC post are not set up the best. Just my opinion that it should be set up like a regular forum it would be much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Okay so I made it to the cup Talked to Scotty and Dude for brief min I wish I would have had more time But that was my own fault I was supposed to be on the bus but I stayed up too late and didn’t make it. I am a bit of a night owl. I am still kicking myself in the ASS for doing that I was really excited to be able to hang out before the CUP and I blew it Ohh well shit happens. When I was at the cup I ran into an old friend I have not seen for 20 years. We were just walking past one another and just stopped to kinda stare at each other and were like holy shit long time how have you been. Turns out My old buddy was on the bus with you guys and knows a bunch of the DGC. Talk about a small world I would have never thought I would ran into somebody that I knew at a competition like that. This is the first time I’ve traveled and dun anything like this ever in 15 years I’ve kind of been stuck on a self imposed desert island because of what I do and where I live. So let’s just say this was a little bit out of my comfort zone but it was much needed as I need to start networking with other like minded people! Okay back to the Cup like KCBennie said I saw that Scotty is going through the jars for a lil review. Well mine was # 20 I made a write up paper about it for the contest but it was not needed so I will show it here. I have alot more to say but I fucking hate typing LOL so thanks for looking and I will be at the 710 cup!!!! Peace out    The MadMonkey!!!!@)