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Dude, Guru, Scotty – How’s the Dank?!

I have a show idea, seems to be an evolving topic – I would love to see The DGC compile a list of THC stimulation techniques and practices a grower can perform (You bet Guru, some will be strain dependent) to increase THC and Terp Profiles throughout the life cycle as well as the last few days to really set yourself apart from those outside The DGC.

Big Yields are nice, but I want The DGC to grow and smoke Dank that practically glows in the dark.

The very only Trade Secrets I want to see Coveted in this Industry (Free or Taxed Markets) are the masterful genetics a breeder works before unveiling at an event like The DGC Cup. Period.

So, Here’s some of my Go To Techniques. I hope The DGC enthusiastically adds to this list.

UVB through flowering at peak heat 2-4 hours (Flower Power UVB)

Using Chamomile as a Companion Plant (No idea why this works)

Insect Frass in as a living super soil ammendment, top dress – or – flour it – and water in – or make an acetate and spray on foliage at 1%, 20mins before lights on

48 Hours Darkness before Harvest

Stab/Till roots 72-96 hours before harvest – make sure you’re using Glomas Intraradices Myco

Metallica During Last Week of Flowering

7.83Hz Sine During Veg

Happy Endings & Ocean Bounty Tea 3 all the way through

Black Sand Magnetite – Archangel System – Granular Peace of Mind. Mix into Substrate and lay thick across topsoil – half inch – makes a strong zeropoint for living magnetic organisms and both poles are therefore increased – less energy needed to maintain bi-polarization to make better use of Geomagnetic/Solar Stim – so more energy left over for every other process.

Drop Humidity (11%-35%), Raise Temp (above 85F or 25.5C) a week before harvest, water little – increase duration of UVB from 2 to 4 – slowishly

Hang Dry, Cold Cure