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Growmies what’s up! So first and for most I watch DGC every day! I am a patreon, DWC grower and I’m a big fucking fan!

There’s been some interesting discussion about DWC style growing. I wanted toss a few things out there with love and respect. Il start with the microbes in reservoir and how I use Recharge in my grow. So I water in Recharge just like if you were to top dress, sprinkle a teaspoon around the stalk and lightly water in. Not to the point where the water runs threw. Just like recommended. It works perfectly and always notice a next day vigorous boost or flex of health. I use Rhizotonic from Canna for my microbes inside my reservoir. It has a bunch of different microbes in it and it’s designed specifically for DWC.

I use the Emerald Harvest nutes lineĀ  Except for Cal-Mag, I use Canna Cal-Mag. It buffers my pH so my swings are not dramatic. They are drawn out swings between 5.5 and 6.3 max. I did buy one of the Blue lab doser but didn’t even hook it up for this grow, used it for the last grow but this one my PPM is dialed in to the plants intake so no major swings also adding a chiller also helped with PH swings to and fighting off any kind of root diseases.

Temperature humidity and VPD. Growing in a high humid state like Florida which is also Prohibition land (S.O.B’s) but it’s home, is difficult especially in a garage in a tent. Fuck i can go broke trying to get perfect VPD. With DWC your gonna get higher humidity. So what’s in my control is the genetics and air flow. I get seeds that have high resistance to PM and the air is in constant movement also defoliate weekly helps big time as well cause your going to get rapid growth with DWC.

Most everything I posted here and now, are things iv learned from being DGC and right here watching and learning from THE DGC! Lol your probably like HOW! You can implement everything talked about on this show from soil to DWC or any style of growing. I don’t have a rhizosphere but I do have readily accessible nutrients at any point in time the plant would like.

I grow one plant at a time and this run and last run were my first phenotypes. It’s always been auto’s before. The pics are from my current run it’s Pineapple muffin from Humboldt Seed Company in week 5 of flower. Two words about them Vigorous plants!

I really love what guys do here and the community you brought together. Worth every dime every time. Stay high!