DGC Guides are in depth content created by our crew to help you learn new skills and improve your garden.

Here’s a selection of helpful content hand picked by the Dude Grows Team:


How To Choose The Best LED Grow Light For Your Situation In 2020


Mystro’s Guide To Cannabis Nutrition

New Millenium Nutrients- w/ Jerin

GrowMore Nutrients- Costa Mesa Steve Style


How to Make and Use Your Own Lactobacillus Culture

Pest Management

Intro to IPM: Integrated Pest Management

Soil Predators For Pest Control


The Fundamentals of Cloning

Training and Pruning

Training plants to harvest a pound, with TheCapn.

Organic Growing

Growing With Living Organic Soil (AKA- No-till for Noobs)

Companion Planting

Living Soil Basics w/ Soup

Making Soil With Soup: Part 1, Soil Basics

Making Soil With Soup: Part 2, Planning, Mixing, and Cooking


Let’s do it Captain Style, baby! Part 1

Doing it Captain Style, Part 2

Capn Style, part 3 Vegetative Growth

Capn Style, part 4. It’s time to flower! By, TheCapn

Extracts and Concentrates

Lets Build a Rosin Press

How to Make BHO w/ TheCapn

Making 420 vape pens with TheCapn


How to make the most potent Cannabis oil/Cannabutter


Take Better Pics! – Clip on Macro and Wide Angle Lenses for Smart Phones

Take Better Pics! – Custom White Balance

Saving Money

5 Quick Tips to Save Money on Electricity While Growing Indoors