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Hey DGC, I’ve regularly watched your show pretty much from the beginning I’ve recently been posting on the site always over on the youtube catching up with the latest as soon as the bell notifies me to haha. I’m 29 3 kids live in the uk england and smoked weed since young I wont lie. At first recreational but later in life turned medicinal due to back problems developing copd of the lungs due to being stabbed in one and I get chronic arthritis. Anyways I was sick and tired of buying bad quality buds from known guys in the area mostly unsatisfied if I’m honest and hate not knowing the specs on how or where the flowers were actually coming from. Call me old school but I like to know what chickens lay my eggs ya know, anyways I waited and watched the show along with a few others for the 6 years feeding on grow information. I predominantly chose you guys as not only r the three of u entertaining but you go deep into what your talking about on a level even beginner growers like myself can understand.

So I took on a 16 plant different strains grow organic part soil/coco/perlite mix using biobizz grow in veg, then I hit an issue with thrips thanks to u guys I did not panic I took the correct procedure cleaned everywhere took care of the plants an in a week or two they recovered an I was bug free. The flower phase I used cal mag biobizz fishmix bio bloom bio topmax bio alg a mic. I used lst tips that were helpful I used topping techniques and after having habitat environment issues 6 months later I finally harvested.

Along the way you guys got me pumped about microbiological science so much i even bought a microscope i want to learn everything possible. If only there were such bible right! Haha.

Anyways the point to my post isn’t really a question although I could have millions of not just grow questions but personal like (is guru a time traveler because that guys knowledge is from another plant bro) no offence the dude or scotty there but guru never has a question he cant answer apart from the gun question where he had insufficient data to answer lol!!

My point was to say a massive THANK YOU tour show helps guys like me and it is invaluable information that you guys share that turns guys like me who were clueless into having a chance at it at least.

I will say though you can gain as much knowledge an watch as many vids as you want but you have to be on a one to one personal ratio with the girls to fully understand what it takes right learn from mistakes etc, but get to know how that plant works and responds more importantly to what your doing things like that you guys taught me and it showed an was priceless info truly so thank you.

On my next round I’m going to have to try some of this Recharge that I’ve heard alot about.

Stay safe guys don’t get the virus for fuck sake couldn’t live without this show these days have a good spring break gents.

Peace an love from me all the way in the uk

Plantdoc uk