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I want to share this post as a way of showing you all where I’ve come since I’ve discovered and been part of the DGC community…DGC FOR LIFE πŸ’―

So much is happened.. males ..females herms.. seeds.. clones… weeks.. different strains.. autos ..photos… I really threw myself into it and it’s been an amazing experience I seem to work well under pressure.. At least I feel like I’ve put a really good effort in since I started to learn and adapt to more of the things I’ve learned through the DGC …freaking stoked boys….

So I’ve recently doubled my wattage in the flower Room from 300 W to 650 that I have dialed back to around 560 W for a 4 by 4 space… And that’s been my recent upgrade lately that’s been freaking awesome… Scotty says light is power..boom I got light…stoked again…

I’m using pro mix HP ..3 gallon.. and 5 gallon fabric pots.. Germinated in recharge…yes sir..I did… started in solo cup.. up potted to one gallon.. into a finishing 3 in 5 gallon pot …at the moment I have about 560 W running… for the 1st half of the grow I had 300 W .

AC infinity cloudline T6…

2Ts one thousands @ 150 W from the wall brought me to 300 W… Wasn’t quite getting the coverage although it was OK..

But now I’ve added an 650 W 8 8ar LED it’s awesome.. Corner to corner😎🌱🌱

Recharged coupled with my mineral base nutrients is really working great for me… I’ve even stepped out my IPM and started to take things real serious

Nothing too serious yet but I am sure will run into an issue somewhere along the line.. I am just making sure I educated myself the best I can to deal with any situation that arises…

Pic one…

So the front half of the tent I have in there a photo and an auto that were both flipped at the same time around the same size and vigour both on 12 and 12 …one in the rightΒ  is the best coast genetics lemon extract.DGC BABY…..

Finishing time is from 55 days to 65 days shes on day 54 and fading nice to maby to early?..but..she’s on st8 water from here on out..

Gelato auto same day 54 on a 8 to 9 week finish.. I’m gonna push both of them I can

Pic two main bud shot of the gelato

Pic 3 lemon extract from best coast genetics…my first DGC beans…was a connection the whole famz..100%..

Pic 4…Bruce banner auto chop day..

All that’s left is the bring er on home and I wish at least I could smoke it with one of the members or 1 of… all you guys or something…🀣🀘πŸ”₯πŸ’¨

Much love to the DGC and respect to all you guys n gals.. πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ€˜..Dude.. Scotty..Guru.. Mystro Banner Bakery Boys the whole DGC community the most awesome folks on the planet..

Stay lifted.. stay higher.. stay irie.. and let’s shine those lights….🀘😎🀘

p.s…Shout out to all the DGC members over on Instagram that’s recently been popping off they’ve been dropping some bombs yo…🀣 Stony Rockefeller. Chad Westport ..big sexy dank.. East Coast chronic .shields maiden gardens