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Hey guys,

So this is My first post ever here. Before I found the DGC, I was lost in a sea of shitty YouTube videos. The kinds of videos that contradict themselves with very low production quality lol. Then i found you! I didn’t k know much about growing (hard to get people to teach you when it’s illegal) but after watching you all for the past few years I’ve can say wow there’s a lot to learn. Anyway just wanted to show you what I did with the knowledge you provided me. Well you all and then I read the rev and Greg greens books. Thanks for the recommendation. Here’s my garden. Critique at will. It’s all I can do living in north east prohibition land at the moment. 2 mystery seeds I found in a couple bags a few years ago. Ones sativa I think and the other indica. They’re in 5 gallon fabric pots under a 600w $150 Amazon special led light. They’re in coco, using a modified organic amendment mix I got from the rev and greens books. I was hitting them with teas once a week and watering as needed. Not too shabby other than the low humidity (it’s close to the woodstove) DGC humidity bucket hack  already installed.
Harvest is in a few days! Also I’ll show you pics of my diy space saving expandable grow tube I was using before my tent if anyone’s interested in making one.

keep on keepin on.
thank you for what you do!