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JR Tokin – DGC T Shirt, 8oz Recharge
Jose – Best Coast Genetics Hang Ten
Bawb Bawberson – Raw Genetics Pecan Pie
JJ – Irie Genetics Double Dose
GrandpaCannabis – Irie Genetics Morning Dew
Smkesmucho – Real Growers Recharge Pounder
Bando Saucin – Swamp Boys Seeds Shoki
ThePixelKeifCheif – Clone Only T Shirt
Growcoast650 – Ocean Grown Seeds Vader OG
Sungrownbagseed – Irie Genetics
Verbal Medicine – HLG 100
Cody – Rosin Bomb Rocket
Nicolas – New Millenium PEP Pack


Pick the prize you want to play for from the list below.
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Rosinbomb – Rocket Bundle
New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate
Pulse – Pulse One
Irie Genetics – Double Dose
Irie Genetics – Morning Dew
Irie Genetics – Sunkiss
Ocean Grown Seeds – Vader OG
DJ Short – First Light
Raw Genetics – Pecan Pie
Horticulture Lighting Group – HLG 100
Best Coast Genetics – Hang Ten
Crockett Family Farms – Sour Plum
Swamp Boys – Shoki
Lucky Dog Seed Co – Bohemian Highway
Real Growers – Pounder
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plus everything that’s in the claw game and more!!!

Comment To Enter

Comment here to tell us which prize you would like to play for, and why.
Contestants will be selected from the best comments.


  1. Smkesmucho

    What up DGC Its ian! I want to win the hlg light so I can replace the cracked 50 dollar amazon light I have hanging in my closet!! Love the show and the community, thanks for the opportunity guys👍👍

  2. ican.grow

    I’d like to play for the HLG light because im still using HID tech and that light would be absolutely perfect for my 3×3!!! would give me a chance to try CO2 and all the other things ive learned from Dudegrows.

  3. NarwhalUp

    Some Ocean Grown seeds please

  4. BusyBurnin

    Would love the recharge, I just lost a few seedlings to what has to be “Damping off” If I’m unable to get the microbiome under control I will need some recharge to reset. Also I would love a growers free markets matter. In Nor Cal and looking into getting licensed for cultivation distribution and retail.

  5. ican.grow

    also I BUMP recharge on my Instagram EVERY time I post @ican.grow

  6. Mr_Bungle

    Would Love Some Seeds . I’v never had seed that I Knew the genetics of. Live in Prohibition land so all I’v had is random bag seeds. I Have to say thanks to you guys I’m growing some of the best stuff I’v ever smoked. I just remodeled my grow and cant wait to get started. Thanks for all your help DGC, couldn’t have done it without you.

  7. Insane_mari_jane

    Super old school and would love that zippo. We are starring to grow and looking to into liscening in california, cant wait.

  8. Jxdubbs

    Hey DGC, I’d love to win some raw or some sin city seeds. You guys are hilarious. Love the suit.

  9. Insane_mari_jane

    Blue looks great on you 🤩.

  10. Jay smash

    Whats up guys. Id love to get the hlg 100 man i need a better light for veg tent and covid19 took my job. Bahha im using the oldest T8 fluorescent light bulb fixtures and need to update but like most of the world it has me still down with no site of coming back up yet.

  11. BusyBurnin

    If I could receive that horticulture light it would be amazing. On a bit of a fixed budget but only have two LED lights need one more at least to get full coverage during flowering in my 4×8 . I’m am looking to get licensing in California to cultivate distribute and retail.

  12. stankycloset

    Want to win some Irie Genetics. New grower and killed most of the seeds I bought but still have a handful that are coming along. would love to have some dank genetics to learn with!

  13. Insane_mari_jane

    First time grower. I would love to win the horticulture light. I have chronic pain , no pun intended. I have always loved Mari Jane and I am turning to her for pain relief.

  14. Terp Tommy

    Would love me some seeds to grow so I can post those dank nugs on

  15. Chad.Westport

    I’d love to play for the HLG light or a big bag of recharge. I was close to buying the HLG but went a different route, would be interesting to win it, do a side by side comparison and then either pat myself on the back for a wise decision or face palm and be glad I just won the better light from DGC.

    The recharge, would be fun to try in the garden, see if it works it’s magic for me too.

  16. Biglakethesnake

    Growing in prohibition land on hand-me-down HPS would love some HLG’s to bring me into the 21st century #horticulturelightinggroup

  17. Jimmy1life

    hell ya its my birthday

  18. Thatgrower

    DGC for life! Would absolutely love the Raw genetics!

  19. QuantumSkies

    would love to play for seeds or recharge. This show has helped me out in so many ways and recharge literally took my plants to another level. Would love to try out some sin city genetics they have always been out of my price range. Thank you dgc

  20. QuantumSkies

    also whoever is shipping out the recharge from real growers in FT. Collins you are amazing, do you wait outside the post office for orders? The shipping is so fast. Amazon has nothing on this dude. Thank you real growers

  21. Stickythumbs101

    Hey what’s up DGC big fan of the show been watching for almost 8 months now new grower but have learned a lot for guys and what works best for me in the space I have working with being in the area that I am the temps are super crazy getting the hlg 100 would help me out Dramatically In ranging in the optimal grow temps long time smoke of great bud but prices are just getting outta hand and I really don’t know when I’ll have extra cash to get better gear right now you guys would be helping me out more than you know thank you again for all the help with learning about this beautiful amazing plant( germs are good mmhkay) 😂 have a great one guys

  22. Whatitdostew

    Raw genetics are absolutely amazing always wanted try there products and could never get my hands on them. Let me get a shot to win dudes!

  23. dlaywicker

    I want to win some Irie seeds. I listen to the DGC or GFYH podcast nightly to learn as I’m falling asleep. I want to sample Rasta Jeff’s contribution to the world. I scored some Recharge samples at my local hydro store today. I get to try it before I buy it.

  24. Dankdiggler

    Love me some Irie genetics. Been supporting Canadian seed banks for easy payment/shipping but missing out on some top breeders. Seeds Here Now will be my next seed order for sure!

  25. @TheNakedGrow

    Growing up here in Canada, eh! I’m a huge fan of the show! I would be happy to win anything. I haven’t tried recharge yet so that would be cool. Thanks DGC.

  26. BandoSaucin

    What’s up DGC!! I’m a huge fan of the show I tune in anytime I can to listen to you guys drop some amazing wisdom and straight facts. I’ve learned so much from the show and especially Guru im a new grower out in prohibition land and I just finished my first harvest 2 weeks ago and there’s no way I could have grown the dank buds that did without the post by the DGC community and the shows that y’all produce. I am a new member but I would love to get my hands on some ocean grown or Irie genetics so I can bring the dank. My first grow was some cake&chem by green point seeds and I’m loving it. Got few grams from each plant curing at the moment but I’m smoking on some live rosin that was made with fresh frozen bubble hash well as close to live as possible without a freeze drier but I am loving it!! Thank you DGC!

  27. Domlov22

    Definitely want to play for that HLG light! Really need an upgrade from the blurples i still have in my tent.

  28. EltonsJohn

    Yeah yeah yeah DGC! Best coast genetics pleeeeaaaaasssseeee!!!! I’ve been growing/practicing for about 2 years from bag seeds only and would love to try my hand at some ‘DANK’ genetics. Much luv from sunny South Africa the home of one of Scotty’s favourites, “Durban Poison”. Thanks for the priceless knowledge you guys share

  29. SumtingWong37

    Yo Yo Yo hold on a second your telling me that I can win an HLG from a claw machine, shut the front door. Seriously so awesome what you guys are doing for the community and for everyone out there that tunes in to chill hang out listen learn and get involved what its all about. I find myself feeling like part of a family with how everyone just jives together for a common pursuit of happiness, Grow Some DANK!!!! love you GUYZ keep on keeping on!!!

  30. Sativa Rob

    Good after noon DGC. New grower and happy found u guys on Utube. I would like to win the IRE Genetics seeds. I heard about them from your show and Rasta Jeff. Now my I’m a listener to both of you guys. So happy I found u guys. I have years of pod cast listing to catch up to. I binge you guys all day. 👍🏾

  31. barelyburningburlyburnhardly

    That rosin bomb rocket would come in so handy to me. I have a bunch of mediocre stuff I would love to press. Also some better stuff lol. FYI I have never even tried a dab. Concentrates and edibles for that matter are pretty much nonexstant where I am. Been wanting to try them for years. Or I could use a lb of recharge anyday, that stuff is like gold dust to me.

  32. barelyburningburlyburnhardly

    LOL looked at the wrong prizes. I would love to win the irie genetics. Because I have only grown mediocre stuff and for once would like to try something good. Or I could always use an hlg light to make a permanent veg and not have to move my lights back and fro.

  33. Brent1627

    Hey fellas, I’d love a shot at the claw game to shoot for of coarse the rosin bomb, just recently discovered dabs and I’m hooked, my sleep has been great and anxiousness and nightmares have gotten much much better, would love a shot at pressing my own. Happy growing fellas

  34. superlemonade420

    Hey guys would love a HLG 100 to set up a little hobby breeding tent. That or a Pulse monitor to track my environmentals in my room. Got a basic hygrometer but would love something to track the data! Keeping doing what you guys do and spreading the knowledge 👊

  35. Okie_blowin_smoke23

    Boys I would like the pulse or rocket bomb ….i just can’t afford either of them

  36. STATEFARM420

    Whats up dudes!!! id be greatful to win anything but im really interested in getting ahold of one of those sweet ass Real Growers Smoke Em All Tee Shirts!!! Some seeds from ocean grown would be sick, but that t-shirt man. Too freaking cool!!! Been a fan of Metallica for as long as I remember and now I can’t get enough of that recharge , thanks for all you guys do for the community nobody else out there doing it like the DGC ,One love stay Irie brothas

  37. Gbaygenetics

    Scotty hook me up with some recharge ….I’ve got light’s and seeds….lots of those…..have yet to try recharge. My grows are getting better each run and I think recharge might be my missing link…..

  38. Dankasaurus

    First off love the community and all the knowledge available. Cant put a price on it. I would love to add some new genetics to my collections. I would love a chance at Raw or Irie genetics. Scotty’s pick.


    I would like to play for any of the quality genetics in the machine. Im growing medicine for my family and myself, so DGC level dank is a must! Thanks for all you do Crew. 👏

  40. BigHuff2316

    I’d love me a DGC hat yo!! I woulda bought a shirt but you guys don’t have my size still………..4xL

  41. Bjamz

    Another shot at that HLG! Win it for me Scotty!

  42. Jldestroyer

    I got that RONA!!!
    My girls kids brought it home from school on the first week back. This totally sucks…although it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It was amazing watching how fast it ripped through my family.
    If I had to choose I would love that hlg light but I’m sure everyone else does too, so if it’s gone I’d love to try some Irie genetics. Growing is my favorite hobby and now I got 2 weeks of free time available, it’s time to start my winter run anyway. Love the show it’s what cheers me up, I’m already going back to the beginning and listening to every episode again.

  43. Theinternetandmeczee

    Greed ego and the unexplainable darkness unfortunately associated with human nature has tainted this beautiful plant’s reputation and accessability, especially here in North America. In mhiy existence here on this planet i want this plant to be integrated in the lives of as many people as possible as far as can reach . Through generousity, enthusiasim and trying to to be as in touch with mother nature as possible maybe being mentally at peace and surrounded by as much vegetation as possible doin mhy part to make the world a better place for as many as possible to find their own peace and happiness. Greenhealthandhappiness to you all

  44. Theinternetandmeczee

    I don’t necessarily wish to win the HLG.. but i hope it spreads an unimaginable amount of good energy.

  45. Ducksgrow13

    Hey DGC, just wanna say that what you guys are doing is so awesome, not only do you bust your butts to put out good entertainment and quality information, but you are continuously giving out even more with these great prizes and contests. Really happy that I found this community, it has helped me out alot. Being out in one of the less enlightened parts of the country, I dont have access to anything thats any good, and if it is, the price is astronomical. So ive started my first grow a little while ago with a couple bag seeds i had. A couple took and are doing ok, but I would really like to play for a chance at some Dj short or raw genetics if your expert hands have already won someone else them. Honestly any of those great genetics would be amazing to have. Thanks again DGC crew and all the members of the discord, patreon, and, much love and stay lifted growmies.

  46. PotentChronic

    I’m a cultivationist 4 consumption! I also have a small YouTube channel. I’m a absolutely HUGE believer in “SPREADING THE LOVE” and helping other grow (YouTube channel etc…) And helping them spread their experience and know-how. I absolutely love OUT FOREVER GROWING CANNABIS COMMUNITY. I Only want the best possible outcome for OUR field. I would/could use a NEW light fixture. I grow at home with 4 boys (oldest 20.. youngest 8) and it’s a challenge growing with kids… Let alone 4 boys. Lol… And honestly… These day, any kind of help goes a LONG way! I’m a big fan of “DudeGrows” I follow & I’m a Subscriber for awhile now. You guys keep providing us with great information and knowledge! Please keep it up; and from those that don’t say it “Thank you” & “We appreciate it” I would love to win something/Anything from you guys @DudesonGrows”
    As always… Much love and respect from Canada.

  47. Indica_j

    I would really like some DJ shorts Seeds , I just purchased the HLG 300, HLG 260 kit build with R spec, HLG 300 with R spec & a HLG 550 with R spec…

    And now my wife says I have to wait a few month to get new genetics….. please don’t make me wait!!! Huge fan appreciate everything you guys do DGC for life!!


  48. WilliamJLePetomane

    I would like some recharge and some strong Genetics, with that the rest comes easy.

    Happy farming and stay elevated!

  49. Cannatech405

    Can you guys recommend some Good sativa’s to grow? looking for good Sativa strains for my Grow.

    Thanks Guys

  50. Cannatech405

    Also, i would like to get some of those Ocean Gown Seed. Always trying something new.

    keep up the Grow Grind and always have fun!

  51. Canna Montana

    Free markets matter t-shirt because they do!!

  52. Redijedi_grows

    Sup Dude, Scotty, Guru and as always whats up to banner and jmystro the grow wizards behind the scenes! We see you Warehouse kyle and pot head assistant. 👍
    Just got on the recharge train so I’m set there haha
    So Mondays my 31st birthday and have a baby girl due on this Thursday 24th thinking it would be one hell of a way to start my 31st with a new addition to the family and a new hlg 100, to give me a veg light to have a perpetual harvest and save me from spending money right now.😅 as we know as parents, diapers ain’t cheap lmao 😜
    Much love DGC 🤙 🌱🌀
    Love to be apart of and engage with this community 💚

  53. Silentoutlaw

    Scotty, Dude Guru and the rest of the crew thank you for continuing to put out quality content regularly! Scotty try to win me some RAW genetics to further fuel my seed addiction🤪

  54. SCdungslinger79

    Still need the Irie Genetics, Man!

    Recharge, the 4th Macro Nutrient. N-P-K-Recharge

  55. 420floweronly

    As a kid I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch Gilligans Island.As an adult I can’t wait to get home from work to watch the Dude Grows Show.I’ll take anything you can latch onto but prefer Irie Genetics

  56. GreenT

    I am currently in the process of obtaining disability benefits and the sad part is a person will go broke and hungry before those benefits are awarded. It would really be nice to win some Irie genetics that I currently cannot afford. None the less I love watching and learning all that I can from the DGC. Thank you.


    Would love to add some burnt toast to my autos project is I’m not asking Scotty I don’t trust consistentcy, I’m asking the ghost of the claw machine! Lol
    @JR Tolkien
    @Terperinna Terpington

  58. MassGrower420

    I would LOVE the Rosin Bomb Rocket to press the Dank! Quality in Quality out!! Much appreciated. You guys are the best.

  59. Coach Steve

    I could use another DGC grinder. My wife keeps leaving it on the end of the bar she sits so everytime I sit and get the weed out I gotta get up again!

  60. GrowCannAdvocate

    Would love some Ocean Grown in my garden!

  61. 2highry

    Just watched the much anticipated Patreon Claw Game and WOW y’all are not playing around on the prizes! And Scotty is on fire with that claw. So awesome.

    I’d love to pop some Raw Genetics for my second run now that my space is getting dialed in.

    New grower here and quickly found the show and community which has started me off on the right path and with SO much knowledge. Big thanks to all the producers and the amazing team keeping the show going strong. Such a positive, entertaining, and informative place.

    Keep up the great work everybody.


  62. DanFourTwentyLeader

    I want to Play the claw game……..JUST BECAUSE I USE RECHARGE……PERIOD!!!!….lmao !!!

  63. StoneyMagee

    What’s up DGC?! I would love to play for some Irie Genetics please. I’ve been collecting genetics for a while and plan to start breeding this winter. Some of Rasta Jeff’s genetics would make a great addition to my vault 😎👉

  64. Ganjapreneur

    Hi DGC, I’ll go for the hat with the joint holder XD.

    I’m a new grower that didn’t even start to grow, so I’m still technically just a builder;)). Finished my 4by4 set up and I’m running a test to dial the temps and I’m gonna promote myself to a grower next week.

    But the hat would be an awesome starting gift.

    That being said , keep rocking with the wake n bake that wake us all up with green knowledge

  65. Thegreengrower

    I really don’t mind what prize you go for on my behalf. Just to be picked is awesome..just as long as it’s not a grinder, I hate them, never used one, never will. Anyways good luck with the show, keep it coming..All love from the UK.

  66. HalfBakedMan

    Hi guys I love your channel and content 👍

    I’ve been self meditated for almost 2 decades. I use coco and organic and I like indica strains.
    I’d like any decent genetics as I’m hunting for a new mother plant, and where I live it’s almost impossible to get any good genetics.

    Please dudes hook me up with some good seeds 🙏

  67. whitehorse

    Hey Dude life is good. Just putting together my first grow. Retirement is coming soon and I have been a gardener my whole life. The whole indoor grow is new to me and is like starting over. I am going organic using Buildasoil light with their worm castings and a few other amendments. My Recharge was delivered today and cant wait for the next watering. I am at week 5 growing in a 5×5 with an HLG 650R. The Diablo. Shit the bed Dudes that thing is bright. Have already decided I want another setup. So Scotty it all starts again, lights, soil, seeds and recharge. You guys put out some good stuff gonna keep tuning in.

  68. Jason H

    go dgc i am in.. and would love some orange flavored irie genetics… or anything… go boys… good luck two everyone…. god dam lets get baked.. need a lite

  69. Garysgrowin

    Yo dudes would love to add a hog 100 to my grow or some irie genetics that morning dew looks amazing.

  70. Blue Kiss Gardens

    Hey fellas! How’s it hangin’? Let me take a minute and thank y’all for the giveaways you do every month. I enter the weekly seed drawing on Patreon, also (Dude, could you expand on how and where exactly I need to share for extra chances on those seeds? I’m a woman of a certain age that needs some explaining) I finally figured out how to use Instagram (sorta), so I put up a chance there. Personally, for the torture of having to watch the Asian guy on YouTube explain how to cut and paste on my phone, I deserve the extra shot! Hoe Lee Chit. But, enough about my old lady skills.

    For this chance, I’d like a shot at the Irie Genetics. Rasta Jeff is just cute as a button, and I love his cultivar names and descriptions. There’s a guy that loves his work!

  71. BeastcoastGrow

    Rosin bomb rocket 🙏🙏 please.

  72. Chasingsinatra

    I’m a new grower with the energy and thrive to bring one of these Raw genetics to life!! You guys are amazing with helping newbie growers like me get the right stuff to grow some amazing puff puff you guys are absolutely the beezneez would love to try the raw generics prize maybe create a new strain with this unknown strain iv been working on… But thanks again for the prizes and giveaway and everything you guys keep rocking and you always have my support and I will always suggest you guys to all my new growing buddies keep smiling keep smoking and most of all keep growing!

  73. Wisco420

    Wow, so many great options. I would love some DJ Short genetics.

  74. Goobron

    SEED GRAB! Gotta go with the man, the myth, the legend DJ Short. Also a big fan of irie, like what hes got going on and that he reaches out to share. Love the content you all are putting out on the regular. Great to put on the wireless headphones with the show on and get to work in the garden. Keep it up, keep it real, and win me some seeds!

  75. Sungrownbagseed

    I would like for Claw game host Scotty to grab me some genetics of his choice. I have some bug issues right now so I would run these on my next run. I am trying to save my keeper Irie Genetics PureLove at the moment. Thanks for all the info and help you guys provide to the world. My last run was only my second in a 4×4 with a 400hps and 315cmh. I had 6 PureLove in 3 Gal pots. Total weight was 468 grams. I felt good then cleaned and reset the room and now I am battling pest. Thanks to you guys and James Bean for putting good genetics in so many grows.

  76. The.real.Flyhi89

    Really could use a pulse. Or really anything. Because all of that stuff is gold.

  77. Siteless9

    I would love free seeds. I am just starting out and already have a light set up and grow space. I am unable to narrow it down what seeds to use. Having someone else choose for me would be helpful.

  78. Growcoast650

    Good day! I would love some seeds! OCEAN GROWN SEEDS

    I’m BACK IN THE GAME after 26 years. I put myself and two roommates for 4 + years from 1989-1994. Hydro system, 20 plants400w HSP , one mother in the hall closet 250 250w MH, harvested every 55-65 days little Christmas trees. My brother would drive up and pick it all up. No local sales (shh it was very bad then).
    Made it out debt free.

    Add Wife, kids, Business owner, and Alcoholic🤢.

    Sober for many years now! kids grown and Growing again!
    I have been getting clones from some friend and the shop, but really miss the good old days of popping a seed or two.

  79. GrowBro

    Ocean grown seeds bc who doesn’t like being next to the ocean smoking on some phat Ocean Grown Genetic bud. #staylifted2020

  80. StickySaK

    DGC I need some help! I’m a noob grower in the land of prohibition just trying to make his own medicine and save some cash. It’s almost impossible for my old ass to get any quality seeds here. I don’t want to be on the radar but after my first 2 harvests using bag seed I know I can get from seed to harvest. I’m just lacking quality. Anything from Ocean Grows or Irie Genetics would be mind blowing and life changing! Love the show and happy to show my support!

  81. BostonBAKEDbeans

    Fire Genetics Check, (2) 680w Growers Choice LED’s with controller check that being said…..

    One breeder who is not in the line-up and should be is Rasta Jeff’s work so some Irie would be Irie or…

    That HLG would be a big win to the arsenal that I could keep my keeper pheno mom’s under. Currently slow vegging them which is tedious with smaller lights. Would like to speed up the process.

    HLG or IRIE for me!

  82. michiganfrost

    I have to go with the HLG , but what a lineup of great prices. New member, but have long listened. Happy toking, everyone!

  83. Newbienugs

    I would absolutely love to win a irie genetic. I guess if you’re tossing them out a rosin bomb would be cool too

  84. A.BIN

    AS nice a some new genetics would be i think to step up my game a Pulse would be the prize id love to see. With every prize being so valuable in its own unique way we are all so lucky to have found a platform like yours! Next too the Pulse I think some of Jeffs seeds would turn heads around here where all medicine is free market.

  85. HotLoad

    Need to monitor my DANK TEMPS so I can be able to grow the Missouri Patients like my mom and dad the medicine they need! Nature’s medicine not big pharmaceutical companies live show!!

    Hot Load

  86. ShirlockGrows

    Rosin bomb! I’m in much need of a new piece of equipment and this is definitely on the bucket list of maybe one day

  87. htrrio

    Hey DGC would love to play for Ocean Genetics. Vaderog is a personal sought after strain something I can place in vault for a few years and bring back out to the world

  88. ThePixelKeifCheif

    What up DGC, new grower hear going through your extensive back catalog of episodes and I just listened to your interview with Rasta Jeff where he discussed their extensive pheno hunts for even the males and it got me real fired up about trying Irie Genetics for my second grow. I would love to play for some Irie Genetic seeds and even though Scotty had some trouble with it last time would love if it was attached to some recharge. This would give Scotty a second chance for success and me some good genetics and recharge!

    Grow on and smoke well DGC,


  89. SupaConducta

    I’m down for the IRIE Mahn! Love the show it’s just right to come out of hibernation for the first hour of my day. Except when Guru gets all sciencey and I have to listen to it three times because the coffee has yet to turn my brain on.

  90. michiganfrost

    That HLG it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Great prizes, y’all. Love listening, toking, and watching the dank grow

  91. Richard

    #irie genetics for the win. Nothing else to say. Come on Scotty move around the whole machine to line up the claw #ire genetics PLEASE. ✌️💚

  92. AlwaysBaked

    my first grow was skywalker bag seed 3 grows since have all been autoflowers got about 6oz from 2 plants each of the last 2 grows that being said i’d love to get my hands on any photoperiod genetics but sunkiss by irie or vader og by ocean grown would be a plus

  93. HizHighness69

    When is the Rosin Bomb coming out?!?!?!

  94. Growinginsane

    What up! I’m not picky the only thing I don’t need is the pulse. Thought it would be easier to tell you what I don’t want. Lol. Seriously tho any of these seeds or gift certificate for seeds. Wouldn’t mind that HLG or the nutrient pack also.

  95. larryp1962

    Going for the HLG . got a nice lil space for it, down here in Prohibition-ville USA

  96. Budhounds

    Show me the seeds!!!!!! Would love to play for any of the seeds up there! First time grower just starring at the ladies waiting to harvest. Seeds would give me something to do! You guys are badass btw

  97. Dankdiggler

    Exotic just released Runtz collection supposed to be amazing

  98. AlbinoViper420

    I could use a new grinder so a new DGC Grinder would be really really nice!!

  99. Heywood

    It’a been a while and I’m getting back in the game. Seeds, Seeds or Seeds. I’m not picky any breeder will do. Thanks!

  100. Kauaiwahine

    I would love to play for the best coast genetics hang ten! I mean i live Kauai and i surf so would be awesome to grow this strain out here and see it thrive i’m sure.

  101. Labrat 50

    Winning that RosinBomb would be the bomb! Keep on killin it bros!

  102. Buckhowdy

    I would love to win a seeds here now gift certificate because starting with good genetics is the most important thing you can do to have an excellent result.

  103. jayjay

    id like to win the seeds or the press but if i have to choose one it would be seeds just so i can keep some good seeds.

  104. Growingdownsouth

    DGC WHAT’S UP? I would love to be a contestant. I know Scotty can pull me a pulse grow monitor. I love the show watch/ listen daily. Pick me down here in prohibition land.

  105. rjgetz111

    What makes my day even more p[lentiful is the combination of Dudes and Lex. Listen waking up to more good advice is very appealing knowing how t5o use that advice is the Cherry on the top! They did say….never mind. I know that to make that Cherry pop I need to heat things up and because I now know how I am ready to t56ry for the hlg lamp such a company with such a fine product if it all fits it will be a major producer. I see the future and it has a lit way . Hold my hand Scoptty I’m scared I’m gonna show up your garden and all because that light will help grow. love you guys

  106. Kush killer

    Hey guys, new subscriber and listener. Love the show and all the great info you share. I’d like to play for the rosin bomb rocket. You guys need to get a award for your show.

  107. howdareyou

    Need to step up my dank game
    gimme that Rosinbomb – Rocket Bundle
    headed for the moon!

  108. NerdtillDankster333

    Rosinbomb – Rocket Bundle

    I have done some serious growing this summer. I am growing an assortment of 15 girls including 4 Irie Genetics Blue Raspberry Truffle while 10 are an assortment with ’92 hash plant lineage and the last is a THC Bomb. I will have an ample supply to press and learn this fall and winter. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this claw grab game and to be a part of the DGC community !!!

  109. BuzzKillington

    Picture it. Small town Texas. The heart of prohibition, during the early 90s. I was in my backyard tinning to my Nice MJ cannabis, from Mexico i think, anyway….It was dark out and I thought I could just go in my backyard and check on them. When all of a sudden, 50 is spotlighting me and then he see’s the plant. I already worked out a plan. I would just throw the plant over my fence…..See, my neighbor had this mean donkey. He would bite a person or even known to have kicked a person before, I later found out, So problem solved……I thought. Well 2 good ole boy cops charged ny property. I through the plant over the fence. I laughed my ars off watching two cops being chased by a mean donkey with a cannabis plant in it’s mouth. hahaha The good ole boy’s decided not to arrest me that night. all a true story!


  110. BuzzKillington

    Oops I forgot to say why I wanna win. I now live in SMOKLAHOMA! Me need stuff to grow with. I have not purchased anything yet. I guess i need seeds. I hear good things about best coast genetics. I could use what ever you are giving away. Much love Guy’s

  111. NYStoner

    Irie Genetics – Morning Dew
    long time listener and I am finally going to buck up and join the DGC officially! Hope once I join I can find the discord server . I am having a hard time finding the DGC discord server so hopefully I can get an invite once I pay.

  112. G33bz

    First seen you guys on CLTV and glad I did. you guys are great love the content thanks for all you do. Just became a DGC member cheers!


  113. JohnnyBuds

    I’d like to win some RAW GENETICS . CURRENTLY running a rdwc 9 pot with golden girl and alien og. MARS HYDRO 2X tws 2000s and 2X tsl 2000s for plenty of light. 6X8

  114. JohnnyBuds

    I’d like to win some RAW GENETICS . CURRENTLY running a rdwc 9 pot with golden girl and alien og. MARS HYDRO 2X tws 2000s and 2X tsl 2000s for plenty of light. 6X8. This is my first grow but I’ve learned a ton of info watching you guys. Just wanna give a shout out to say THANKS FOR ALL THE INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS.

  115. Aclark42

    I would love to be entered for seedsherenow giveaway. I currently run a medical grow in Colorado Springs, but have been slowly collecting genetics and equipment of my own so I can grow at home and eventually hopefully own my own company in the industry. Thanks for everything y’all do!

  116. Justadudewantingtogrow

    You guys are awesome. Recently started watching learning chilling with you all. This giveaway/claw game is a super cool way to give back. The genetics if I win would be to go for the irie or the black swamp. Raw genetics only because I believe scotty said he liked growing with them. Keep the amazing and awesome shows coming.

  117. Your_Mailman_Grows

    I’d love to try and win the Pulse monitor.

    My tent setup is all DGC Pros gear, so it does not need to be upgraded, just added too. The Pulse i think can help really dial in my environment and see whats happening when I’m not in there, and what needs to be tweaked for better self medicine. 🤙💚

    Thanks guys!

  118. uncle creepy

    well this is awkward , i usually dont ask for free shit from people but….. how can i pass up asking for some proper seed genetics since ive grown with bag seed for 20 years ( besides this year i popped my auto cherry and had 5 G13, which i prompty stunted out of the gates hahaha) anyways love the show/club/website/forums keep the fuck keeping on guys thanks

  119. Dabby_The_Bear

    What’s growing on Scotty, Dude, Guru, and the rest of the DGC. I would love, love, love, some RAW genetics. I have had my eye on their stuff for a while but can not afford the price tag. It would be stellar to get some RAW genetics in the garden. Thank you for giving back to the DGC and all the knowledge and countless hours of entertainment you have provided. Much love from Dabby_The_Bear

  120. GunnerV

    Here ya go…

    I want to win some genetics… but I want the Dude and the DGC to run my grow. From the strain selection, medium, nutrient line, and even which microbial supplement line 😉

    Why? Simple… I cant think of a better crew to learn modern medicinal horticulture from.

    P.S. – some HLG lighting wouldnt hurt the yield either. ;-‘

  121. Verbal Medicine

    What’s up DGC? Hope everyone is doing high, & getting well…

    I would love to win anything with that would help out in the grow, lights, genetics, recharge, Ext…

    I am a organic grower who supplies my own medical needs + 5 other other people who could never afford to purchase their own medicine out here in the dispensary it’s $115 for a quarter ounce and no home grow cultivation of 1 to 49 plants carries a mandatory minimum of three years state sponsored vacation…

    I never have won any kind of prizes from any contest but figured what the hell throw up a comment why not but whether or not I get picked I always feel like I’m winning watching you guys keep me entertained and a smile on my face always a good laugh listening to you guys always entertaining…

    Respect and love for all y’all do keep up the beautiful work!

  122. American_Honey

    Hello Dudes,
    Id like to win the rosin bomb. Ive never had rosin before and I have a freezer full of delicious buds to sample.

  123. Back40

    I am playing for some Vader OG so i can smoke it while I cannonball recharge!


    Seeds to get some good photos

  125. Jxdubbs

    Hey guys! Exited to play and win some fantastic gear. Anything seed wise id choose. Im nor picky.🤙

  126. GetitRick

    Rosinbomb – Rocket Bundle I would like to try some quality.

  127. Bluntly

    Fingers crossed for everyone. I would win the seeds here now gift certificate. Gotta keep getting them all!

  128. showmethemedicine

    Would love to have a chance to use a Rosin Bomb!

  129. Your_Mailman_Grows

    For seeds i love the Raw Genetics, but honestly I’m not picky, its an unfriendly state so its ALLLLL new strains to me.


  130. DiamondSky

    I would like to win the pulse one so I am able to simplify my grow as I’m transitioning from a 4×8 to a 10×10 room And could use the monitor to help dial in all my environmentals to grow the best medicine possible.

  131. Digital_Jeffro

    Irie Genetics – Double Dose, because I ALWAYS double dose my edibles ! Woot Woot ! 420!

  132. old_growth

    Yo, Dude, Scotty, Guru & The Gang… Dig the show and community. You and the community have done so much to help this old farmer. Grew 40 years ago and it’s nice to be back. Nearing the end of week 9 of flower for Ms Clementine. Been a long haul and hopefully it’ll be a good one too. She started out as a refrigerator and is now loaded with large dense trichome slathered buds. I am enamored. I’d go for any good genetics. Thanks!

  133. CannabisMaximus

    Gotta love this show! Let’s Grow, GRow, GROW!
    Rocking along with hlg300 v1 3000k. Some cool supplemental light might be right but a mix of dank genetics would be prophetic, to help out a brother that ain’t keeping a mother.

  134. GreenTieCanna

    I would love a chance to use that HLG 100!
    I have been seeing blurple for too long lol my room stays glowing like a strip club all night long. But at least the girls are cute 😍 much love Growmies!

  135. No.Till.Dyl

    I’m a poor single father trying to make it in the az cannabis industry I’m a caregiver and the rosin bomb bundle would allow me to make the best solventless medicine in Az we are so far behind . Please help a single dad make his dreams come true!

  136. Dr. Phil Goude

    Already 3/4 the way through my first pound of recharge and I’m only 9 weeks into my perpetual grow!! Love you guys and love being a part of the community!

  137. No.Till.Dyl

    A new led are some iris genetics would be awesome anything really ! I was a patreon but I was recently laid off and trying to start my own thing and have been actually doing a good job thx dgc

  138. Jedi.onelung

    Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate my good men

  139. No.Till.Dyl

    I’m a poor single father trying to make it in the az cannabis industry I’m a caregiver and the rosin bomb bundle would allow me to make the best solventless medicine in Az we are so far behind . Please help a single dad make his dreams come true! #rosinbomb

  140. No.Till.Dyl

    Check my page I would crush with the rosin bomb help a brother make a blame for himself in the game 🙂 #rosinbomb

  141. No.Till.Dyl

    Check my page I would crush with the rosin bomb help a brother make a blame for himself in the game 🙂 #dudegrowsshow

  142. GBAUTO

    Pulse Grow Monitor, please

  143. Thunderlips

    I loved the interviews with Rasta Jeff and would love to try any of his Genitics

  144. Pridefall

    Hey guys first time grower here! Recharge has made my life so simple! I would love that hlg or some vader seeds! Thanks for all the grow knowledge and love dgc!

  145. HalfBakedMan

    @DGC please pick me.
    I need seeds. I can’t get any in Israel 😰

  146. biblebeltskunk

    I basically I basically would like anything from hlg because I have a blurple light and let’s face it it sucks ass

  147. biblebeltskunk

    I basically would like anything from hlg because I have a blurple light and let’s face it it sucks ass

  148. SommGrows

    Out of work sommelier thanks to COVID! Need new genes desperately! Lost my whole mother tent and library of genes to spider mites. Time to restart and get back on my favorite hobby! Would love some irie genetics! Any good new seeds really! SAVE ME DGC! SOS sent seeds ASAP!!!!


    Long time listener, first time commenting. If I get a crack at it the new mil pack or the pulse monitor. Please and thank you, sending good vibes

  150. GreenTieCanna

    That HLG 100 would be nice to work under😎🌲

  151. Dai Chop

    New grower from Michigan fan of everything you guys do and stand for your all honest and for the growers thanks for the knowledge and confidence to keep growing!!!

  152. HalfBakedMan

    I need some good indica seeds @DGC
    I’m from Israel and I need to relax 😂

  153. Dab Goblin

    Can I bum that #rosinbomb
    #rosinbombrocket off ya?

  154. BiofuelEmpire

    I would the hlg 100 because im really workin on gettin a perpetual grow ina not so likely place where lights are high and hard to come by not to mention with times that are hard and its an obstacle to jus find stuff especially when u have kids and the world on lock down

  155. No.Till.Dyl

    Rasta Jeff stay irie

  156. Stonedhulk_Me chill now

    Really would ABSOLUTELY LOVE A SHOT AT THE HLG 100!!!
    Hello & good day to all of u over there keeping my favorite grow channel alive. I feel I have to say,either win or loose,game or no game, The DGC has been so essential to me & my friends as much as our grow equipment itself. & That’s where my problem comes up. So I recently moved from Memphis to about 2 hours away in the country in middle of nowhere,(actually town is called TOONE, (“toone town” lol) & let’s just say grow shops do not exist here.i have about 6 very vigurous young seedlings nursing off of cfl’s at the moment & really would put the HLG to some workhorse use here in prohib Land. I’m DEFFINETLY IN THE MARKET FOR A LED & ready to do away with flourecent lighting for fully flowering. It worked in the photos u guys featured but I’m not cocky & pretty sure that was strain dependant frost lol. Please help me out. PLUS HOW COOL WOULD IT HE TO WIN A PRIZE FROM THE DGC. hey either way man I spread the word about the dgc community & podcast around here because us growers are very merry much alive & well here. Much love from “10C” …u know Iowah lol scotty cracked me up w that

  157. HalfBakedMan

    Can you Imagine if Rasta Jeff’s seeds where to arrive into israel? 😲

  158. GreenTieCanna

    That HLG 100 would be nice to work under😎🌲
    My girls still love there plurple but I would love a change to see green in my garden!


    Look I really need to win these seeds scotty guru please pick me for seed grab please

  160. No_Sellout

    I’d like to play for the Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate! My wife is doing a Master Gardener’s training in our area and I’d like her to finally try her hand at growing her own using what she’s learning. #HAPPYWIFE…

  161. GreenTieCanna

    P.s love the suit Scotty!

  162. JIMMYGROW87

    Hey dgc love your show listener everyday at work helps the time fly and give me great tips on my grow if chosen I would like to win the rosinbomb new mil or really anything would be awesome thanks


    I really need good genetics so this would be a blessing brother

  164. biblebeltskunk

    What’s up dudes any genetics will work fine for me add them to the library for the new bunker build


    Dude I really would love any seeds or a hlg100 I could really use either win for my need growroom it would help me out a million I love you guys show please keep up the good work the growing culture needs you

  166. Bigcaptain1985

    Hey everyone went through some hard times but im back now would love to start my grow back up but have no money i just need seeds to start back up was hoping for anything from rasta jeff

  167. NEblastyaNice

    Dudes! 1st time grower here. I need your help to tear prohibition down. Plllllease hook up some seeds!

  168. SOLOSELFound

    Hey! Huge fan of the show from Canada. Really love the team at DGC and keep on doing a great job. I’d love any #iriegenetics

  169. Driftwood 420

    Man oh man do I need some good seeds! I love all the great shows and giveaways, you guys are awesome! Please pick me, just a disabled caveman!

  170. Mighty Mite Masher

    Me want bomb for bong baf

  171. JamesJammin

    DGC Seed Grab

    Lucky Dog Seed Co – Bohemian Highway

    My girls first grow, & here family is Czech so Bohemian would be perfect! Thanks DGC!

  172. Wackyweed420

    Long time grower and DGC fan (youtube) new to the site thought I would love to win anything!! But LED might be my push away from HPS!! Lol thanks for everything you guys do for the growing community you guys freaking rock!

  173. CosmicCobraChicken

    Recent DGC Fan. you guys are great to listen to after work during a sesh.

  174. TheFriedGuy

    Id love to win some recharge , Recharge for the winner winner chicken dinner.

  175. GreenTieCanna

    Scott’s puffing on the volcano… good luck everyone! May the odds always be in your favor ✨✌🤞

  176. GreenTieCanna

    Scott’s puffing on the volcano… good luck everyone! May the odds always be in your favor ✨✌🤞 HLG 100 please 🙏 my garden is plurple

  177. Butustank

    I’ve been searching for a good chem relative for a while, something to help with my lightning bolt arthritis fingers. Let me get those Lucky Dog Seeds ,man! You got ’em Scotty!

  178. No.Till.Dyl

    Choose me rosin bomb 💣 single dad plz dude haha

  179. Chriscannagrow

    Wassup dude grows thanks for getting me up to date on recharge I finally was able to make a purchase can’t wait to give my ladies , looking for some seeds!!! Thanks for the knowledge!

  180. SpliffHound

    Would love to win anything. Especially some US beans to impress the locals.

    Just happy to be here.
    (Scotty reminds me, I must buy Post-It Notes)

  181. PonytailMohawk

    I want to win the gift certificate so I can send it to my grandma 5 states away in Montana! I hope I win this!

  182. dlaywicker

    Let’s try for that Rosin Bomb. Genetics would be great too. Love the show.

  183. QuantumSkies

    Dude! Can I get some of those Irie genetics? I want to experience some real dank

  184. WeedWabbit

    Harvesting every 100-110 days with auto seeds. Extra budz from my harvests shared with 3 unemployed medical patients who can’t grow. Sharing budz, tinctures and gummies. So, the New Millennium PEP Pack will help keep my grow costs down for my 5 plant limit (Illinois) perpetual grow, set up. Cheers!

  185. Frosty tha grow man

    Hey guys I don’t want to be picky I would love a chance at any of the goodies here and Scotty I trust your opinion I’m an Indica guy haven’t been growing for too long and I’ve never tried autos and i’m growing with good old HPS /MH and would never turn down an LED ! Want to say thanks for all the knowledge you guys put out and Keep fighting for legalization not decriminalization!!!! Thanks dgc!

  186. Virgingrower

    Would love to loose my cannabis grower virginity with good genetics as Ocean Grown or IRIE Doubledose. Thanks for helping me in many ways!

  187. seasea25

    What’s up DGC boys!?!? These prizes are all amazing how is a girl supposed to choose when she would love anything on the list? II could probably pick my favorite child easier than I can choose one of these great prizes.
    I do not typically post anything because I am old school 2nd gen and rule #1 has always been NEVER TALK ABOUT THE GROW. I had that drilled in to me since I could talk and even though the black market has turned grey it is hard to change something so ingrained in my DNA.
    But for these prizes I have broken my silence. I recently discovered an entire level of my home that was sealed off over 100 years ago. Untouched and not on any blueprints it was the perfect opportunity to build a new grow & start training the 3rd generation. So I’m going from a 12X10 room to 18X45. It has cost a fortune as I am sure everyone knows. I am also trying to automate and modernize the whole thing stepping in to the new millennium. I am hoping that my kids will be able to come out of the shadows and do something great with the skills our family has had to hide for over 60 years All my life I have had this amazing secret I hope they can share with the world.
    Although I have a serious recharge habit,( my family is concerned and I am expending an intervention any day now.) But honestly If I had a new HLG 100 or any of these genetics Id be hanging in my awesome new grow room even more than I do now. I have always wanted some DJ short genetics as long as I can remember but since I am trying to automate I think the best prize for me would be ….(DRUMROLL) The Pulse One! Sorry for the long post but I really want to win scratch that I need to win. This is exactly what I need to really modernize. For my families future Winning would literally improve our lives. so please Pick me

  188. Harry hashman

    Hi dgc I would love some irie morning dew or something with the chem terpenes I just finish a bcn xxl critical fem in organic soil in the outdoor sun of the uk some low temps outdoor but just added lovely purple and almost black sugar leafys. I wanting to more indoor for winter and would love to start my first with some killer fire from the over the pond much love from the UK from harry hashman aka dick terpene

  189. Dave_Znothere

    What’s growing on fellow DGCers??? Shout out to Rasta Jeff and all the fine work he’s doing for all of us in the #IRIEARMY. What a pleasure it would be to get my hands on some Doubledose to add to my Irie collection. Thanks for doing what you guys do, we appreciate it more than you know!!! Scotty for Prez, Guru For VP, and the Dude for Secretary of the Dank!!

  190. JohnnyBuds

    post with this caption:
    and tag three friends
    Boy i sure could use some help. My fisrt grow turned out ok I guess. Still waiting to find out if mine are ready yet..
    I haven’t got anything to start when this one is done. Currently 9x 5gal. RDWC W/ 2 TSL 2000s and 2 TSW 2000s In a 6×8 LSTing. And Super Cropping different strains for height filling it up like a Jungle. You guys are the Super Heros up here helping the Nation out. Keep up the good work!!!! Love the videos.

  191. Rollemsmokemputanotherlineout

    Hi guys from OZ its the land of prohibition but fuck em I’ve been smokin and growing since the seventies might send some photo’s in if I win something anything would be glorious, great info and humor. Cheers.