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Chris G. — DGC Grinder
Sparky1up — Irie Genetics
Blind Vet Bites the Dawg —
Tad M. — Pulse One
Dustin — HLG 100
SustainableSmokeED — Raw Genetics Pecan Pie
Michiganfrost —
2highry — Raw Genetics Puppy Chow
SupaConducta — DGC Grinder
Okie_blowin_smoke23 — TH Seeds Auto Critical HOG Fem
Johnny Hash — DJ Short First Light, DGC Grinder
Nomadic Adventures — DGC Molecule T Shirt
Kevin —


Pick the prize you want to play for from the list below.
Respond on Patreon, Instagram or

New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate
Pulse – Pulse One
Raw Genetics – Caramel Apple Crisp
Raw Genetics – Pecan Pie
Raw Genetics – Puppy Show
Ocean Grown Seeds – Vader OG
DJ Short – First Light
Irie Genetics – Strawberry Sunburst
TH Seeds – Auto Critical HOG Fem
Exotic Genetics – Jungle Fruit
Crockett Family Farms – Sour Plum
Lucky Dog Seed Co – Bohemian Highway
Real Growers – Pounder
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plus everything that’s in the claw game and more!!!

Comment To Enter

Comment here to tell us which prize you would like to play for, and why.
Contestants will be selected from the best comments.


  1. Jldestroyer

    I’d love to play for some irie genetics!

  2. Bongstein Bear

    Tons of great prizes!! Much love to the DGC crew for all you guys do!

  3. 3rd Room Cultivar

    I would love to win some seeds, any seeds since it’s harder to get them in Alaska.

  4. Kimerson

    It would be nice to win some seeds

  5. Kimerson

    Part2 Because I have green blood in my veins

  6. 2highry

    Never thought watching someone else play and win a claw game would be so fun, but the DGC Seed Grab is on!

    Looking ahead to my next grow and would love any of the seeds that are up for grabs but especially something Irie Genetics or better yet that Seeds Here Now gift certificate!

    Stay Higher – Ry

  7. Rasta B

    The Pounder please, I’ve had a really hard time thus summer feeding my outdoor Cannabis Garden, I grow so I can help cure my wife’s cancer, we have been making bubble hash and using that, I surely cannot afford all the additives the soil requires, this year I added chicken manure and sheep manure as well as some worm castings but that’s all I could afford. I’m sure a little recharge would make my soil much better, I have purchased it once prior and that grow came out the best I ever had! Times have just been so so tough…I need a little recharge in my life!

  8. CPuffy

    Boy do I need one of those Pulse Meters!! That would really come in clutch!! Running those cheapish humidity and temp monitors now and I just know that adding one of those would really help me step my game up!!

  9. rjgetz111

    Hey real world friends good to be alive and well and have the support of dgc lex and patreon. @New Milleniumnutrients peppak is the big one for me I am now in the process of getting it on with such it seems hope it comes around

  10. JohnnyBuds

    I hope yall keep on keeping on 💯 I could really use some seeds Autos would be nice but anything I could win would be great. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

  11. Grapeaidkoolin

    i just want to try some of them @irie_genetics 😉

  12. JamesJammin

    My girlfriend want to start her first grow so seeds would be awesome, but I just want to be covered in recharge. She’s allergic to cannabis so I would handle it while she manages how she wants to grow it, then she would give it to her Parents as medicine for when they have pain. Thanks DGC Smoke on Gromies!

  13. grody_jody

    This is so awesome that I just used up the last of a few of my p.e.p. pack that I had I love there nutrients with my well water there’s no need to ph just mix an go simple .thank you DGC.

  14. siGnaLz420

    Id enjoy doing a free run with the New millennium pep pack. Stay High friends!

  15. Growcoast650


    Woo-hoo! Gravity bong hits!
    Need me some fresh Irie.

    Love all you guys
    Show up and Be KIND pretty simple.

  16. The Mindful Microbe

    I would love to win some genetics from Rasta Jeff! I have only run Mephisto autoflowers and would like to switch over to photoperiods. I am not sure where to start with photoperiod seed breeders and I really enjoy Rasta Jeff’s attitude and information. Any help appreciated. Please, thanks, and blaze on!

  17. Stonerboy79


  18. GrowCannAdvocate

    Dude, Scotty and Guru… that first seed grab was off the charts funny! Other than Scotty’s struggle in the middle, he really cleaned up his game and everyone always gets hooked up with DGC in the end. Great idea, masterful execution! You guys killed it.

    I’d love to get in the draw for some Raw Genetics Pecan Pie! It’s getting close to Thanksgiving and who wouldn’t be grateful for a little sweet, sugary & nutty genetics this holiday season. Hook a brother up!

  19. Ducksgrow13

    Hey DGC, I have really been enjoying the Seed Grab show. You guys are always providing great quality entertainment and information to the community, as well as giving back so much with all the giveaways and prizes. If chosen to play I would love the chance to win the New Millennium nutes, but if some lucky growmie snags it, then I would definitely like to get some Irie or Raw genetics. Really appreciate everything ive learned from you and all the DGC members, and all the hard work you guys put in for us. Lots of respect and stay lifted everyone.

  20. Indica_j

    What’s up DGC it’s your boy Indica_J!! Still trying to get my hands on some of that fire!! Exotic Mikes gear is FIRE, we have Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate & Chocolate Marshmallow running now and it would be nice to get some more of his reliable genetics for our next run!! And if you cant hit that claw machine right then a DGC grinder will be just fine!


    I would love some exotic genetics! Or anything Scott can grab.


    I’d like to play for the New Millenium P.E.P. Pack this round. I grew my first run with Botanicare nutes (did a google search before I started listening to the Dude Grows YouTube channel and it came up as one of the top 3 nutrients for cannabis). Now that I know better, I’m changing it up for my next grow!

  23. ridankulous

    I would love some seeds as I am in week 6 of flower and need to put some in the soil soon. I hear those Ocean Grown seeds are awesome but any would do! Winning that pulse meter would be a dream although my boss would probably get sick of me on my phone all day checking my grow

  24. Labrat 50

    The seeds here now gift card would be awesome for grabbing some of Erie’s morning dew. Rock on!

  25. Cameron123511

    I would love some new genetics my mothers getting lonely she needs a wet nurse

  26. GreenT

    Some Irie genetics please. The love and care Rasta Jeff puts into his work. I would love to continue working with those seeds until harvest. Each seed is special. 🙂 Thank you DGC for putting together these awesome and exciting events. This seed grab event is really fun cheering on everybody to win 🙂 See everybody Friday. 🙂

  27. GreenT

    Irie Genetics because Rasta Jeff is awesome and so is the work he does.

  28. Chad.Westport

    pick a non patreon, I dare you.

  29. Chad.Westport

    The only thing in the machine I’d have shipped would be the PEP nutrients.

  30. AlbinoViper420

    Hey DGC, first time grower here in the land of prohibition growing my and my lady’s meds and i would really love some genetics from anybody cause everything up for grabs is AWESOME SAUCE anyways just got my first bag of Recharge and my plant LOVES IT! Anyways been watching vids of you guys and have learned a lot and the community really helps out so much love to everyone… SEEYA FRIDAY 4:20 !!!

  31. AlbinoViper420

    Hey DGC, first time grower here in the land of prohibition growing my and my lady’s meds and i would really love some genetics from anybody cause everything up for grabs is AWESOME SAUCE anyways just got my first bag of Recharge and my plant LOVES IT! Anyways been watching vids of you guys and have learned a lot and the community really helps out so much love to everyone… SEEYA FRIDAY 4:20 !!!

  32. michiganfrost

    #dgcseedgrab I love the show, and the seed grab. I love to learn about all the new products. Planning on working my way to a greenhouse in the spring, here in Michigan. I’m still learning how to navigate the site, and patreon. I haven’t signed up for my free seeds yet, but I’m having fun learning the ropes. Thanks, guys, for all the knowledge.

  33. DebK

    Id love some of anything you have to give out. My 1st grow was good but my 2nd plant was a male…I threw it out today. I have baby clones started so just a long wait now. thanks for all the info you give out…its been invaluable to me! love you boys!

  34. Dabney Bowlman

    I’d love to play for the New Millennium PEP Pack. I’ve tried different nutes over the years, always searching.

  35. TheManfredi

    If I won I’d choose some
    Raw genetics! Got to watch my first live show yesterday! Long time lurker.

  36. Jldestroyer

    Lucky Dog was my old dogs name, such a great dog. I’d love a shot at some seeds to grow in his honor. Just now getting my new 10×15 room set up now. You guys are awesome and I appreciate the community you guys have created.

  37. krispykrud313

    Im looking to score the strawberry sunburst sounds so tasty could be great for my indoor

  38. MOGreens

    I’d love a pack of that Raw Genetics – Caramel Apple Crisp to share with my patients!

  39. kittyboy

    What’s up dgc I would love scotty to play for the pep pack from new millennium . Right now I use advànced nutes that I swear bye ,but would try that product .

  40. SirGalleonGrows

    Would really love to try out some Irie Genetics but really any new genetics would be a blessing to try and experience them:) I’ve been watching DGC & Rasta Jeff for awhile now and just recently started growing autoflowers in my new 3×3 for the first time and am looking to start a round of Photoperiods next grow and would love too have some respectable and amazing genetics to work with 🤙

  41. Dabby_The_Bear

    Hook it up with some New Millenium pretty please with a cherry on top. I would absolutely love to try out the New Millenium PEP pack. I am a organics guy but have seen results from the NM before and would love to try some out to do a side by side. Keep up the awesome work Scotty, Dude, and Guru! Love listening everyday while I am driving around for work. Awesome show, awesome community, best around hands down. A big THANK YOU from Dabby_The_Bear

  42. SCdungslinger79

    I really need a RosinBomb Rocket to press the Sunkiss from Irie Genetics I just ordered.

    If it’s gone, Lucky Dog- Bohemian Highway. Keep on keeping it Real!

    Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

  43. QuantumSkies

    Dying to try some irie genetics, so jealous of all the post on cannabuzz. Every strain looks like a work of art. Looking at my seeds its depressing 😕 I need a miracle dude!

  44. Blkeagle420

    Would love to try some of Rasat Jeff seeds have followed him for sometime now from the grow tube his podcast and have seen him on pedrosgrowroom a time or two so thanks for a chance at free beans

  45. SandTrap

    Hey DGC! I would love one of the new pulse meters, I just started my first and bought two of the old models… damnit!


  46. old_growth

    Greetings DGC! Can’t wait for the next blast of color beaming from Scotty’s suit. You guys help keep me going and grow’n my meds. Dig the show and community. Hard to know where my growing practices end and DGC info begins. We’ve melded into one undulating mass of growing knowledge. If I am elected as a dutifully sworn contestant I would dig a Pulse One (Scotty: if the Pulse One buried too deep in the claw plush mob, good genetics are always a great option) Keep it rolling… Right-on!

  47. Not so Magic Mike

    Here’s my promise to the Dude and the rest of the DGC, win me the seeds here now gift certificate or irie genetics so I can get some good genetics and I’ll finally grow some good dank so that I can remove the “ not so “ part of my name and make some magic to show off to my DGC brothers!

  48. Lavaman420

    Need me some Crockett family farms beans… awesome!

  49. Blue Kiss Gardens

    Hey, hey, hey DGC! First, props to all the sponsors, helping make this show a success. Thank you! I’m an old toker, and am finishing my sophmore year as a Cannabis grower. I really want to give New Millennium nutrients a try in my next grow. I’m working at making my 100 and 65 gallon grow bags no till and mostly organic. Last year was all synthetics, this year was synganics, until my grow was hit by thieves. Next year will be the same in the bags, but I will also have a raised bed big enough for 2 Sativas that I am going all organic if I can. I still want performance, however If I don’t get the healthy plants I want, that is where the NM would come in! I’m no purist…

    Having said that and knowing how things go on the show, any seeds would be welcome as well, though TH Seeds genetics gave me 2 beautiful plants from the Strawberry Glue cultivar that were the darlings of my grow. Their destruction broke my heart the most. So, if I am a chosen one, that would be great!

  50. Thunderlips

    LSTAUTOMAN AKA THUNDERLIPS –(TH Seeds – Auto Critical HOG Fem)– I love growing autos. My first grow was TH Seeds Norther Lights HOG form SeedsHereNow. The DGC help make it a success. Love that you are keeping the show fresh and getting everyone involved. Would love to watch Scotty drop the claw on my behalf, but if it’s not in the cards, Thank you for all the DGC has done to make me a better grower! Keep putting out killer showers as we watch probation fall down together.

  51. jayjay

    love the show and would love seeds

  52. Sativa Rob

    Hi DGC, I would love to win the Strawberry sunburst by my man Rasta Jeff. Because the stain seems fire and can’t get better than free seeds.

  53. Roguemicrobe

    New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
    Currently growing with the basic GH Flora line in coco. I would love to upgrade my nutes and see what kind of improvement it has. I’m a little skeptical because the plants already seem to love the GH (with a weekly dose of recharge of course), I’ll be interested to see if it is really worth spending a lot of extra money over just your generic nutrients.

  54. kittyboy

    What up dgc some raw genetics would be nice let’s win one together scotty ! And by the way it is a claw machine not a crane game.lets win

  55. Killa j

    now that it’s basically october and halloween i don’t wanna be an idiot zombie, i’d rather have a PULSE to make sure everything is going according to plan while i’m slaving away in the kitchens. a good cheerleader to put some P.E.P. into the one man grow team would be great too, or some irie seeds by the rasta jeff. love watching the show, get a little sad when the weekend rolls around and i know i have to wait till monday for some new new. i may have binged al, the old ones while i was out for surgery lol. thank you for what you do and getting the claw machine to liven things up some. love, peace, and chicken grease!

  56. Jonathan Stidham

    Strawberry starburst Irie genetics because Jeff puts his heart and soul and his blood, sweet and tears in his genetics

  57. GrampaCannabis

    Well, I’ve got a few good seeds on the way. Can never have too many. I have only the sample pack of recharge. Not worth growing without recharge. You can never have too much Recharge from what I have heard. Did I type recharge three times. Oh wait,4. Oh hell.

  58. SupaConducta

    The Dude always cares, the bugs caught his plants unawares! Guru gots the knowledge – because he went to college. Scotty, the master of the magic bean machine, his spikey hair always gleams. Thank you DGC. Prohibition is falling quickly! Growing the dank everyday – got to feed recharge along the way. I just want to say- I’d like to win a Pulse monitor today! If the grab goes wrong, I will hit my bong, and pray that a DGC grinder will come my way!

  59. GreenTieCanna

    Is that strawberry Starburst I see!?👀
    I do believe rasta Jeff left those here for me!

  60. Brandofosho575

    Would love that Pulse One! Those things seem pretty sweet! Free seeds is fine too haha!

  61. verdegreasey

    Having won jack shit so far, I’ll take whatever but a Pulse would be frickin’ awesome.

  62. Weedwhisper

    My name comes from aspiring to be like Guru though my best friend says I could be Scotty’s brother. Love y’all. Learning a lot..

  63. Weedwhisper

    Oh see how much I am like Scotty lol sitting here puffing on my Gelato getting rippedafied.
    Forgetting to mention what prize I’d like a shot at. Gotta love on ol Rasta Jeff – Irie Genetics. Though he’s been out of orangegasm for a while. But yeah I’d be stanky danky with anything I could win. And actually, I’ve already been winning watching you guys learning how to go better, ya know for my best medical needs. There’s so much misinformation slung around online nowadays it’s great having the DGC and some other top notch Cannafolks sharing knowledge, love and laughs.
    Keep farming trichomes…

  64. GodfatherKush505

    Currently my grow has been deconstructed and packed away so the foundation of the house can be torn apart. I would like to win the P.E.P. pack so when I rebuild I can hit the ground running. It will take time for my grow bed to recover so I will need to run something DGC approved. Growers Love!

  65. Superfranky420

    First time grower here I have 6 auto flower plants in 5 gal pots 2 dark purple by delicious seeds and 2 dark devil by sweet seeds and 2 bloody skunk by sweet seeds and they are 15 days old I would love some of that recharge powder I heard it works miracles

  66. Billy Gillaspie

    New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
    New grower working on 1st grow now 3 weeks in with my best friend. We found you guys show 9 months ago thank you for all the knowledge & laughs!!! Keep smoking & growing

  67. Militan3471

    New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
    Wanting to try a different brand and experiment with different feed & results

  68. Granja De Ganja

    Pounder of RECHARGE 🤙🏼🤙🏼I have some Bebops by Irie genetics going and just ordered some badass stuff from Build A Soil and could use that RECHARGE


    Word to the DGC for sharing the love. Would like to check out that secret sauce that Scotty’s rocking with that #peppack from @newmillenium or if that’s not available some @exoticgenetix #junglefruit or anything from @therealseedsherenow James bean man on the scene. Peace Brothers

  70. ShaReeferMadness

    I’m about to pop my grow cherry & would love to pop my seed cherry too! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. #dudegrowsshow & their guest has been my professors. So I’m hoping to win the #dgcseedgrab.


  71. Blackbeard42489

    it would be amazing to win or just get the chance to win would love to have the rosin bomb or Exotic Genetics – Jungle Fruit also would be nice your guys at the DGC are the best your suits are awesome scotty real keep the show rolling 💨💨💨💨💨💨🤯🤯🤯🤯

  72. siGnaLz420

    Yo! Anytime I get to jump in the circle of paying it forward!
    Got a circle of friends in trying to build a grow network with, I buy something new and one of the crew get my old. Anything to move us to the next level!

  73. MasterShreddherb

    Hit me with that pulse one and make me a pro bro’s!!! Killin the show thanks for all the good times!

  74. SumtingWong37

    Yo DGC your team is Awesome I must say! You guys compliment each other perfectly thank you for starting my day off for the past 6 months been nice to have something to enjoy first thing in the A.M. It is Apple season here and its in the air bins are moving leaves are falling just in the air puts me in the mood for some Carmel Apple Crisp and the boyz at Raw Genetics have got it dialed in! Hope your in the zone 2day Scotty!

  75. Lbgrower

    Ay der boys thinks for all the knowledge!!
    Would love ta Winn some of those irie genetics!

  76. Lbgrower

    And keep up the good work!!

  77. Matthew Hemingway

    Whats up yall. Im been going organic the last few grows and would love to try some mineral nutes again. Love to play for the new mill. Thanks for everything you guys do for the community.

  78. Bobby Buds

    Whats up DGC ! I would love to win that rosin bomb so I can press some of my harvest ! If that is gone I would love some irie genetics because Rasta Jeff is the freaking man. Going to pick up some Irie beans this year either way Jeff is such a bad ass breeder. Much respect to the dgc love you guys !

  79. HizHighness69

    For the love of RECHARGE, I don’t need any more seeds!!!!! With SHN hookup and your grow tips making my tent go BOOM! I’m setup with a 4X4 veg for 8 strain mothers and 3 clones prepping for flower, and only 3 locations for flowering clones. Being in the game 4 months only I missed the big picture that flowering is king and nobody gives 2 piles of excrement for vegging plants. An additional light would allow me space to fill empty cabinets with lights and AC infinity stuff. #HLG #ROSINBOMB #SHN #REALMICHIGANMatt

  80. Grumpy Toad

    I’m ready to try something other than auto flowers. Vader OG would be GREAT!

  81. GardenofAsgard

    First off, thank you for all your efforts spreading the knowledge of dankness and creating “high” quality entertainment for growers.

    I have two harvest Under my belt and the third in the works. One grow from clones and the other from bag seed, and the one in works is clones from those bag seed plants.

    All processes were successful with help from the DGC. Now I’m ready to take it to the next level with some amazing genetics.

    “Scotty, my brotha, hit me with that FIRST LIGHT from DJ SHORT!”

  82. A stevess

    You can never have too many seeds!!! Thanks for all the knowledge!

  83. GardenofAsgard

    Help, Is anyone a doctor, My POS digital hygrometer is flat-lining!!!
    Oh thank the garden gods your here, Dr. Scotty, help me find a Pulse!

  84. GardenofAsgard

    Psssp… hey….
    Psssssssssp….hey Dude
    You got a plug?
    Come on man,
    I need you to hit up Scotty.
    My soil energy is low and I need a RECHARGE!!!!!

  85. Justadudewantingtogrow

    Anything would be great but wouldn’t mind getting that auto critical hog. If it’s a true auto flower. Looking for something that’s frosty and quick.

  86. OKMED

    Hey Scotty. DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT – and right above the DJ Short First Light. Got a spot in the garden just waiting to be filled.

  87. GardenofAsgard

    Just like DJ Shorts First Light strain, I am retired, and I would love to prove the fact that just cause somethings retired doesn’t mean it can’t still perform. Shout out to all retired veteran growers like myself. Hooah

  88. King Henry

    New mil nutes or let guru pick some seeds. Goodluck all have fun see you soon

  89. AlwaysBaked

    heading into my 4th grow having run all autos so far i’d love to get my hands on some feminized photoperiod beans or any photoperiod really. love the DGC, stay stoney yall.

  90. Dr. Phil Goude

    I could always use a real growers pounder!! 10 weeks into my first grow and almost out of my first pound. Much love to all of the DGC!!

  91. Chris Licciardi

    Hey DGC, been growing off and on for almost 20 years and started back up last year after finding this show! Great content that has helped me out getting back into the swing of things. I just received my latest bag of Recharge, love the stuff, but would love a shot at that Pulse monitor, or any seeds for that mater, to help fine tune the grow space. Thanks for all your doing for the grow community!

  92. SirGalleonGrows

    Would love to enter for the TH Seeds – Auto Critical HOG Fem as I just started my grow journey August after watching Dude grows for over a year 😃 Would be awesome to get some reliable genetics & something that is from a reliable breeder! Thanks for the opportunity as always DGC Crew.

  93. Dank clover

    Hey DGC new to growing and would. Love to try some of rasta Jeff’s genetics but just happy to be able to play

  94. GardenofAsgard

    I got some over vegged plants needing a PEP in their step, hook a gromie up with the New Mil Pep pack and help me let these mothers finally get their chance to bloom, please and thank you for just being you

  95. Dai Chop

    Bean bags

    #exoticgenetics any beans would be a guru blessing!
    Hey dgc new grower from Michigan that had a bad first run because i depended on growers that didnt want me to succeed after i realized it was time to harvest and ended up harvesting some premature gg4 showed me you just cant listen to one grower and learn from as many as i can been running some autos this run and thanks to the dgc community and honesty my second run is looking more top shelf! Thanks for the great recharge product and advice and tips and grow to grow.

  96. TheCornBread

    New Millenium P.E.P wouldn’t mind to try some new nutrients

  97. MichiganderMedical

    DGC Fam what’s up! Hooking up the knowledge guys thanks a bunch. Special shout out to the peeps behind the scenes over there making the magic happen. Been growing for 5 years and finally got my brother and brother-in-law growing their own dank. Would love to expand on our genetics and get some Crocket Family Farms Sour Plum growing! Thanks again Fam

  98. GardenofAsgard

    Some just like it raw


  99. GardenofAsgard

    I like my seeds like I like my kelp, Ocean Grown


  100. GardenofAsgard

    You are the Vader og to my sky walker og

  101. Mr.AutoNoob

    Horticulture Lighting Group – HLG 100 would be amazing and help get these crap china lights out of my closet going on my 5th grow would like to spice it up with a new light or some new exotic seeds to spice it up with different colors

  102. DeNwA [D23]

    Unicorns unicorns unicorns.

    Gotta have a 🦄 that contains unicorn 🔥 right?

  103. DeNwA [D23]

    The weed Unicorn is like the phoenix but blows weed smoke out its nose and shits Top shelf gentics seeds.

  104. GardenofAsgard

    Mi irie! An wit da right genetics mi tent would be irie too.

  105. PureSpirit

    Ocean Grown Seeds – Vader OG and or a Pulse – Pulse One would totally dank out my room … Thank Dude and  Scotty … love that green suit  

  106. GardenofAsgard

    Bohemian Highway , sounds like a dank rock ballad, I’ll play that tune

  107. GardenofAsgard

    Hey DGC, I got jungle fever and that jungle fruit is the only cure!!

  108. TheFlyinPhatman

    I REALLY NEED SOME GOOD GENETICS!!! I have been growing this bag seed for too long lol, I also really want to try something new and different in my no till aqua ponics setup when I get it finished

  109. howdareyou

    Real Growers Recharge Pounder 4 meeeeeee


    Raw Genetics – Caramel Apple Crisp sounds amazing, cheers!

  111. RakeOne


  112. TasmanianBear

    Love some Irie or raw genetics! But really just happy to get a chance to play.

  113. PureSpirit

    I would love a great strain for pressing into flower rosin … Ocean Grown Seeds – Vader OG and or a Pulse – Pulse One would totally dank out my room … Thank Dude and  Scotty … love that green suit  

  114. MrJoshWow

    Raw genetics And Irie genetics

  115. generalearth

    Much love! Good luck everyone!!!

  116. generalearth

    Love me some oceangrown or exotic

  117. GardenofAsgard

    I would be delighted to win the seeds here now gift certificate, Unlike the Red Lobster gift certificate I get from my grandmother every year.

  118. PureSpirit

    I would love a great strain for pressing into flower rosin … Ocean Grown Seeds – Vader OG and or a Pulse – Pulse One would totally dank out my room … Thanks Dude and  Scotty … love that green suit  , Vader OG has got to be good , because Vader always looks like the most faded guy in the room …

  119. TheFlyinPhatman

    TH Seeds – Auto Critical HOG Fem or Irie Genetics – Strawberry Sunburst

  120. Logananderson0

    Hi there dgc im a first time grower who just started growing for medical reasons been a long time watcher im looking for some good genetics

  121. matt steelbird

    radd daddie smokes mids

  122. Digital_Jeffro

    Hey DGC I would love to win some IRIE genetics…Lemon Jeffrey, cause my name is Jeffrey ! hahaha Peace everyone !

  123. skinnybitch

    Would love me some Lucky Dog or some Obsolute! 🐶 🤞🏻

  124. StinkyNutts


  125. Duncan Biscuits

    Hey DGC,

    Love this new format!
    I Wake N Bake Saturday morning to watch this.
    Being in a foreign ProhibitionLand I’d opt to play for some DCG merch to represent DGC in a land down under, or a pulse grow monitor

  126. PureSpirit

    … love that green suit  , Vader OG has got to be good , because Vader always looks like the most faded guy in the room …


    Thank you for all the knowledge! Loving the give aways! I love to win anything for my 2nd grow!

  128. JustAnotherRunner

    Hey DGC,

    I’d love to win anything! a Light for a buddy or a seed pack for myself. Hell id be stoked for sticker, thanks fam.

  129. Domlov22

    TH SEEDS would be fire. Need some autos for the first run!!

  130. ikejones

    Cheers dgc would love to get that hlg. Got some genetics but no gear lol. Either way keep it up y’all love the claw game

  131. JoeT wan Kenobi

    Thank you brother

  132. matt steelbird

    whoops crockett family-sour plum!

  133. Beatdown

    TH Seeds – Auto Critical HOG Fem I would love to have those seeds 😃😃😃😃

  134. TG Vic 2020

    Hi from Australia,
    I’m in the land of prohibition, so it’s hard to get seeds through customs here. I would love to win anything to help my grow. The Pulse monitor would be awesome but I would really be stoked with any prize.
    Thanks DGC

  135. Cali smokez

    Would love to get the pulse to dial in my room I’m a newer grower and could use the help. Or some seeds From exotic genetics cause who doesn’t love seeds

  136. Pridefall

    Dude, like be the colored suits each time, getting better with each show man. Love the hookup! How about some iregentetics or raw?

  137. vinnyvinnyvichy

    Any genetics to keep going on with a second round of an indoor grow would be much appreciated!

  138. Nollie

    Hey DGC from Canada,

    Just got a tent, would love to fill it with Irie genetics!

  139. Captain_Terp

    Anything that would still be on the table this late in the game! Love you Guys, such a great community bringing cannabis lovers around the world together! Peace from the Future DownUnder!

  140. maxmax3210

    Yo Live in the mid west been growing for 3 years now. crossing genetics for the seasons and weather on 3rd gen of strain. Always trying something new next cross will be with Freak show from toney green genetics.

  141. michiganfrost

    Hey #dgcseedgrab! I’d love to win me some @ire_genetics. Just finished up my second divorce, and I’m putting all my extra time into the dank! I am a new member, and I really want to home my craft to perfection. Cheers, to all the prohibition-busting homies out there, and keep on smokin!

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