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New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate
HLG 100
Pulse Environmental Monitor
Second Generation – Oregon Cutthroat
Raw Genetics – Pecan Pie
Lucky Dog Seed Co – Bohemian Highway
Dominion Seed Co – Hoodoo
Obsoul33t – Alien Sour Apple
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Second Generation Genetics Pack
Sacred Three Mushrooms Kit
Irie Genetics Pack
New Millenium P.E.P.
Raw Genetics pack
Ocean Grown Seeds pack
Dominion Seed Co Pack
HLG 100
Obsoul33t Pack
Seeds Here Now Gift Certificate
DGC T-Shirt / DGC Grinder
Real Growers Recharge Pounder

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  1. Labrat 50

    Seeds Here Now Gift Certificate would be awesome, or the easiest thing Scotty can grab lol

  2. PuddlePirate

    Let’s see what Scotty has in his seed vault! Im hoping for something from LovinInHerEyes!
    “Fuuuuuuuck Yeaaaaah”

  3. BigHuff2316

    Hello Dude, Scotty Real, and Guru. I come to you seeking Irie Genetics!! I know that Rasta Jeff knows his stuff and would love to add some more Irie to the grow!! And let’s be real, the grabbag has some great stuff too!! DGC GRINDER!!!

  4. Blue Kiss Gardens

    I would LOVE that New Millenium PEP pack. But let’s get real, I would appreciate any genetics up there, as well! Since I found you on the YouTube this past Spring, I have picked up some great tips and been greatly entertained by the DGC personalities. I swear I’ve partied with each one of your Doppelgängers through the years. You guys definitely stir some old hazy memories, so, I thank you!

  5. COSGrow618

    What’s up what’s up what’s up DGC!!! Cheers y’all. Much love and respect. That pulse 1 is what I got my eyes on. But genetics are always amazing to have. Just being a part of this community is cool enough. Congrats to all the winners. 👍🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻💚🖤

  6. DonkeyKongCannabis

    Seeds always seeds … I love trying different strains.. Makes the grow much more fun to switch up, and try something new! OBSOUL33T GENETICS has always been one of my Favorites to grow! DGC ROCKS!

  7. TheGingerKid

    Hey DGC, so my mother-in-law and I shared our first grow together. She lives a few blocks from the Bohemian Highway. Think it’s a sign to do a second grow with her. Scotty, win us river rats some Lucky Dog fire genetics!
    PS- Bohemian Grove is not a conspiracy…it’s a reality…but I’ve said too mu……HELP….AHHHHHH!!!!!!……


    I will be starting my 2nd grow soon, playing for the New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack this round DGC. Really want to maximize potency and yield this run and there’s nothing I trust more than DGC recommended nutes in order to achieve that. Dont let me down Scotty 😉

  9. Herbal Santa

    Howzit DGC?

    I would be absolutely love any genetic but he’ll just being called on down would make my week

  10. robert

    Seeds here now would be wonderful. I am a home grower in a nazi state. I can not afford free market prices, $350 for a z. I use cannabis as medicine for me and a couple family members with medical issues. Thanks DGC.

  11. Tony_Scorpio

    I would like to win the new millennium pep pack since the pulse grow monitor is not available this week. If it come to seeds I’d like to try some Irie genetics. Definitely not interested in the obsol33t seeds The freebies I received way back were duds. Can’t wait to watch the next seed grab, it’s pretty entertaining. Keep up the great work.

  12. HandsomeCajun

    Id love some og genetics if possible. I haven’t had a chance to grow any og strains and would like to try my luck.

  13. ridankulous

    Loving this show – found DGC about two weeks ago and have made my way back to June watching a couple episodes a day. Would love to win the Bohemian Highway seeds from Lucky Dog. Spent my summers up in Sonoma County near the actual Bohemian Highway – its where I learned to smoke. Finally learning to grow with you all.

  14. Indman

    Hey there – I’m in a medical state with no growing rights and I’d love to rep the community by wearing one of those Growers Free Markets Matter shirts…

    Love this community and all the info and love, thanks for your consideration.

  15. Jawkneeg

    Whats up Scotty? Dude? and Guru? I just got on patreon yesterday. Been watching u guys for a few months now u guys Rock.. Such good Vibes all the time and u guys are filled with tons of knowledge and wisdom…well Guru is at least… u 2 would prolly b screwed w\o him… Im just kidding haha… I really want New Millenium pep pack. ive been seriously considering trying them now seeing them here is a sign its Meant to be I must have new millenium. Help fulfill the Prophecy and make me a better grower of the Danks. So yeah some killer genitics would also b greatly appreciated. Thanks your proud new patreon Johnny G…..

  16. Stoney Rockafeller

    Hey guys, brand new here and want to join in. I’ll take……anything from anyone. I’m easy! Love you guys and the show, and I am proud to help support the show. Thanks for all the hard work and effort, and don’t forget time, you all put in. Very much appreciated.

  17. TOKE4EVR

    I love the show ,I have been growing since 1974 and my plants have been THE BEST with the info your show has provided! My nugs are the DANKEST EVER , they look like they are covered in snow SO FROSTY and they smell so GOOD. I would like to play for the light ,one can never have enough lights.

  18. Unkhldank420

    What’s up dgc back at it again. Thanks for the advice on grow talk 1099 episode about my veggie beast, but more updates about that later on these bagged seed that I’m growing. But I’m looking to win the raw genetics seed because next time around I would love to know what I’m growing, and im on a budget grow so help a brother out scotty lol

  19. Terped-out

    First grow going now with some useful seeds. Would love to try some quality Genetics from irie. Rasta jeff is a special person. He radiates the love out and im sure his plants do too. Anything would be amazing obviously but the rasta filled tent would make my grow so much more enjoyable. Thanks for what you do guys

  20. Lil Dre STL314

    Happy Friday DGC, Found you guys earlier this year while in Covid Lockdown. I got my medical card and started a garden for my Crohn’s Disease and been watching and reading as much as I can. I Can’t thank you all enough for all the wise words from you guys and in the Chat. I would join the Patreon but I’m still unemployed and in Lockdown. ~ New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack or anything Really

  21. Cameron123511

    Hello my names Cam I would love some seeds my mothers getting lonely

  22. Bjamz

    I’m not sure what us here in Canada are able to play for seed-wise … But whatever can be sent I trust your taste Scotty, pick me something good!

  23. Burnin Brian

    I NEED some fire seeds GREEN FIRE that is . I want to set my tent on “fire” this next grow . Their Dozizoz, Rainbow Flame , Green fire OG , oh any of those fire stains would really really be appreciated. Long live the DGC !

  24. RollinStoned

    Good day gentlemen. I am growing and ma playing on for the foreseen future to keep growing Irie Genetics. Keep the good information coming.

  25. Hurtin’ Albertan

    I would really appreciate a shot at the Pulse monitor I live in Canada and grow in my heated garage but sometimes my pilot light goes out at night while I sleep and I wake up to a grow area that is freezing 🥶 an environmental alert system would save my ass!! 👍 🌱 💨 Thanks for the opportunity!!

  26. Kamakazi UFO

    i would be pumped about a pulse monitor, irie genetics, or an hlg light. love the seed grab, exciting way to give back and fun to watch. feels like im watching game shows with the family

  27. Grumpy Toad

    DGC, how about some New Millennium? But just hearing my name called is cool. Peace & Love.

  28. htrrio

    Hey DGC what’s Growing on 😂 I would love to win a Seeds Here Now Gift Certificate. One can never go wrong with Real Growers Recharge Pounder best stuff around. Also curious on what ?Packs from Scotty’s Seed Vault? So many awesome choices to choose from 🙏 I hear my Name

  29. SCdungslinger79

    Bohemian Highway- Lucky Dog Seeds, who can go wrong with Kush x ChemDawg

    Recharge the 4th Macronutrient

  30. TasmanianBear

    Hey guys and gals, any Seeds here now GC or something Green Fire would be cool! That’s so much!

  31. Zombie Tomato

    Dear Dude, Scotty, and Guru,

    Weed is grown dank through and through, but winning some sweet ass prizes would be just as great too! Help make my medical grow be the best it can, and put that hlg or pulse in my hand. If after 3 tries Scotty doesn’t succeed, then I’ll be happy with a grab bag prize that’s amazing for me! Stay lifted and cheers from canada

  32. beevoduz

    Would love to get my hands on that New Mil Pep Pack, been looking to buy it just don’t have the funds!

  33. burnmorehash

    Sup Scotty, Dude, and Guru hope all is well and health is always in abundance. Been home sick the past three days binging the podcast laughing and toking. Going into my second year of growing outdoors, a seed pack would a beautiful gift for my year to get started with some good genetics. Peace brothers.

  34. QuantumSkies

    The green fire genetics sound fire, who am I kidding they all sound fire lol

  35. Richardsgrow

    I would love to get some hands on New Mill! Been using a one part for a long time and can’t find New Millenium within 150 miles! Thanks DGC & don’t let me down on the sticks Scotty!!

  36. GrumpyGrib

    Hey DGC, thanks for all great content and info.. I would really love to get out of this world with the Obsoul33t – Alien Sour Apple.

  37. superlemonade420

    I’d love a SHN gift certificate or some Lucky Dog or Dominion beans!

    And honestly a Pulse Monitor would be even better for me. Been eyeing them up for a while and would be awesome to track my grow 24/7

  38. BiofuelEmpire

    I would love to grab that pep pack i am in prohibition land and it sucks alot… but i would love to grow sum killer personal to keep me supplied in my 4×4 grow it would be awesome to win a prize too

  39. HotLoad

    What’s growin on DGC been listening to the show for a while and I just joined DGC. Love the support you guys give and I am proud to pay $10 month to support DGC community.
    I live in North East Missouri and I am patient and caregiver here. I am working with a brand new medical marijuana company called Agri Genesis. We were awarded the maximum sqft canopy size of (90,000 sqft). 5 dispensary liscenses , infused and transportation licensees as well. Was thinking maybe we could talk about having on us on the show and talk about the industry? Or just smoke some of that lovininhereyes Scotty is always talking abou!! Anyways thanks for all you do for growers and advocates and hope to hear from you.


  40. Okie_blowin_smoke23

    I guess I need some of that new millennium nutrients….since I won some th seeds!!!!

  41. Thunderlips

    Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate. I love me, all things SeedHereNow! It’s 2:30PM, 65, sunny with a nice breeze, Just had some of Jack Herer Auto while siting out on the deck, surrounded by trees. Checking out the DGC website, and soaking up the knowledge.

  42. kittyboy

    I sure would try those new millennium pep pack so pick the boy! And scotty it is a claw machine not a crane game . Haha just busting your balls man you can call it a crane game if you want you own it .#dgcseedgrab

  43. SherlockClones

    This would be sweet.. Hey Scotty.. Haul ole Sherlock out a new millenium pep pack

  44. Joe Schmo

    Would love the New Millennium since this COVID B.S. has cut my cash flow. Thanks 🙏

  45. KingFish

    Since I already have one of those sweet HLG-100s and plenty….a Pulse Grow Monitor would be awesome!!

  46. Chad.Westport

    I’d like to play for the PEP pack.

    It would be nice to be chosen to hang with the cool kids and get some love. It would be nice if pigs can fly too, many unimaginable things would come true. I believe in dinosaurs, and if I believe in them, I know that somewhere out there, there is a dinosaur that believes in me too. So I can eat my cupcakes in peace. Thanks microbes!

  47. Wiscogrower

    I’ll take anything, I’m pretty desperate.

  48. arman clark

    hey scotty, dude and guru! 🙂 i would love some recharge and a HAT!! im a hat lover and now addicted to recharge!!! love the show and cultavate that like button!

  49. A.BIN

    hey y’all, the pulse grow I know would really step up my game. keep up the great work and we will recharge the world.

  50. JamesJammin

    Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate

    Or a CBD High strain for my friend with seizures, Thanks DGC

  51. Charles G79

    What’s going on fella’z?I’m thinking maybe that bohemian highway…it’s jus sounds like a nice highway to be on😁…but for real I what my boy scotty to gone get that top prime piece that’s sitting on the top…good show fella’z ..I get higher learning wit u guys …

  52. Indica_j

    Would love to rock some of those Pecan Pies seeds!!

  53. Len84

    I am a newbie to mordern growing, and recently i had a discussion with a grow peer and folllowing this i nearly sheed a tear, the mf broke my spirit a tiny bit. He told me cause of the country where we are from, our restricted access to genetics meant we would never achieve the quality dank buds my grow buddys from all the leagal country’s talk about, since then ive made a decision to activily get out there make ties and build relationships to source either a bad ass cuttings or good fucking seeds, when i get access to good genes, word of a lie i am become gaurdian of the spread the love in my grow community to ever the wants it ❤️ i need to know he’s not right.

  54. Burner Herzog

    Scotty, i’d like to grow a hole through my roof with some Irie Genetics Orangegasm, but I love me some deep purple buds…I don’t know Scotty you decide!

  55. Len84

    English is actually my first languge believe it or not, i will take what ever is going gentlemen

  56. Burner Herzog

    forget that old post scotty win me some grand blueberry pie!

  57. MrBagseed

    Hey Scotty. I Would love to win that pulse monitor or a rosin bomb if those are gone I would allways take some of them fire genetics!!!!!!!!

  58. Dank clover

    Hey Scotty I am a new grower and would love to get some fire going so I am would like some beans

  59. Kush killer

    First off I love the show, ive learned a ton watching your videos on YouTube. I could use the new millennium pep pack. I need some quality nutes for my next grow.

  60. dbear

    Heh boys, I would dig some killer beans to up my game.
    Green Fire Genetics-
    Grand Blueberry Pie
    Anything that claw will grab✌️🌱💚 y’all

  61. OCannabis613

    Howdy ya’ll. Been a long time listening and have learned so much from you guys and finally able to become a supporter. I’d love to be entered into the Seed Grab in hopes that another one of them amazon Rosin Bombs make it back in there otherwise i’d love to toss a bunch of wicked genetics (maybe from SeedsHereNow) in the 5×5 RDWC tent that i call the “SpaceShip”. I’m currently giving my girls recharge every few days and they’re loving it. Thanks again and keep up the amazing work as well as pumping out the knowledge.

  62. AlwaysBaked

    win something from the dgc giveaway on my birthday? prolly not that lucky but id love to get my hands on some of that pecan pie from raw or sour apple from obsoul33t but i need scotty to call in magic microbe to pass him a dab and do my claw drops lol love the content and all the great information you guys share, keep on keepin on.

  63. UndyToke

    Cool personalities you guys have, a nice trio! You are different, but get along because you are real and that’s part of why I watch, along with the educational side of things of course… The strain I choose, or more so, the strain that chose me : Dominion Seed Co – Hoodoo

    Cheers from Quebec!

  64. Growinginsane

    Wanting to switch from fox farm nutrients and could really use that new millennium PEP pack

  65. GrowCannAdvocate

    Hey y’all… Dude, Scotty and Guru, it’s time to hook a newbie up for seed grab number 3. This cat needs some good genetics. Long time listener, newbie grower, I know I’m headed in the right direction growing nugz for personal medicine, Bag seed is such a crap shoot, it’d be great to see what this green thumb can get out of a decent strain. Thanks for all you do!
    -The Advocate

  66. Scrwd

    Been difficult trying to save up for some quality genetics my mother got injured last year in August and I’ve been taking care of her as much as I can getting the pecan pie by raw genetics would be a great help to get her off the hard drugs the doctor prescribed cheers dgc growers love ✌️

  67. Gooseman710

    So honestly at this point. Any seeds or a light would be so appreciated. I spent 20k buying a motor home to move my family to Oregon from Pennsylvania right as COVID hit so since then I don’t have lot of money to buy myself stuff to finally do my own grows in my new tent. Just need a light or some seeds here soon. I do have a 600w led from Amazon I used to grow my last gg4 plant with. Excited to finally do a tent grow. So I’m hoping someone can hook me up with some love. I spend 8 hours a day trimming weed for an indoor farm and listen to a lotttttttt of DGC ! Gets me through my day every single day. I absolutely love knowing I can learn anything anytime I turn this podcast on !! Much love to the pacific north west cannabis growers ! Any all that want to grow !

  68. ADHDgrower

    Facebook is 100% spying on us! I have never looked up or mentioned a pulse monitor except for the seed grab. I was just scrolling FB and just got a pulse ad. F U facebook. Dude, Scotty, Guru, you guys are right about our social media and search engines spying on us! With that being said, Scotty, I need that pulse monitor because the Facebook has demanded it. If not doable the pound of recharge (a.k.a. Spice Melange) from Tom Brady’s microbiome or the New Mill would make my 2020!

  69. Doc

    Here Goes Nuffin!

    I’m in there, like swim wear!
    Id like the Millennium P.E.P. Pack
    Ah… heck ill take the First thing you Grab.
    Always looking to improve my Grows.

    You Rock DGC! Luv The Show!

  70. Captain_Terp

    I’d take anything you’d be willing to share with a green soldier in prohibition land. You guys rock my mornings in the future!

  71. tturchi23

    Hey guys,

    I would be beyond grateful to be chosen for the New Millennium pep pack. Now that I have 4 of the 5 parameters dialed in, in which Jerin said that are needed to grow good cannabis, I’d love to try these nutrients as New Millennium is a long time DGC supporter as well as a personable, helpful company (From what everyone says). Thanks for everything both of y’all do for us, the cannabis community!


  72. old_growth

    Yo, Yo, Yo DGC…. Feeling Irie. Lay some of those dank genetics on me. Actually any genetics would scratch where I’m itching right now. Stay Solid! Peace!

  73. Grundle Scrunt

    Hoping for a crack at that sweet, sweet seeds here now gift card!

  74. Bryant

    First time growing indoors. Very excited just got accepted for my grow license! Been buying everything all at once so running into spending a lot of money! Winning this prize will help out a lot!

  75. Not so Magic Mike

    I know it’s you dude, I know it’s you Scotty, I hope it something weird happens that guru turns in a decision in my favor but I have to believe that it’s the DGC and everyone involved that is going to turn my streak of bad luck around and hopefully I can get some gift card from seeds here now or some other dank genetics like Irie with the Rasta man above all other Rasta men. The hlg would be amazing also so please my brothers of different DGC mommas don’t let this mans streak continue and help me change my name to Magic Mike!!!

  76. Urei67

    What’s Ripenin DGC! You guys are awesome love the claw game… Scotty Win me a light bro trying to move the party inside this year 💪 or second generation genetics sounds bomb too been meaning to pick up some dj shorts blueberry to use for my Orange Crush resurrection project thanks guys and keep it Growin!!!!

  77. Red eye Rustler

    HLG 100 would fit nicely !!! Bring it home Scotty ✌️

  78. ByrdmanBud

    What’s growing on DGC? The HLG 100 would look great in my grow. But honestly anything would be awesome. That’s for all the knowledge you guys share.

  79. BotanicalAlchemist

    New to DGC (6 months), but enjoying the growing wisdom found within the podcasts. I’ve recently began using Recharge, and am anxiously awaiting to see the resuts!

  80. RhizoGuy

    DGC thanks for keeping it real! I’d love to have scotty grab that HLG 100 for me so I can start a tent for my brother in my grow area. I’ve been planning to use a 400 watt hps that I had laying around. The space is a 3×3 area I built for him but it would be great to swap that hps out for the hlg 100. I just do one plant for him so should be perfect. Thanks for helping America Grow!

  81. Driftwood 420

    What’s up DGC!!! Thank you for all the amazing shows helping people with thier medical needs!!! The giveaways are an awesome bonus! If you pick me,
    Scotty please choose me a great strain and help a disabled caveman grow some DANK!!!

  82. CaptJRiley

    Hey guys, that alien sour apple sounds tasty! Been looking for something with some flavor! Would love to try it out, on my first indoor grow. Building my room as we speak! Thank guys, for all the knowledge and laughs! Keep em growing! Capt. James

  83. Highnstein

    Wassup scotty!! I’m looking for that HLG100. Who couldn’t use another light man!?. I’m seeing all these comments and thinking “there’s no way he’ll pick me” well? Here goes nothin! Love the suits btw, your looking fierce.
    If I happen to be chosen and lose, could u hook a brother up with some recharge? Stay high dgc!

  84. Jonathan Stidham

    I would love some morning dew from Irie but would be happy with anything because I’m trying to start and inside grow. I live in AL and someone stole my outside gorrila grow

  85. Deep space farms

    What’s going on Scotty, Dude, Guru and the DGC. I love the show and the community you bring to the growers. You have helped me pull down two amazing harvest’s and im working on my third. I learned over the last grows your environment plays such a huge role in your plants health and quality. I’ve been really amping up my conditions this round snd would love to win the pulse grow monitor, I’ve had my eyes on those for so long and the data they provide is so valuable to really dialing in a grow. Thank you all for featuring me on the dank nugs segment from my first grow I need to get the second one submitted, can you believe I got 14 ounces from one plant and 17 from the other. THANK YOU for the knowledge I’ve and many lessons you’ve given to the DGC. You guys rock.


    Like to send a SHOUT out to JD for keeping his dads legacy going, for those who don’t know, DJs gear is the shit!
    Ran Flo, Blue Moonshine, Moonshine Rocket Fuel and Blue Satellite back in the day and just got through with a First Light, Blueberry and Old Time Moonshine run while havin some F13 and Everything Delightful in early Floral Patterns.
    Now that I’ve said all that I’d like to send a triple shout out to Guru, Scotty and THE Dude…thanks for the quality info and good vibes guys, I’d like to play for the Second Generation Genetics or a Pep Pack.

  87. Sargent Love

    Big shout out to DGC from Finland !
    We need those Irie Genetics up here !(if i am the lucky guy and get them, I will make a grow report for u guys )
    Big Blessings and Love from ur Sargent!


  88. Virgingrower

    Light my fire with an HGL please dudes!


    HLG pleaseeeee because my wife wants her own grow tent setup for her bday this month and my hours have recently been cut due to Rona and I can’t afford to get everything needed.

  90. ShaReeferMadness

    I want to thank @dudegrows for all your wisdom,, I’m about to start my first grow. The nutrients Im using are Veg + Bloom Dirty, CalMag, and of course Recharge. Imwould like to win Lucky Dog Seed Co – Bohemian Highway Dominion Seed Co – Hoodoo
    Obsoul33t – Alien Sour Apple#dudegrowsshow

  91. Ducksgrow13

    Hey DGC, been really enjoying the Seed Grab show. You guys are always providing great quality entertainment and information, as well as giving back so much with all the giveaways and prizes. I would like to play for a chance at any of the great cultivars up for grabs or that sweet Pulse Monitor, whatever looks good to you Scotty. Living in the land of the less enlightened limits my options for acquiring the dank. Appreciate all the hard work and what you guys do for the community. Much Love and stay elevated growmies. Thanks, from Josh H in Prohibition-Ville Connecticut #dudegrowsshowrocks #freeduke #bestcommunity

  92. Isell242

    I am a intermediate grower. Looking at getting more into pressing for rosin. Bought a m60 from rosinbomb. They’re backordered. I am sad. Many pounds of great trim to press. Wish someway there was magic to get it to me quickly.

  93. twil420

    Ready to spin that wheel! “Whoooooo” (Rick Flair)

    I’d love some genetics

    Keep up the awesome advice.

  94. stankycloset

    Love all that y’all have been doing! Any kind of seeds, not picky, to work with would be dope. Respect

  95. Marsmedigrow

    What’s going down DGC?

    1st off I love the show and all the invaluable information and content you guys provide. There’s nothing better than burnin’ while your learnin’! I would love to get my paws on a generous helping of that RECHARGE! The science on this stuff blows my mind. No garden should be without it. I appreciate you all. Peace!

  96. Faded

    What’s up guys! Hope everyone is having a good day! I’m a new grower that moved from Michigan to a prohibition state. Planning on having a small grow and would like to have the HLG. I’ve have been listening to you guys religiously and it helped me understand so much! Thanks for all the info you guys provided and also the uplifting energy!


  97. Growplumbgrow

    Every thing looks great would like that pulse monitor just popped up some Irie genetics would be great to be able to monitor them at work

  98. Dentonadietz83

    What’s up guys? Love the show, watch it everyday. It would be great to either have some great genetics or that hlg light. Personally I think that light would blow my 2 right out of the water. Love, grow, harvest, and smoke.

  99. OdoyleRules88

    Hey guys love the show and the knowledge I get from it. I have to go for the mega planner of the century, its quite the pocket book lol. If I’m lucky enough to get picked have guru pick what to go for because any prize would be rad. Thanks a bunch for all the knowledge u guys share and all the dank weed you guys have helped me grow. Sticky Fingers For Life!!!


  100. GardenofAsgard

    What’s up DGC , Thor here!
    I would like to thank you all for spreading the knowledge of the dank; while also providing top notch entertainment.
    I have successfully made it to harvest with some bag seed(pics coming to dank knugs soon). The girls came out a lot better then expected and I give all the credit to the DGC community as well as all the beneficials my plants received using Recharge.
    I look forward to Scotty and Gurus Solventless journey and the continuing education/ entertainment it shall provide.
    What I’ve learned so far about SHO is “Fire in- Fire Out” . So to get me started in the right direction I would like to play for the HooDoo by Dominion Seed Co.
    Please and Thank you

  101. biblebeltskunk

    Seedsherenow gift card for me good sirs

  102. Byrdmann

    May the Giant Head in the sky guide Scotties tiny hands to the New Millenium PEP! If it’s the smaller head in the sky manipulating him, any magic bean would have the village dancing under the twinkling stars chanting Scotty’s name.

  103. Daweed King

    Hello friends thanks for all the knowledge. If I may enter to win the HLG 100 lights that would be cool!
    I have my first grow going. I found the seed from some weed I bought called ice cream cake. As of now I’m using budget lights. I’m using parfactworks. Thanks guys!

  104. Colonial Canna

    Spread the love, spread the seeds and watch them grow
    Thanks DGC

  105. Dr. Bongsworth

    What up everyone. Original TerpBurgler here. I’d love to win anything just to make up for Terp_burglar stealing my username. I was the one who had the few posts before this cat started using my user name.

  106. howdareyou

    HLG 100 for my room would send yields higher than eveerrrr

  107. Dai Chop

    Whats up dgc would appreciate that raw genetics or and beanss to pop!


    Hey guys! Love all the info you provide and starting my second grow stong with lots of recharge! It really is the cheat code, real growers know! I would love to win ANYTHING from the grab! Thanks again guys and keep being awesome!

  109. Lbgrower

    Hey DGC I’m a new grow from UP MI, coming up on 3rd harvest. Haven’t had very good luck getting good genetics and would love to have some of that fire to put in my garden. Love the show y’all’s episode on thrips was a big help thanks y’all keep up the good work.

  110. Deez Budz

    Just got my profile set up! Good luck to everyone! Would love aznything! 😀

  111. Pridefall

    Hey GDC! Love the information you guys give out as I’m a new grower! Recharge made my first grow go off without a hitch!! I would love to win an hlg to step up my grow or some ire/raw seeds. Thanks again Scotty, Dude and Guru you guys are an inspiration!

  112. PureSpirit

    Thanks for the great Dude Grows Shows , I would love an HLG 100 , or any good seeds of strains good for pressing rosin … please use your carnival skills to pick a good prize for me …

  113. Duncan Biscuits

    Just woke u and hit a bong, favourite time of the week.

    Pick me, Im sick of being an innoccent bystander

    I’d like to play for a grab bag shot to win a dgc hat, shirt or grinder.

    Thank you, Sir

  114. EyeGrowPonics

    I would like to play for the Dominion Seed Co Hoodoo seeds! I need some new genetics to bring to the tents!

  115. Burnin4buddha

    What’s going on dgc, new member here from Illinois. Been growing outdoors a long time but with new changes in laws I’ve decided to move indoors and give it a shot. Recently purchased some recharge for some mag landrace I got my hands on can’t wait to get it and give it a try. Love the show, very informative and funny. Great content!! Would love to get a chance to win anything from your great seed grab so if I get lucky enough I’d like you to pick my new addition to my new indoor garden thanks much love

  116. Nowhere Man

    High, I’d love the Dominion seeds. Any Duke Diamond gear would be an honor to grow. I know he’s in trouble, this would be a tribute to Duke, thanks.

  117. Michigan420

    Brand new grower in Michigan with love some sweet genetics to get started! Thank you

  118. HalfBakedMan

    Hi DGC I’m a big fan from Israel ✌
    I live in the motherland of prohibition so please help me 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Finding good genetic seeds here is damn near impossible! !!

    I like indica packd with terps 🍻

  119. No_Sellout

    Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate or HLG 100 to get the WIFE started on HER med growing journey! SHE’S earning HER Master Gardener’s Training Certification in Prohibition(but Decrim)land and I know SHE’D be proud of HER own home grown. Plus I won’t be in my garden alone anymore since SHE’LL be able to start HERS with either of these items! Thanks for all the help in the garden DGC!

  120. ZiggyJspec

    New grower looking for amazing genetics or perhaps even the pulse monitor! I have to go out of town on occasion and it may be what I need to make sure the girlfriend isn’t killing the ladies off while gone!!! Love what you do for all of us, thank you!

  121. Beatdown

    I would love some seeds from you great people over there at DGC and your sponsors! I’m a new grower from Canada I got 2 plants going from random seeds I found from bud. I would love to try out some of these great genetics you guys are offering!

  122. Chris Licciardi

    Afternoon DGC. Getting this in at the last minute but I’d love a shot at the HLG 100 to upgrade my veg space. If unavailable any seeds would be awesome. Thanks for spreading the love!

  123. Chris Licciardi

    PS – Free Duke Diamond!!


    Word up fellas! Would love to start nailing my VPD with the help of the Pulse monitor. Keep up the good work. Peace brothers!

  125. FloridaOG

    Hey Scotty, believe I met with you and this “dude guy” back here in Florida late 90s broward. I told you guys you’d have a weed TV show in 20 years if you wanted to.. Haha.. dude poo poo’d the idea and you were about it.

    We’ll chat sometime… been meaning to call and order up some re-charge to find out what the hype is about!

    Be happy with some fine IRIE GENETICS, Pecan Pie, an HLG 100, Recharge Pounder, spin of the wheel…

    I’m easy to please… but not when it comes to my ganja!!! Appreciate the community, good vibes, valuable info and entertainment!!

    Good weekend to everyone!

    – Florida OCEAN GROWN

  126. Boomerang Seb

    Please Scotty and Dude. Your Aussie Brother is in need of some real growers recharge. The stuff is worth its weight in gold and my babies are crying out for a little hit of some scotty real goodness. Love you guys and all you do. Peace.

  127. NEblastyaNice

    What up DGC, new grower here. Running my first grow with subpar genetics and just discovered a herm fest 5 weeks into flower. PLEASE!!!!! Hook me up with some dank seeds, Ocean Grown would be 👌.

  128. Dr.Feldersack

    recharge plez

  129. SeedlessinSeattle

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  130. jim and the hollow grams

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  131. Gettang


  132. King Henry

    Hey dgc! Goodluck all and have fun. I would like to change up my nutrients and looking for something different. If I win I would like either the new millennium nutes or let guru pick the best seeds he thinks are available. Look forward to the show!

  133. TheFriedGuy

    Well Gentleman, i believe the hype and i would love to win some RECHARGE, for real. I tune in all the time and often hear someone giving a shout out to recharge and im interested. My plants always got some type of ? Something going on and id like to recharge while im fixing /dealing with the issues. And thanks for everything you all do. Its fanfriggintastic im inspired in so many ways and i just finished making homemade pizza (Scotty Real, its fun and tricky). Thanks again EH

  134. Nollie

    Hey DGC, hope you guys are doing well! Recently got a new tent and would love to fill it with some killer genetics, what would you recommend for not a lot of vertical height but a lot of width?

    Thanks and good luck everyone!

  135. hwalker79

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  136. jayjay

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  137. matt steelbird

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  138. Helkamaniac

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  139. TasmanianBear

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  140. Mr.AutoNoob

    Sup DGC, im growing some northern lights,caramel cream and magic melon auto first 2 are vegging like mother fuckers haha and the magic melon in 5 weeks in flower, growing here in Prohibition its hard to get seeds so i would love some new genetics im not picky just need them seeds lol

  141. Kayadog

    HLG please

  142. JustAnotherRunner

    Hey DGC, thanks for doing all that you guys do.

    Id love a sticker, or maybe a grinder if im really lucky. If some how I win a light I can force my friend to join me in growing and jump into my favorite hobby. love you guys.

  143. jayjay

    I’d love that new milleum nuts. So i could have a full line, To try never had that before.

  144. BJ

    would love to win anything as just starting to learn for retirement when i can actually enjoy

  145. Gabriel Chabot

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  146. Jgretty

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  147. xSnake

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  148. Old man OG grow

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  149. xSnake

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  150. QuantumSkies

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  151. HalfBakedMan

    GDC please help support the 420 community is Israel (a,k,a me 😉)

    I’d like seeds but anything would do
    I just want to be mentioned 😁

  152. GimmeMoNugs


  153. RhizoGuy

    DGC thanks for keeping it real! I’d love to have scotty grab that HLG 100 for me so I can start a tent for my brother in my grow area. I’ve been planning to use a 400 watt hps that I had laying around. The space is a 3×3 area I built for him but it would be great to swap that hps out for the hlg 100. I just do one plant for him so should be perfect. Thanks for helping America Grow!

  154. TwistofFate

    Any seeds would be awesome. Ill that seeds here now cert though. I working up to my very first grow. Need some seed stock.

  155. GimmeMoNugs


  156. ALittleDabWillDo420

    The P.E.P nutrients pack would be a great addition to my up and coming inside grow project .. love watching really aprishate the great advice and laughs and if nothing else I would love some seed from Irie genetics as I been following rasta jeff alot lately aswell and want to try some of those strains or any seeds for rhe new project thanks again for the chance …

  157. JoeyOneLove

    Fingers crossed for the seed grab from Irie genetics !!! This would help me out so much you don’t even know!!!

  158. GrowmiezHomiez

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  159. GrowmiezHomiez

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  160. nothingreally

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  161. tokes.alone

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  162. Mighty Mite Masher

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  163. DeNwA [D23]

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  164. rockytuckerresults

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    I’d love to winsome gear like the hlg or the pulse so I can up my garden game as it’s to find spare cash as a father or 3 expecting another!!

  165. jdbibbins

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  166. jdbibbins

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    just found you two weeks ago, love the content.
    Would be happy with any prize but more lighting is top of my list

  168. Doc

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  169. Lbgreen108

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