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Pick the prize you want to play for from the list below.
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Rosinbomb Rocket
New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate
HLG 100
Build A Soil Gift Certificate
Envy Genetics
Raw Genetics
Irie Genetics
Ocean Grown Seeds
Lucky Dog Seed Co
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Envy Genetics Pack
Irie Genetics Pack
New Millenium P.E.P.
Raw Genetics pack
Ocean Grown Seeds pack
HLG 100
Seeds Here Now Gift Certificate
DGC T-Shirt / DGC Grinder
Real Growers Recharge Pounder

Comment To Enter

Comment here to tell us which prize you would like to play for, and why.
Contestants will be selected from the best comments.


  1. banner_dgc


  2. GreenTieCanna

    Any thing would be nice with the way this year has been going for so many people. Much thanks to everyone At the DGC for making these opportunities available for everyone!
    Thanks again for all the wisdom that has help me and my plants GROW 🙏 😊

  3. BigHuff2316

    What’s up, Dude!! Scotty!! Guru!! and the Crew!! Hello from California!! I would LOVE to play for some Raw genetics!! It would be so great to grow some seeds that I won from the place who taught me how to grow the seeds!! Either way it’s fun to watch and the wheel is full of cool stuff too. Thanks again. BigHuff = Large and In Charge.


    I would like a chance at the Real Growers Recharge, so I can pass out samples to my friends and turn more of them on to the best microbial products on the market

  5. KillerDawg

    I want to win just because

  6. AlwaysBaked

    new grower here had an aphid issue last year saw one of your clips as a reccomended video more popped up after i watched it realized you had a podcast subscribed and have been tuning in every since and chipping in a couple dollars every month on patreon to keep this thing going. pulled 6 oz of dank off 2 autos last run thanks to the dgc(gotta get a dank nug posted) i would love to run some photoperiods a pack of pecan pie from raw or anything you got from our guy rasta jeff at irie would be amazing maybe an hlg 100 or new mill pep pack if scotty is feelin lucky.

  7. InherentVice

    I would like to play for the Rosinbomb Rocket so I can make some nice rosin with my next harvest!


    What up DGC? I need the New Millenium PEP pack for my next grow! Hook it up Scotty, I need to maximize yield and potency for the meds I’ll be growing for me and the Fam.

  9. QuantumSkies

    Would love the chance to play for the Rosinbomb Rocket.

  10. verdegreasey

    Again, I would like my first dab to be from my own Rosinbomb Rocket! Hook a growmie up, yo!

  11. Bubnugzky

    I would love a chance to win some raw genetics since I live in a state with the worst medical program in the country Kentucky doesn’t sell flower in dispenseries so I’m stuck having to grow my own medicine and would love a chance to try your genetics I have been growing awhile now but I started with all my own stuff old seeds and hag seeds I had and have been working on my own strains I would love a chance to actually just already have the bomb ass genetics I hope I win I will keep you updated on the grows and send videos and pics every week if I win!!!!

  12. Bubnugzky

    I would love a chance to win some raw genetics since I live in a state with the worst medical program in the country Kentucky doesn’t sell flower in dispenseries so I’m stuck having to grow my own medicine and would love a chance to try your genetics I have been growing awhile now but I started with all my own stuff old seeds and hag seeds I had and have been working on my own strains I would love a chance to actually just already have the bomb ass genetics I hope I win I will keep you updated on the grows and send videos and pics every week if I win!!!! #starstruck @irie_genetics

  13. Bubnugzky

    Sorry envy genetics my bad from the post above I thought it was irie this week I apologized @envygenes

  14. Blue Kiss Gardens

    Holy Smokin’ Aces! I’m looking at the list of prizes and remembering getting the toy catalog in the olden days, and making my list for Santa off of that! It was ridiculous, and so is my list here!

    Two Words: Rosin Bomb.
    Blue Kiss Bakery relied on the Magical Butter Machine from last year’s harvest. My ethos is “make a product that tastes good and still gets you high.”
    This would up my game tenfold. Also, my son in law has a crippling disease called CMT. His main therapy/medicine is dabs. Even in Michigan with a medical card, it’s pricey at the dispensary. I’d love to help the dude out. You could make me the best Mother in Law for 2020, too!

    If that is gone? well…in this order- the soil builder certificate (we can rebuild…) the HLG light to make my first indoor a success, the PeP pack (mamma wants to try it) and last but certainly not least, the Seeds Here Now certificate.

    Thank you to all the sponsors! It can’t be said enough!

  15. Newbienugs

    Some recharge or Irie would be my first choice. Im an autoflower grower but been eyeing some irie for a while. While I havnt heard or looked up envy; if its dgc approved let’s run it! Don’t tell the boss we got a key to the machine. Free plays all night



  17. Okie_blowin_smoke23

    Man after OUTDOOR harvest I could really use that rosin bomb…im so proud to be a member, love the concept of this show!!!!

  18. Tony_Scorpio

    Long time DGC fan and member. I think these seed grabs are pretty cool. Something about seeing people win live. I’d like to try for the new millennium pep pack or the build a soil prize. Keep up the great work everyone.

  19. Branchandpoppy420

    That New Millennium secret sauce is just what the doctor ordered for my next grow so I would love an opportunity to try to win the PEP pack by New Mill.

  20. Terp_ Ferguson

    Yo Scottie, Dude, and Guru,

    You guys are my superhero’s and should all wear capes! Love every bit of your content and knowledge you put out on YouTube. I recently became a member on DGC. Com, and Instagram! I’ve been absolutely hooked on the meme generator, and all the grow hacks on I’m not picky, would love to win some genetics or anything else! Hell I’d take a shout out!

    Jah bless Boooyyyys,

  21. NYStoner

    I would like to play for the RosinBomb, who wouldn’t love this thing? That would look so so amazing in the living room/kitchen of my mobile home. That way anytime y’all are in upstate NY you’re more than welcome to stop by for some dabs on me! Have a Grateful Day !

  22. Terped-out

    Hey dgc,
    Deep in prohibition land and just started my first grow. Ive always wanted to try, but it was your show and rasta jeff that gave me the courage to finally do it. Im so excited and can’t wait to try my first girls. I had some decent seeds but would love to try some irie genetics. Rasta jeff seems like the cool uncle u wish u had,and I want to try uncle jeffs beans! Haha much love from bluegrass state.

  23. krispykrud313

    Love to get a chance to play for the pep pak from jarin just bought my set up for my first indoor this is the jump start I need

  24. Abe

    I’m trying to gear up to start some indoor. The HLG 100 would really give me a head start.
    If that’s gone…I could always use some Recharge or the Seeds Here Now gift card would be nice too.

  25. The Grow

    Would love some new beans any of those sound great thank you dgc

  26. Chad.Westport


    I’d fancy playing for that Rosin Bomb rocket. holy shit would I.

    I put in time helping your followers with their grow questions….. but really, I do that because I want to help anybody and everybody grow their own healthy medicine. But this would be a nice little bonus. lulz.

  27. JoeyOneLove

    I would really LOVE the chance to win the HLG 100. It would be a total game changer for me. I am new to indoor and it’s a big adjustment from outdoor. Really pricey. I have been dealt some pretty shitty cards lately and a turn of luck is what I really need right now! I have been watching and listening from the shadows for a little bit but I’ll tell you what. I’ve learned more from the DGC abt growing cannabis then I have anywhere else and I appreciate it and appreciate these giveaways you do you have NO IDEA the positive impact something so little can make on someone’s life. Peace and love brothers 🤙🏼✌🏼🍄

  28. Killa j

    what’s up dude, scotty, guru, and the others behind the scenes? thanks for putting this claw machine together, it makes for some exciting friday gardening after work. content on the other shows has led me to grow some buds so pretty the quality hasn’t been seen around here before. thanks to all. i am more so into it for making thc meds for me and mix cbd meds for my terminal cancer pup. i’d love to keep some experimentation going and see what results we get with either build a soil or the pep pack versus what i’m running now. grower’s love

  29. Driftwood 420

    What’s up DGC! What I would really love I’d a ROSIN BOMB! But I would greatly appreciate anything! You guys do so much for the community and helping people grow thier own medicine! Thank you!

  30. Son Growku

    Hey DGC, I’m a first time grower whose initial grow nearly crashed and burned while trying to make medicine for some cancer in the family. Even though I found you all 2 months late, you still saved my current grow and have set the stage for many successful future grows! You’ve already helped me more than I can put into words, and I’m immensely grateful!

    I was gunning for the Rosin Bomb Rocket, however I just spent my last pennies on a Source Turbo and a Cree-COB-loaded substrate from RapidLED, so I’m thinking the Rocket may be unnecessary?

    I’m definitely lacking in good liquid nutes, so the PEP pack sounds the most enticing! It would do great to ensure some great medicine while being able to fill any nutritional gaps I stumble upon while I try to dial in my organics… If New Millenium is out of reach, I suppose I could always use an HLG 100!!!

    Thanks for the knowledge, the community, and the kindness! Stay higher my friends!!!


  31. Jazz_Cabbage19

    What is up DGC crew?! Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe out there. I would love to get some seeds so I can expand and diversify the grow! Thanks guys for everything that you do

  32. KeithMcinnis

    Boy’s how she going from east coast of Canada,just like to say you guys are an inspiration to many people all over the globe and fighting the good fight against prohibition and spreading knowledge and love to the cannabis community, I am new to the growing scene and would love to win any prize of your guys choice because if its good enough for the DGC its good enough for me happy growing b’ye!!!

  33. SunnyinBectopia

    Hi guys, you know what I really want. More episodes. However, since this is not on the list I would like to play for chad to get the rosin bomb. I would like to play but send to chad . He is such a big preppy nerd he really needs to get loose. Maybe if he was slangin rosin he would at least take off the sweater vest. Any thing we could do to help this loser out would be very great! I know there is a super cool jive turkey up in there somewhere.

  34. Jawkneeg

    Whats up DGC??? I know Im a new patron so my chances of getting a shot at the claw machine are pretty slim but if for some small chance I do get picked i would love to try New Millenium pep pack. Im deep in prohibition land and the closest hydro shop is like 300 miles away so its really difficult to get anything unless I get it from amazon…. So anything from the claw machine would be awesome. I really love ur show ive learned a lot from u guys and love everything you represent. The world needs more people like u. Keep up the good vibes and keep it real…. Thanks Johnny g

  35. Detox

    whats up DGC? I would love to win the Seeds Here Now gift certificate so i can run some quality med’s for myself. just ran the last of my seeds and thanks to the virus i am to financially embarrassed to get more. PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT!! and as always keep dropping knowledge. Nothing but love for you guys an thanks from prohibition land.

  36. The Crispy Dingo

    I could really use a HLG 650 R spec got too many girls and not enough POWER!!! Also seeds and recharge you can never go wrong with that

  37. rjgetz111

    The new unnamed light I am using kinda is not up to all expectations as is the case with me when I forget the golden rule”you get what you pay for,and sometimes less” so of course it would be the HLG 650 R lighting up my dreams and my tent but the girls in my tent are fractious they know they deserve more. So for my girls its the light please>

  38. Covercrop

    Love the show guys. I got started a few years back using some super old school mars hydro’s. I grow no till in a tent and I’ve tried a few other LED’s but they just don’t grow the dank like those old, inefficient, ugly, green beasts. I’m looking to upgrade to something that wont limit my yield, but will be nicer on my electric bill. I have only heard good things about HLG and I’d love to give them a go. Also, recharge is legit AF. thanks for the show guys! stay safe.

  39. whitehorse

    Men I want to wish you all well and hope to see you today. Just flipped to flower with first grow and am using three of the products that are featured here. Real growers recharge, Build a soil and the HLG 650 R. I am very sold on all of them. Just purchased another HLG and am gearing up for a veg tent now. Would love any product that you all approve of. Love the show and Grow on.

  40. highline

    Hey guys, i could really use some fire genetics like Raw or a Rosin Bomb! I already bought the full New Mill line and green sensation to run the “secret sauce”. Finally able to smoke again, been on a hiatus since ’07 due to random testing at work. Got a promotion and no more tests! Although i’m only 31 i have battled with alcoholism to treat my insomnia for years, but no more! Shoutout from deeeeeep down in prohibition land.

  41. Dankasaurus

    I would love some new genetics from Raw but any would do. I’m not picky. Just drop that claw on whatever looks good and don’t forget to mix it up.

  42. tturchi23

    I finally have my cloning dialed in and would greatly appreciate some badass genetics in the garden! Thanks for everything yall do for the cannabis community.

  43. Nexus6

    I would go for love from Build-A-Soil, because I’ll take any help I can get; and of course the real jackpot is getting a chance to play.

  44. Dark_Morpheus02

    New @ growing here, Luv your Videos. The content you guys are dropping are so informational.
    Thank you !

  45. HandsomeCajun

    Hey DGC, thanks for all you do for the grow community. I would like some ocean grown seeds please.

  46. Kayadog

    Would love some Irie Genetics ,keep up the good work guys

  47. Joe Schmo

    I am not picky, I’ll take anything you can grab after a couple of dabs. 👍 To the DGC

  48. Scrwd

    Hey dgc long time viewer would love to get the pecan pie from raw genetics to grow for my mother she’s been prescribed alot of medication from an accident that happened at work would love to get them for her but money’s tight so here’s hoping growers love ✌️


    Hey guys love the show. I watch every night while packing a few bowls .I would love some new Envy Genetics or
    Raw Genetics I’ve only heard good things about them and their killer terp profiles.

  50. Bigsexy

    anything would be much appreciated dudes , but I’m in Canada and you can’t ship most, but … recharge would be pure sweetness .Thanks for all you guys and the crew do

  51. Herbal Santa

    Hey now DGC,
    It would be an honor to get a chance to win.
    That being said the light would be the perfect fit for my veg closet.
    I would love to try the pep pack with my seats taken seeds I plan on using next run…or build a soil certificate.
    Or genetics, or ?
    Hell I broke my cheap ass grinder this morning so I would be happy as a pig in shit even with a grinder

  52. Masshole Grower

    Hey D.G.C. been listening for quite a while now and finally became a supporter . Looking forward to starting my hunt for mold/mildew resistant strains that will thrive in my grow zone.
    Love the show , and so glad yo be a part of the community……stay medicated friends….✌

  53. GreenT

    I would love that Rosin Bomb because it is a high ticket item for me and my meager means, but for sure the wheel of karma has my back. 🙂

  54. SeesawingDave

    I’d love anything envy! Everything the release is fire!! Or the build-a-soil gift card would be dope! Been looking into switching to a living soil. Just bought and hlg100 and a pulse so I’m good there! Lol

  55. Phantom Buds

    Look forward to watching your show, the help you provide is amazing. in week 6 of my first grow and my success is because of you. I even became a patreon so you keep doing what you do. Keep spreading the love. If picked I could use more seeds please, So Dude put your claw skills to work and win me some killer seeds to grow.

  56. GrowHavoc

    I could really use a rosin bomb or some irie Gen would be sick too

  57. Stick3yFingazz

    I would be in for any of these off the CHART prizes, how can you not support any of these donors win or not the pro’s list is my first choice for all my needs!!!

  58. JohnnyBuds

    Hey dudes how bout a hookup on some nutes or good azz genetics. Yall are awesome 👌

  59. Mike Lada

    What’s up DGC!!! If I’m picked I’d like the rosin bomb or the HLG light. I just moved to CO from a red state 3 months ago. I couldn’t bring any of my grow equipment or any other cannabis equipment with me bc not being able to drive with it through my home state.

    Now I’m here and settled in and I’m in the process of acquiring all the equipment I need to get my first CO grow up and running. Either prize would help me out drastically! Much love cannafam💚👊🏻

  60. Hashasaurus Rex

    Whats up guy?! Scotty is rocking those suites on Seed grab. He’s just a Hawiian shirt brother. Maybe get alittle Don Johnson look going Scotty.

  61. Burnin4buddha

    Wish I may, wish I might, win a real growers light!! But seriously this budget light sh** is doing me wrong. Just a little back story I grew outdoors a long time and took a break due to personal issues but with all this pandemic crap screwing things up I’ve found myself having to take a long time out of work to stay home a be a teacher for my children. So that being said it doesn’t leave much money in the budget for anything especially not my medicine so I decided to try it indoors this year so I set up a tiny 2×4 closet and set out on the adventure. Have all my nutrients even got myself some recharge but I still can’t help but think things would be going much better with the right lighting. I know my chances are slim to none so some advice on what I could do at a low cost besides these bright burple lights . Thanks for the chance and the amazing show guys much love dgc

  62. A.BIN

    pulse,pulse, pulse, could really use a pulse grow to step up my game. good luck all!

  63. mr.mcgoo

    I welcome the rosinbomrocket, or any other goodies you can ship to Maine

  64. hawkman

    “Build-a-SoiL” the best place to get excellent products – what I like is the have have Alfla Meal, Enzymes and Humic Acid which are needed to make “triacontanol” a Natural Growth Regulator that increases plant size , terpene’s and essential oil production, If you grow organic thay have you products you need :Rating 10

  65. darkstar

    SHN certificate. cause i NEVER win shit.

  66. King Henry

    Fan from prohibition land. Always watching and learning. Cant believe I’ve grown without recharge prior to finding you guys, now I can’t grow without it. If I’d be picked to be apart of the neon suit claw game I’d like to try the new millennium pep pack or, let my man guru pick a stain of seed that he thinks will knock my socks off. Thanks dgc see yall on the show!

  67. Doug

    Man I’d be happy with any new seeds, recharge or whatever :o)

  68. OCannabis613

    Am super stoked that the wife has finally allowed (“Suggested” she claims lol) me to support the DGC. I’ve learned so much from you guys and we watch multiple episodes daily. I’ve recently started an RDWC grow (OCannabis613 on IG) and have had a few times now over the grow that i’ve had the odd issue or noticed changes in the grow and then; straight from the Cannabis Gods, you guys post a video that explains exactly what’s occurring (best example is the Tobacco Mosaic Virus episode… which also has made me work toward quitting tobacco) and have helped me quite a bit over the grow. I mix a fresh batch of recharge ever other day and give the roots a nice gentle spray after having moved to a fresh bucket so as not to have any drip into the water system and the girls have been loving it.

    I’ve really been enjoying the claw-grab weekly 420 game and am always looking forward to it. If i was to get a chance, we’d love to get our hands on one of the Rosin Bombs as we’re Rosin addicts. While i totally understand that a press would be really high hopes (we plan on getting one eventually and have found a used freeze dryer that we might purchase), I’d be more than happy with some awesome genetics for our next run.

    Thanks so much again DGC for all the awesome knowledge and wisdom that you share. We’ve learned so much and can’t wait to learn more.

  69. shadow

    i would love a chance to win the rosinbomb rocket. i have been looking at that model. i have a friend who medicates with rosin and i have been wanting to be able to help him out. but unfortunately am currently strapped for cash to drop on a press, especially when ill just be giving away most of the rosin. you guys rock i am so glad to have found this community. this is the best cannabis related group ever. thanks DGC.

  70. TOKE4EVR

    RECHARGE WORKS, I used Myco+ ,a powder amendment like Recharge but not as complete a fungi profile as Recharge. This stuff WORKS ,I am a customer for life!

  71. SubliminalOne

    The DGC has helped me learn so much about both common, and not so common, issues in. Since recently discovering the podcast Ir ‘ve been backtracking through countless episodes. Upping my grow knowledge while I’m at work. A local hydro shop in Foxboro, MA recommended Recharge before I had heard of the show. It was cool to learn it came from the show. Scotty is well justified in slipping in the plugs because it’s great stuff. Many thanks to all of you for the wealth of knowledge and the countless hours of entertainment. After hearing James Bean on the show a few times I would love to play for a Seeds-Here-Now gift card. I’m getting the basics down and would love to try some great genetics. It sounds like he’s really put in the time finding the right stuff. Again, thank you. – SubliminalOne

  72. I_M_Scorched

    Dude Grows Seed Grab Episode #4
    Thanks for the great grow advice. First indoor grow in a few decades and first ever strictly organic. Growing a Black D.O.G. from Humboldt Seed Co (a freebie from SHN). Let James Bean know his service is outstanding! Have made numerous mistakes in this grow and am limping to the finish line. Just received and added some Recharge (dab time, Scotty) and after two days my plant is already starting to look better than she has since in Veg. Thanks! Would love to play for the Rosin Bomb or a SHN gift certificate so I can buy one of Rasta Jeff’s new Jack the Ripper crosses when they are available.

  73. Dawid

    Hello sirs hope you pick me because I would really like to win that rosin bomb or the HLG lights!
    Thank you very much

  74. Astonedude

    I’d like to win for having the balls to post this from deep in prohibition land.

    i’m good on the lights and i grow in coco with jacks so i would be very thankful to win some great genetics or a rosinbomb. It would be awesome to be able to try some rosin and have something so nice. A dude can dream anyway! Hope you all stay healthy, safe and chill!

  75. Kamakazi UFO

    Whats up DGC? thank Guru for all the knowledge you drop, and thanks to Dude for keeping the pace hot, and Scotty for keeping real (fun). you guys are a power trio if you were a band. Became a patron after you guys saved my second harvest, and have learned tons from the member section on patreon, totally worth it.
    i would be stoked for a Rosin Bomb Rocket, theres not alot of great selection in my neck of the woods, it would be great to be able to make my own.
    i know its a hot item so i would also thoroughly enjoy some dank genetics like Irie or a build-a-soil gift card would certainly help me out

  76. Rasta B

    The Rosin Bomb please…I feel I have mastered the art of bubble hash and I would love the Rosin Bomb to turn it into ……Rosin…thanks DGC….c’mon Scotty…you can do this brother!

  77. Captain_Terp

    Hey Scotty, Dude, Guru and the whole Bakery team, just tapping in from downunder, hoping you feel your way to puling another international DGC family member for a shot at the CLAW! Not fussy about prizes, I’d be more than stoked with anything from you guys!
    Captain T

  78. Fryedguy

    Hello DGC family,

    Throwing my hat in the ring from prohibition land (@prohibition_land_man). I’m so happy for finding you on YouTube and am thankful for how helpful the DGC community is in a world that has been shrouded by secrets for as long as we can remember.

    I’d be happy to play for any item in the machine, can never go wrong with some Recharge! but my main choice would be the Rosin Bomb. Being in a place where herb isn’t widely accepted makes concentrates a great alternative to the smelly smokey old joint. Also after years of habitual smoking, I too curbed my cigarette addiction with added herb intake, it would be nice to rip a stronger dosage at a less frequent rate rather than smoking flower all day. Don’t get me wrong I love my flower but who wouldn’t benefit from a new Rosin Bomb in their life!!!

  79. AlbinoViper420

    Hey DGC!!
    First time disabled grower and you are the place i come to for the knowledge and my first grow is going super! The Recharge is doing great since i got it 2 weeks ago, done some LST, Topping and the plant is ready just about to be flipped to flowering and everyone says she looks AWESOME! But anyway i would love the genetics of any kind cause a beggars cant be choosers but i would like to win some IRIE GENETICS since the show with him. Anyways (keep it simple stupid) to everyone. lol Anyways its been fun learning how to grow and everything you guys do and a SHOUTOUT to the community for everything everyone takes time out to do to help out one another!! AWESOME stuff guys.

  80. Highnstein

    First of all, I love what you guys do and I never miss a show. So I Just harvested and u have no idea of the pain I feel when I spend months growing just to trim these tiny ass nuggets! It ain’t right man. I NEED more light. Please please please hook a brother up with that sweet HLG! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  81. Marsmedigrow

    Hey Guy’s! I need Genetics! Please 🤞

    Big Dan here.. DGC is the beat damn show hands down. Nothing but a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. Love catching up on shows while tending to my ladies. Keep up the great work. Scotty! Grab me some Irie Genetics with that lows claw!! Thanks Dudes 😎🤘

  82. Malano

    Did my first grow outdoors last year, turned out great. Tried again this year but didn’t get my dark room set up in time and it all went to seed. Starting my first indoor grow this winter and started to listen to the show about a month ago and love it. It would be great to win anything even just a shout out. Love growing and love hearing y’all talk about it

  83. RaddieRuderalis

    What’s up Crew! I’ll keep it short for y’all. I have 2 MONSTER northern lights X big bud freshly cut and I don’t think I can handle trim jail with these behemoths! Could you work your magic and pull me a ROSIN BOMB ROCKET for your old pal RaddieRuderalis?? By the way Scotty, I love the greenhouse, I have plans to set one in my yard this coming spring! Grow Happy Crew!

  84. Cali smokez

    What’s up dgc! To start it off I wanna just wanna tell you guys how much I appreciate the show. I’ve been watching for the last year and a half and have pretty much watched all of you guys shows. So thank you for sharing the knowledge and keeping me going on my long drives to work. Anyways I would like either some envy genetics or the rosin bomb cause I’ll have a harvest coming down soon and would love to be able to press some home grown. Thank you again and hope everyone is doing good and pulln in the Dank!

  85. LongJohn

    I’d love to play for that Rosin Bomb. I’d love to try pressing instead of making bho.. harvest comin up. Presses still are very rare and expensive in Finland.
    Have a smokin weekend DGC family!

  86. Old man OG grow

    What’s up guys I’m a new grower this is my second run first time in the tent so 4 by 4 running a Mars Hydro 2000 I know you guys don’t like the Mars Hydro that much but I’m at my budget I’m asking you guys if you guys could please help me out and when we some seeds I’m on a budget right now trying to grow some good weed bomb weed thanks guys

  87. Stick3yFingazz

    Would be in for anything Love the show and DGC community be kewl to feel like a celeb, if ya pick me. Stay Frosty

  88. Strib

    Hello DGC,

    I would like to win my brother in law something. His login is (Justin). He is a big fan of the community. He also interduced me to this great community. This would absolutely make his day.

    Keep growing


  89. Redijedi_grows

    Squeezing a last minute entry in would love a DGC hat let’s be honest them things are fire 🔥🔥 also any Irie would be awesome but what if really love would be the hlg 100 need a second light for a small veg room have 4 plants chilling on my table waiting for my first harvest on Halloween 🎃 so they can have a light. Thanks Dude Scotty Guru you were the first Cannabis podcast I started watching and have made amazing connections along the way and many people I would consider friends. This has really changed my life 😂 I was a professional sales associate for Ford in my town. I have since left car sales for good got a less mentally demanding job as a bud tender and am heading back to school for botanical science. The inspiration to basically totaly over haul my life came from the DGC and my journey growing

  90. OttomanOwl

    Recharge my soil and soul mate.

  91. Not A Cop

    What’s up DGC crew? I am hoping to play for the HLG 100 or the new mil pack but I would be thrilled to win anything really. I’m trying to get my first grow off the ground and anything helps as I am on a fixed income and a modest budget.

  92. Ducksgrow13

    Hey DGC crew, hope everyone is having a great Friday. Great job with the show, gets better every week. You guys give back so much with all the giveaways and prizes as well as always providing great quality entertainment and information. If chosen I would love a chance at something from Build a Soil. I have really wanted to try organic and they have some amazing products. If one of the lucky growmies grabs it first I would be so happy to get some of the great genetics up there. Some runtz x calisunset to go with my Georgia Cry pack I have would certainly make me the Envy of my friends. Living in the land of the less enlightened limits my options for acquiring the dank. Honestly anything I could win today would be awesome, you guys really have some quality items that anyone should be pumped to have. Appreciate all the hard work and everything you guys do for the community. Much Love and stay elevated growmies. From Josh out in Dankless-ville #dudegrowsshowrocks #BestCommunity

  93. Jr@thelake

    I want to win a Rosin Bomb press cause i cant afford one.

  94. TasmanianBear

    Would love a chance at the wheel for any seeds, Irie, Raw, Envy, it would be a sick to get any of them. If the Rosin Bombs still around that would be amazing, prolly have a better shot at winning lottery. This makes my Friday, I always listen secretly at work. Everybody have a bad ass Friday!

  95. TasmanianBear

    Ohh an I can’t wait to see what suit Scotty wears today! I still want to know where he shops to get hose sweet things!

  96. Jr@thelake

    If you never lie you never have to remember what you have said.

  97. JD3816

    Hey Dudes I am a first time grower pretty much looking for anything to help me get a jump start like seeds lighting or soil. I have listened enough to know how badass that rosin bomb is though. Good luck with all those choppers and fires Scotty hope all is safe. Thanks to DGC for all of the info to help me get started.

  98. yinyang814

    REAL GROWERS RECHARGE – First time grower here who is still accumulating all the necessary products needed for a winter basement tent grow and I would love to try this product out after reading all the reviews and testimonials online on YouTube and Amazon.

  99. Sykewon

    Hey, what’s going on guys? Huge fan of the show. The discord channel has been great too. A lot of helpful growers out there. Would love a crack at the HGL. I really could use a new light in my 3×2. I’m new to the game and just trying to grow my own fuego because you can’t trust the street schwag. Thanks for all you do

  100. Masshole Grower

    What’s happenin’ DGC…….Masshole Grower here checkin’ in with y’all before the show today . Just wanted to thank you guys for providing myself as well as countless other growers out there with such a great resource…..valuable , trust worthy advice , tips and tricks , and an obscene amount of entertainment value in my book . Not so sure I could have made it through this year’s big ass outdoor harvest without the huge amount of back episodes I never saw . Anyway… that I’m waiting for my final plant to ripen up I finally find myself able to participate in this awesome seed grab you’re doing…..I am a relatively new outdoor grower and as I’m going through my seeds trying to decide what to pop for next years flavors….I’m noticing most of what I have are either pure sativa or hybrid strains that take longer than I’m comfortable with attempting in my grow zone . I would love to find some of the more resistant strains in regards to mold and mildew as well …..I have been listening to rasta Jeff’s podcast quite a bit and I really feel a good vibe from him….so if this comment gets me chosen…..I’d like to play for the Ire Genetics seed pack…..and can I have Magic Microbe operate the crane…..that’ll give Scotty a probably long overdue dab break……


  101. Labrat 50

    Hit me with a hlg 100 scotty! peace!

  102. CPuffy

    Hey DGC, hope everyone’s doing great today!! I would like to play for the Build A Soil gift card please. As I am really interested in beginning to use organics for my home medicinal grow for both my wife and I, so much so I’ve already gotten True Living Organics by The Rev and am about halfway through!! So that would really come in clutch for as I finish this excellent read!

  103. Cuzmas

    Hey DGC!! I’m here in Toronto Canada animal control guy climbing roofs looking at nuggets from rooftops at all these wonderful plants that we can finally grow legally, I would love to win a Rosenbomb, but I’m not picky anything is cool. I had a one year subscription last year and I’m going to re-sign up on Patreon. Love you guys and everything you do and the Weed world of actual caring people. I can’t wait to send you some dank nugs of my DWC peanut butter breath on my next run. CUZMAS:)

  104. GardenofAsgard

    What’s growin on DGC??? Thor here with another attempt at the seed grab, but first I would like to thank you and everyone whom makes this happen. Also thank you for the dank knowledge you all share during the grow talk and the humorous content I enjoy on the wake and bake. Top notch entertainment if you ask me. If chosen Today, I would like to play for them Irie Genetics, it’s a seed grab after all, right!!!!

  105. hydrotechguy

    Yo DGC. I grow for personal meds. 56 and lived thru 1 battle with the C. Canna-meds are very important. Been growing bag seed or gifts from friends. I would love some genetics from Irie Genetics.

  106. DankYouVeryMuch

    As a disabled resident of Prohibition Land, as much as I’ve wanted to, I’ve never had the chance to try rosin before. It sounds like it would be a delicious and effective way to treat my chronic pain. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue where to find that kind of medicine around here, so I figured why not make my own! Being on a limited income makes buying a press difficult, if not impossible, so a chance to have Clawmaster Scotty grab me a Rosinbomb Rocket would be amazing!

    Even if you don’t pick me, I already feel like a winner being part of the DGC! I very much appreciate what you do for the community! Keep up the great work!!

  107. Lbgrower

    Hey DGC I am a grower in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I’ve been growing for about a year now and have had any luck getting fire genetics. I would love to win some beans to put in my garden so I can know if it’s just me as a grower or the genetics I’ve been getting. I’ve learned a lot from y’all’s pod the last year, really appreciate the knowledge!!! Keep up the good work!

  108. Richard

    Hell ya! It’s Friday Seed grab. Let’s go Scotty get me that fire from #ireigentics. Just walk around the game to line up your shot. Then I’ll get that #ireigentic s. fire 🌱✌️💚

  109. Gonzos_grow

    Would love some recharge or some Raw seeds. First time grower and I always come to the DGC and been listening to all the past grow talks to learn from you all. You guys are doing great things!

  110. Kubernetes Captain

    Just discovered latex paint to prevent from sun or harsh Winter conditions. Serious question, why isn’t this used in outside grows if indeed it is this beneficial? Love learning from you guise as always looking to this at the end of the week. If I happen to be one of the lucky ones today an HLG, Rosin Bomb or genetics would be wonderful. One more beginner question – if my goal is to breed genetics of a particular strain do I still need to feed nutrients targeting flowering or can something like bio-life or bio-fish from Down to Earth be used to ensure viable seeds?

  111. Lipzits

    I love what you’re doing with the game show, it’s hilariously entertaining and a great way to give back. I’d love to win that rosin bomb but any of the prizes would be awesome to win! You guys are great Thanks

  112. Jr@thelake

    Peace, love and dont step on ants.

  113. howdareyou




  114. Harry hashman

    I love some ocean grow or irie .vader and rastaJeff are both awesome would love to try something with chem terpenes from the UK hashman

  115. Pridefall

    Hey DGC! Love the knowledge bombs and generosity of you guys! Just finished my first outdoor grow! I would love to get hooked up with an HLG for my indoor grow or some seeds maybe? Shoutout to iregentetics and Rasta Jeff! Oh and also recharge is amazing stuff!

  116. Dai Chop

    Whats up DGC new grower From Michigan would be honored to win raw genetics or recharge

  117. ryeordie

    Hey DGC, new grower here. Would love to play for the HLG100 to help set up a perpetual grow. One question, does a mother plant from a clone last about as long as a mother plant from seed? Ps. Recharge has worked wonders on my lawn and garden.

  118. Thrudvangr

    New grower here, would love to play for the Rosin bomb! Having the first opportunity to use it with my own grown using an RDWC system and would love to push a rosin (I have my bags already at the ready.) Either way, happy to watch and enjoy the show, thanks for what you guys do, good luck to everyone!

  119. RhizoGuy

    Hey DGC family! Just trying to snatch that HLG for my brothers tent since I have to grow his dank for him. Been watching since the growantine started and have consumed every episode! I have since changed my entire grow area and style based on the knowledge of the CREW… and of course recharge for the gift of life in a bag. Knowledge is power yall so thanks for the gift.

  120. larryp1962

    Hey DGC , I would love to play for the Rosin Bomb. Im old school from Prohibition – Ville USA. Never smoked a dab before , ha. and would love to press some flower Ive grown. .. Help a brother out!

  121. HalfBakedMan

    Hi DGC big love from Israel ✌😎
    I love the show and especially GURU for his knowledge

    I just turned 41 kast week and living in the MOTHERLAND of prohibition I can’t ask you to send me some seeds so please send me some gear or DGC accessories

    In all honestly just being mentioned in your show is a big honor ✌♥

  122. matt steelbird

    Gimme dat Rosin Bomb rocket!!!

  123. Alexander smokealot

    Hello dude grows would like to try and win HGL100. I am a new grower have everything i need but a good light. You guys are awesome and have tought me more than anybody , thabk you guys for real.

  124. Biggie nugs

    What’s up dgc fam anything helps to grow biggie nuggz

  125. XSTerps

    Love watching GDC
    Just setting up a second grow room so could use anything you have up for grabs.
    Honest, anything 🙂

  126. jayjay

    what up DGC. LOve the show and would love the light or new mill. nutr. hook it up. And me make it thru this crazy lockdown.

  127. JustAnotherRunner

    Hey DGC fam,

    Big fan of the show, thanks for making countless days a little brighter.

    Id love to win a light for my buddy, hes been finding excuses to grow and i think he would really appreciate it.

    much love from Alberta, Canada.

  128. Burnhard spiffington

    What’s up brothas !!! Much love thanx for all you do is love to win home good genetics man livin here in probation land makes it hard to get some meds man so to do it myself it what I got just sucks only playing wit bag seed icoild use a lil dgc love my way


    What’s up DGC. MICHIGAN! Grower looking to up my game with some new genetics or a new rosin press. Whatever scotty can grab. Thanks and keep the shows coming.

  130. UndyToke

    Hey there! I would like for Scotty to bring me the light! I’m about to put my plants in flower and I need a new lamp for my new babies. On a side note, thanks for being a light in these quarantined time. Keep on tokin’ on!

  131. John Moore

    Rosin bomb,DJ short,HLG, 2 gen. Are just a few I’d like to win.

  132. HalfBakedMan

    Hi DGC big love from Israel ✌😎I love your show. I turned 41 last week and living in the MOTHERLAND of prohibition I can’t ask you to send me seeds so please send me some gear or any DGC accessories✌♥

  133. Dab Goblin

    I’m going to Dizzyland.

  134. CosmicCobraChicken

    Any sweet genetics or an HLG light to get me away from my 1000w HPS

  135. Smokeymoe

    Currently using HPS and MH could use the upgrade.

  136. Biglakethesnake

    What up DGC Im a furloughed chef in New Orleans and there are no good dabs around here. so I had to grow my own to make it myself. just finished my 1st harvest! an that rosin bomb could really help. Thanks!

  137. Burnhard spiffington

    I’d love some seeds or an hlg o a big o bag of recharge 🤗

  138. BobGrows

    Heyo! What’s good DGC?! I grow medically for my father who is a disabled veteran and we would really love a build a soil gift card! we are trying to get into organics and every little bit helps! Thank you for the opportunity! 🌱🙏💚

  139. YourFriendBen

    Can you keep autoflowers in 24/24 light and still flower with trichrome production being normal? Is dark required for flowering while it doesn’t matter as much in vegetative period?

  140. cannabliss

    Irie genetics!!! It’s a pain to get them in Canada
    Would love some Golden goat

  141. Mighty Mite Masher

    I would love to be appreciating a rosin bomb
    Love the whole crew

  142. YourFriendBen


  143. Shannon869

    Alright guys, I’ve changed my mind again, I just can’t seem to get a seed to grow, I’ve went thru about 10 seeds, 5 autos 5 fems, I only got 1 fem to finally make it thru the soil. So if I could win some seeds I could definitely kil…um make them grow!!

  144. HalfBakedMan

    DGC big love from Israel ✌😎I love your show. I turned 41 last week and living in the MOTHERLAND of prohibition I can’t ask you to send me seeds so please send me some gear or any DGC accessories ♥

  145. CosmicCobraChicken

    Shannon869 start with some vegetable seeds like radish that grow quickly to test out your environment. Once you have success there you can plant your expensive “beans”

  146. Digital_Jeffro


  147. dlaywicker

    Less Scotty, more hottie!

  148. dlaywicker

    Less Scotty, more hottie. Rosin Bomb but I’d be happy with anything.

  149. Burnhard spiffington

    Recharge recharge recharge lol I just want a hit lol but for real tho hook ya boy up wit some recharge lol one more for good measure 😜


    So did you see some Scotty what’s up Guru I could sure use a really good light it’s about all I got I’ve been using these vLights from vivosun I do have and rapid led but I don’t think it’s enough to get done what I want to get done cheers dgc love you guys

  151. No_Sellout

    She started her Master Gardener’s Training here locally and I can’t wait for her to put her education to the test with some FUEGO genetics!!!

  152. PonytailMohawk

    I want some envy genetics, RECHARGE or the hlg grow lights! This would be awesome to win!

  153. Wwjdriggs

    Would love to try for some seeds. Grew lots of mystery seeds this year. Would love to start with something great to learn the process while working on a specific strain.
    Love the show.
    You guys are great.
    Thank You

  154. ad2598

    Hey dgc repping the 802! I’m here to comment about the seed grab! I would appreciate the RAW GENETICS pack. This would be the first seeds I use indoor growing. I have such a passion for your channel and growing in general I hope to see the dgc grow to become what you’ve always imagined! Stay lifted!

  155. wizdumboriginal

    I could really use a rosin bomb

  156. Wwjdriggs

    Looking for a big win with the rosin bomb. Need to squish for the wife. Happy wife, happy life.
    Got some buds drying and ready to be SMASHED like I smash your like button.

  157. Rawdawg608

    Been watching the show for about a year, want to thank all of you for spreading knowledge! Have helped me in a few situations already! Been using recharge for a few months now and loving it! Would love to win some Raw genetics or grateful for anything honestly! Keep up the good work fellas!!

  158. BiofuelEmpire

    Wassup DGC kinda new here but have really been piling up the views in prohibition land but i have such poor lighting here it would begreat to see scotty pull that hlg