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To become a contestant, tell us what prize you want to play for and why. We’ll choose the best responses to be contestants on the show.

Enter with one or more of these ways:


1. Pick a Prize to play for
2. Comment on Patreon
(requires paid membership)

1. Pick a Prize to play for
2. Comment below
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1. Pick a Prize to play for
2. Post using prize image and caption below

Gameplay / Rules

By entering you accept that we may change game rules at any time for any reason.
Each toy in the claw crane game has a card showing a prize.
Each contestant gets three chances to win at the claw crane game.
One prize per contestant.
Claw crane will be operated by DGC Staff.
You will win when the crane successfully recovers a toy.
You will win the prize shown on the card on the toy recovered.
If no prize is won in the claw crane game, a card will be pulled from the Grab Bag.
Cards will have prizes or additional chances at the claw crane game.
Winners will be notified via direct message or email, depending on how they entered.

Not all prizes are available to all shipping destinations. Please know that we will do our best to get the gear out.


Pick the prize you want to play for from the list below.
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Boneyard Seeds Norcal
Rosinbomb Rocket
New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack
Seeds Here Now – Gift Certificate
HLG 100
Homegrown Natural Wonders
Solfire Gardens
Raw Genetics
Irie Genetics
Ocean Grown Seeds
Envy Genetics
Lucky Dog Seed Co
Dominion Seed Co
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Comment here to tell us which prize you would like to play for, and why.
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  1. banner_dgc

    Good luck everyone! Thanks for playing our game 🙂


    HLG 100 would be a great upgrade from my blurple light!

  3. rbtrndll

    I think I’m getting carpal tunnel from burping jars. that rosinbomb rocket could come in handy around here. thanks dudes! keep up the great work!

  4. PapaZ

    New Millenium PEP pack or some genetics because my plants are the only ones who listen to me so they should be rewarded with a good meal. And I’m tired of seeing this f&@$ing sweet home sextuplets commercial. Jesus Christ!!!!

  5. Sublimation

    What’s up everyone hope all is well! I been listening since the first episode been out with just the dude. I been to three dgc cups they where a blast of a time. I would love to win a new led light for my 5 by 5 tent or some ocean grown seeds love listening to you guys. It makes my day go by and I learn a ton thank you for all you guys do. Hope to smoke 💨 down again with all of you guys soon.

  6. Doc

    What Up DGC!!! GOOD LUCK FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! I want to play for the rosin bomb and the HLG 100. This new found hobby teaches me something new all the time. I was never one to stop to smell the roses. Through stopping heavy drugs, I decided to give growing a try. I haven’t looked back since. Wish All the Best.
    #rosinbombrocket #HLG100

  7. Chad.Westport

    Hey guys, I know there is no chance in hell you pull my name, but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, so…..

    I would really like to play for the Rosin Bomb.

    Sans that, The HLG 100, or a big bag of recharge would be wonderful. Really, anything is cool but I list these out of kindness and respect.

    Thank you again for likely skipping me over again this week. Our abusive relationship shall continue. Waka Waka!

  8. DankYouVeryMuch

    As a disabled resident of Prohibition Land, as much as I’ve always wanted to, I’ve never had the chance to try rosin before. I’m sure it would be a delicious and effective way to treat my chronic pain. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue as to where to find that kind of medicine around here, so I figure why not make my own! Being on a disability income makes buying a press difficult, if not impossible, so a chance to have Clawmaster Scotty win me a Rosinbomb Rocket would be da bomb!

    Even if you don’t pick me, I already feel like a winner being part of the DGC! I very much appreciate what you guys do for the community! Keep up the great work!!

  9. GunnerV

    I’ve got to play for some Irie Genetics. Grow #3 – I’m ready for world class. What else can I say?

  10. DeNwA [D23]

    Need to make medicaL edibles to med up the family and kill my nerve pain,so a Rosin Bomb would be great!

    DGC taught me to grow properly. Thanks for the show, the members and the Discord crew!

    Alternatively, an HLG100 or Pulse monitor and for seeds Rasta Jeff’s Irie Genetics.

  11. Newbienugs

    Finishing up my 4×4 indoor autoflower grow. I would love a chance for some irie genetics or a seeds here now gift certificate to fill it for another round. But wouldn’t bat an eye at a nice bag of recharge since I’m about 4 doses from being out.

  12. Blue Kiss Gardens

    Rosin Bomb! Rosin Bomb! ♪ Rosin ♫ Rosin ♪ Rosin ♫ Rosin ♫ Rosin Bomb!
    It’s a little ditty I made up for my Widow Bomb. Be grateful you don’t provide audio. If not da bomb, any seeds, or the light…or last minute nutrients… Thank you, Staff and Sponsors!

  13. Nneo434

    Rosin bomb 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Or Scottie saying recharge! U guys are great thanks for all the help 🤙🏽

  14. Abe

    Abe in NorCal searching for local quality genetics as a “side hoe” strain to my main Irie squeeze….Boneyard perhaps? I wanna bone the Boneyard!

  15. Tony_Scorpio

    I m still looking for the New Millennium Pep Pack. Looking forward to seeing the next show.

  16. jayjay

    what up DGC. it’d be cool to win a rosin bomb or pulse. this would help me to continue to learn new this.

  17. Stormblessed

    Hey dgc, loving the seed grab and everything y’all do for the growing community, I have a harvest under my belt and second rabidly approaching, first time I went the edible route with my trim and lower bud but it just isn’t for me, I have never done a dab in my life but I am a flower smoker to the core, so I think smoking dabs would be nice lol, so that rosin bomb would b awesome, and if that’s gone irie genetics r on my list for sure, thanks again for everything

  18. Bency

    Rosin bomb or genetics. I always could use more genetics. Thanks for all the help guys.

  19. ScottGrowsDank

    I love you guys and the seed grab has been an amazing addition. It has made Friday 420 so much more fun. I’d love to play for some recharge, since I have yet to try it. Any prize would be awesome though. It would be cool to grow some genetics I won from your show. Keep up the awesome podcast! Peace!

  20. Highhowsitgoing

    Some actual genetics would be great!! I’m a new grower and my first grow is gonna be with some bag seeds actual genetics would be a major upgrade but I’m still excited to see what I get from this grow. I will keep y’all updated. I have totally fell in love with the DGC community and all the information that comes with the people. Just going through and reading comments I can tell I’m in the right place. I’m sooooo happy to be able to be a Patreon member the benefits are great don’t get me wrong but my favorite is the exclusive content. Keep doing what you guys do.. Growing, Smoking, and watching prohibition fall down. Love y’all.

  21. Blackbeard42489

    i would love to have some new strains to and to my ladies u guys gof just what I need help a brother out love the DGC!!!!


  22. JohnnyBuds

    Whats up guys. Got the AUTOFLOWER BRUCE BANNER fron ILGM in tha hole. 50 gallon 9 pot RDWC + 5 DIRT BAG BABY GIRLS WHITE WIDOW AUTOS. I really would love the New Millenium PEP PACK. That would be straight up great. Your show has been significant to my success and i will continue supporting DGC as long as your on the air. Alternatively any good strain would be AWESOME . Let me get some BONEYARD, ENVY, or IRIE GENETICS. Yall choose for me. GIVE ME SEEDS AND I WILL GROW A GARDEN!!!

  23. Jay smash

    Hey dgc!
    Shit has been tough for everyone these last year. Iv been growing for 5 years and going on 6 years sober from hard drugs. I was starting to get back on my feet when the world shut down had my own place and was doing good. As soon as i lost my job i lost my place to live so i had to move back in with my mother and sister. Cannabis is trurly a med to me. I use oil and flower as medicine everyday but not working it drained my bank account real fast buying oil every week. I just became a caregiver for my uncle and had to up size everything. Id love a chamce to win a rosin bomb so i can start saving to move back into my own place. Since i had to up size ill have a lot more flower to play with and would love to start squishing rosin. When getting clean after 15 years of getting high you need to loss everything you know and the dude grows show had open arms for me.

  24. Dabney Bowlman

    Hey now DGC – I’d like to play for the New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack. We’re using Winter Frost right now and would love to try the whole line. Now I just need to set an alarm for Friday 3:20 Central Daylight Time!

  25. kittyboy

    What is up dgc. Scotty I sure would like for you to play for that there rosin bomb because I have wanted one for about a year or better .I am a military veteran. And have been in the carnival business for 15yrs.and this year the rides did not spin at all and that sucks any way win one for the boy. # rosin bomb

  26. JoeyOneLove

    Hey DGC, just like many others out there 2020 has been quite a shit year. Have been getting knocked down every turn I take and once it seems like I made it 3 steps ahead I get pushed 4 steps back. Money has been super tight this year and it would be super cool if I won those OceanGrown seeds 🤙🏼 been a long time listener and appreciate all that you guys have taught me

  27. HandsomeCajun

    I would love to try out some ocean grown seeds please.

  28. SneakYxSnow

    To be honest, as a new grower, I’m not going to be picky. Any of these amazing products that are being gifted to the great community would be an improvement one way or the other to my first grow. Im just here to soak up the information.
    Patreon membership is well beyond worth it.

  29. Jay smash

    Shit this is the 2nd half of my comment sorry guys i forgot the 24th is my birthday and this would make it one of the best. Thanks again and sorry

  30. GrampaCannabis

    Hell DGC. I am getting things together for my daughter to have her own little grow. Still researching my options on a light. That HLG100 makes my mouth. I wanted to use this time to thank warehouse Kyle for being so helpful. Seed you at the Seed Grab.

  31. GrampaCannabis

    That was suppose to be mouth water.

  32. GrampaCannabis

    mouth water.

  33. Not A Cop

    Hi y’all. I would like to say first that I’ve been watching the show for a few months now and I have gotten a lot of knowledge and laughs. I especially appreciate the massively positive community that has been built here and how people are massively helpful. I am looking to start growing to help offset the dispensary bills and still provide my wife with her medicine. I would love a chance to play for the HLG 100 but really any of these prizes would be helpful for me in building my first grow.

  34. QuantumSkies

    Big fan of the show, always fun to watch and the DGC community is amazing. Would love to play for the rosin bomb or any seeds. Thanks for all the fun and everything you do DGC.

  35. RaddieRuderalis

    Hey everyone I was hoping to play for a Rosin Bomb today because I need to turn that flower into some medicine! I know you got what it takes Crew!

    – RR

  36. adirondank

    Hey DGC! First time grower from deep in prohibition land. I found you guys 2 months ago and now I don’t know what I would do without your clear, concise answers with as little ‘Bro Science’ as possible. If selected, I’d like to play for some solid genetics. I inherited some backwoods hillbilly clones of unknown origin. They also came with tobacco mosaic virus. I’d like to start fresh with anything from my man Rasta Jeff at Irie genetics or the SeedsHereNow gift certificate. Thanks guys and Take ‘er easy!

  37. ALittleDabWillDo420

    Would love to play for the P.E.P pack or the hlg100 either or would help tremendously in my up and coming first indoor 4×4 grow im collecting for now . Just about to harvest my first outdoor grow and its doing pretty good ready to go inside year around. Been following DGC for about a month now and watch every episode even if most of them are after live , have learned so much already really appreciate the great knowledge on growing my own medical medicine and plan to keep following, thanks guru,Scott and the dude for all the great laughs aswell .

  38. Sedo2020

    Rosin bomb
    Hey guys, im a new 2020 grower, ive been using your recharge from day one, i love it, i just flipped to flower 5 days ago,

    I would love to try this Rosin bomb on my flowers , ive smoked my whole life and would love to try this rosin bomb, for vape pens, i do not live in a legal state so a vape pen would be best,

    Ive tried the hair straighter trick but disappointed in the results, and this rosin bomb could go along way, in this aspect, thanks for the commet space, fingers crossed🇺🇸

  39. Dank clover

    IRIE or any other seeds

  40. highline

    Hey guys, i could really use some fire genetics or the Rosin Bomb! I already bought the full New Mill line and green sensation to run the “secret sauce”. Finally able to smoke again, been on a hiatus since ’07 due to random testing at work. Got a promotion and no more tests! Although i’m only 31 i have battled with alcoholism to treat my insomnia for years, but no more! Shoutout from deeeeeep down in prohibition land.

  41. Packsfromthebeanstock

    aaaaaaaaaaayyyyye listening for years just finally joined up today!!!!! anyway Not to picky but I got my eye on a new hlg light or some new genitics to play with from Oceangrown or Irie would be Savage thanks for just doing being you

  42. ThePixelKeifCheif

    Hey DGC, new grower here still on the first run almost ready to flip to flower! I have been listening to your videos (all the way back into the 600s) to try to soak up all of the knowledge that you guys have given. One of the first things that I did was order recharge and damn that stuff is great even helped me when my plants weren’t looking too hot after not watering enough. Right now I am working on some free tester seeds but would greatly prefer some solid genetics from your trusted breeders. . I would love some Irie Genetics but any genetics at this point any would be very cool. Love what you guys are doing, keep growing = keep smoking!

  43. GrowCannAdvocate

    Dude, Scotty & Guru…I gotta give it up to the DGC community, help is always just a click away. I”m in my second month of growin’ and DGC has helped me every step along the road to medicinal independence. Growin’ indoors for myself, but really got started for my sister who not only has fibromyalgia and kidney disease, but just beat back the cancer monster. I would love the rosin bomb to really get the best out of my new buds. Thanks for all the great contributors, vendors & DGC for being so accepting and giving back to the community.

  44. wesleypipes

    Hey DGC, Wifey of WesleyPipes here. He told me I could write my own post since he is a seed junkie but I insisted we need the Rosinbomb!
    First of all I am a first time mom with a soon to be one year old little girl. I have been smoking cannabis since I was 14 years old and over the past two years my ability to indulge has greatly decreased between pregnancy and this crazy demanding but amazing baby. I have been trying to consume more lately, but I simply do not have the time to sit down and enjoy a joint so just a toke here and there is all I get. I would love to have some Rosin on hand so I can have a little more bang for my buck! I do have a cool story about Rosin that I thought I would share.
    Back in early 2015 I was living in Eugene Oregon working in a glass shop. Yes, I am a glass blower and WesleyPipes is a grower making us a cannabis power couple! I actually have a Bachelors in Fine Arts for glass and I don’t really make pipes but at that time I was making parts and pieces and mostly cutting perc’s in a well known scientific glass bong shop. For the sake of confidentiality I won’t say which one as I’m not sure how the person I’m about to mention would feel about me putting his business out there. Well we began to have a well known cannabis industry client coming in that I did not really know at the time but I now know as Green Bodhi. My boss told me he was a top guy in the industry but that was all I really knew then. He was there for glass but was a very humble and friendly guy so he hung out with us a bit and was excited to tell us about the newest thing in extracts, Rosin. He showed us a bunch of instagram info about it and my boss and I being nothing more than glassblowers we were impressed but did not really understand what he was telling us. On his next visit he came with supplies in hand and he gave us a demonstration of how to press Rosin! It was very cool but I’ve got to say we nearly had a heart attack when he put all of his weight on that hair straightener which was sitting on a folding table with 10+ bongs on the other end! The table held up though and we quickly shifted the bongs out of the action zone. Never the less I can now say that Green Bodhi taught me to make Rosin in the days when it was just coming out to the masses. I will never forget how tasty that Golden Pineapple Rosin was either. Now that I actually know who he was I am honored to have met him and thankful for that lesson in Rosin.

  45. Water Boy


    Loving the idea of some Solfire Gardens genetics to “heat-up” my grow!

    Water Boy

  46. TOKE4EVR

    Been growing a long time ,started with 4 foot gro-lux bulbs,mercury lights , then hps now LED ,I love LEDS cheap to run and lots of light, I would like to play for the light , YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY LIGHTS !😎

  47. Just chillin🥶

    Yo DGC!! Love everybody, hook me up with that pulse grow monitor or some Rasta Jeff seeds and I will love you longtime!!🙏🏽 Thanks again

  48. Fiscal_abyss

    Hey, just started my grkw out in colorado, I’ve been watching yall so much and everybody has a different view and so much knowledge but its all very useful nomatter how you garden you guys are wonderful people and I hope to watch and learn with you for the rest of my life!
    I would love some quality genetics to help out my uncle, I moved out to colorado a month ago to grow weed for him to take care of his and my medical needs, growing is so fun and I cant wait till my 1st harvest, I have 4 auto white rhinos in 5 gals, and two island sweet skunks in 5 gals(photos) that are cegging real big!!! Can’t wait!


  49. Burnin4buddha

    Hey dgc, great show, great community! I would say sign me up for some Irie genetics would do me good but I’m afraid my light would do any of them wrong so if I got the chance I’d say HLG 100 please to set my mag landrace right please!!

  50. sibling420rivalry

    NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT HAVING NO CHANCE TO WIN, because all of this is for “long time” or “old school” viewers per Scotty….

  51. Colin.Muller

    That Rosin Bomb would really level up my Rosin pressing experience, my current press uses a flex gauge instead of a pressure gauge, so the reading is suuuper inaccurate. Thanks for the giveaways!

  52. Shannon869

    Well as I was looking at all the goodies for this weeks claw grab, I was told by my English Bulldog puppy “Hank Bocephus” that I’d better be going for the LUCKY DOG SEEDS. So…. Scotty, Dude, Guru since Hank says LUCKY DOG SEEDS that’s what it’ll be this week

  53. Kamakazi UFO

    Whats up DGC, thanks to Guru for all the knowledge bombs, the Dude for keeping the pace, and Scotty for keeping it real (fun). i tell every grower i know about you guys, any many strangers while working in their house and discovering their grow. i could use a rosin bomb for sure, theres not alot of good wax around my neck of the woods. if thats not up for grabs then some fire Irie or duke diamond or any fire genetics would be greatly appreciated

  54. Magic Mike

    huele y celebra la humedad Or in English
    Smell and Celebrate the dank!!!! Which is exactly what you do with the seed grab. I’d love to win anything but if I’d have to choose I’d say hlg 100
    Or I’m still looking for the Rasta Mans humedad or let’s just say dank lol

  55. Samarath

    I could really use some recharge to get things going for this winter. We love you guys and all that you do!

  56. Your_Mailman_Grows

    I’d love to have a 2nd try at the Pulse if possible? If not no big deal.
    Love the show, thx🤙💨🍻

  57. Your_Mailman_Grows

    I’d love to try and win the Rosin Bomb! In my state you can not find or purchase these types of concentrates yet. So this would be great start having my own rosin.

  58. MagicSackMatt

    High DGC(lol),

    *BURP* Can’t wait till the Friday smoke sesh watching scotty play arcade games. Dude, hook it up man. That HLG or seedsherenow gift certificate would make a guy smile.😎. Either would provide much needed upgrades to my new favorite hobby…. callin’ myself a farmer. 🚜
    I will however try to slip one of those rosin bombs into the budget within the next 20 years but for now ill let some other lucky individual go for that. Stay frosty ladies, peace✌

  59. Bob

    Reppin’ UK DGC ✌🏼 🧨 💥 🔥

    3 weeks till harvest, this gives us just enough time to win some JAMES BEAN http://www.SeedsHereNow.Com seeds and ship to UK 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿….perfecto timing!!

    Keep up the tight work, crew🎃🎃

  60. ShowMeTheMedicine

    Hey fellas! Thanks for your hard work keeping this community going. I’m working through the end of my first grow and am realizing I’m lacking in the light department. The HLG would add the needed boost.


    What’s up DGC Crew! So this we could decide to go for the pulse grow I’ve been using this sensorpush I’ve had not the greatest and accuracy honestly I’ve been using all these cheap Hydro meters I just like to have one thing I know everybody’s using this pulled to grow and having great results with it cheers boys thanks for all the great content love being able to listen to you guys while I’m working with headphones in my ears because the rest of the noise around me is well useless
    for ears! #dudegrowsshow

  62. AlwaysBaked

    Solfire Gardens, Raw Genetics, Irie Genetics, Envy Genetics what a lineup this week… hook a brotha up autoflowers arent cutting it anymore i need some dank genetics so i can really put my hlg 550 to the test. shout out to dude scotty guru banner and the rest of the guys at the bakery making shizz happen. i think the dgc needs to take a couple more tokes before the show continues recharge recharge recharge lol

  63. Bennyblaze

    What’s up dgc. I’ll play for some Dominion Seeds. Always wanted to try some. Cheers

  64. Gbaygenetics

    DGC………WHATS SHAKIN’…….good day and hello to all . Loving this claw game. Me and the missus look forward to it, especially during harvest season, lots of sitting and trimming going on. Helps to have some educational and fun things to watch and listen to. If I get a chance at this claw game, I would like the rosin bomb……got a cheap online one that sucks. Really…….any prize would be cool. CHEERS DUDE GURU AND SCOTTY……AND ALL THE BEHIND THE SCENERS….

  65. kittyboy

    420 to the entire etc world as I mention last week I sure would like scotty to play the claw machine on my behalf and win that rosin press so I can press my skywalker,banana daddy,pineapple express,and my sour orange diesel kush .cannot wait for that e-mail or phone call saying I won that will be something to take the pressure off . #rosinpress

  66. Agent 47

    Good day sirs. How about some Norcal genetics to get our medicine game improved. We’ve been growing local cuts and they just aren’t cutting it anymore.(see what I did there) thanks for the chance to win stuff! If you select us, we will grow them with dignity, pride and coco!

  67. Terp_Fergison

    What’s up DGC,

    Hope everyone is well! I would love to win an HLG or some genetics for my birthday (29th). Currently in a 4×2 with a homemade fixture, and would love to upgrade. Even though I am using a homemade light fixture I still manage to grow the dank, thanks to the DGC! As a father of 4, money for a new light just isn’t in my future.
    I am a new member of the DGC, but a longtime follower on YouTube. I am extremely thankful for all the knowledge I have gained from the DGC! Just started using Recharge and definitely won’t go without.

    Jah Bless,

  68. tturchi23

    Hey DGC!

    I’d obviously be appreciative of winning anything, however I’d be beyond thrilled to get the New Millennium pep pack. I have the first four requirements to grow dank weed down pat and would like to use nutrients from someone like Jerin, whom has an excellent perspective on growing cannabis.

  69. verdegreasey

    Bust up with the Rosin Bomb! DGC!!!!!!!

  70. AlbinoViper420

    Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru!

    Still a first time Medicine grower with the help from watching the Dude Grows Show and the community and everything is going GREAT with the plant that was not to be but is! lol Anyways i would love to get my hands on some great genetics and any in the CLAW machine are good enough for my buttt, so i would love some genetics!!


    Hi guys , I’m a 1st time grower ,love your show…I live in Ontario Canada. I have been growing bag seeds to practice and learn , my 1st harvest was about 2 ounces .I have 2 more in week 7 of flower which look and smell way better than my 1st run….I would love to try some actual seeds that will not turn out to be male. Thanks again guys your show is the best.

  72. rjgetz111

    O.K. DGC go ahead take all the credit for my horticulture knowledge . Go ahead take credit when you find out my pulse is that of a 25 yr. old even though I am 72! Don’t go putting me in the boneyard just yet these parts are all homegrown and you know what that means you probably envy my genetics go ahead take the credit. My point is its a new millenium and I know you all,( not y’all), which I won’t use any more because you said that’s juvenile! even though I have to admit DGC gets some credit I still got all of us yes DGC all of us tickets on the Rosin Bomb Rocket to solfire gardens . So fair is fair and greed is bad so please if you grab anything but my seat bring it with you on our trip. Phhffaatt!

  73. SubliminalOne

    This has become the go-to podcast for me. So much more confident about growing after listening to the DGC. Thank you to everyone who contributes. Seeds Here Now is my pick. But, I looooove the R.G.(O.G.) Recharge and would love to hook up a fellow grower. One love

  74. IceCreamCookies


  75. closetgrow_Guru

    #dudegrowsshow #dgcseedgrab #solfiregarden #oceangrown genetics I would just love any new genetics really. Living prohibition land makes finding good genetics for personal medicine is basically impossible, so it would be awesome to have a chance to win some badass genetics but if not you guys are awesome for doing this and giving back. Much love from Tennessee

  76. Terp Tommy

    Hey Dgc. Prohibition land here. Would love to have some good genetics. I’ve been growing random bag seeds and those were pretty dank. It would be awesome to get my hands on some real genetics like ocean grown to really grow some dank.

  77. Bigsexy

    “…Y’all got anymore of that re,re,recharge man?…” thx for what you do and for what we have built.

  78. Malano

    Hey guys love the grow talk and the hang. I’ve been listening to the back catalogue and came across the ep where you talked about what you need to set up a grow and how genetics should be a top priority. I’m setting up my first indoor grow and the room is a bit cold. I’m hoping to win some seeds that are more suited for a colder climate to get me through this dark winter. Love your work (that goes out to the whole DGC)

  79. noob-grows

    Hello DGC! You all kick ass. I’d like to win anything. A rosin bomb would be awesome. I just started growing this year. Good thing too. I came down with some bad intestinal issues over the summer and the weed is definitely helping to take the pain down to a “manageable” level. Shit still hurts. A lifetime of pills sucks. I have 4 kids that I’m still a teacher to these days. Weed helps with the stress. Thanks for letting me be a part of the crew. Every time Scotty says recharge I hit a kief bowl. Love the show. Guru is the man! Staying high in Long Beach. Mike

  80. Superfranky420

    I would loved to be hooked up with some dank seeds from the DGC for my next grow that would be so awesome or even some recharge. Keep up the awesome work guys I love having a dank bowl while watching DGC

  81. tokes.alone

    What’s up DGC! Scotty, Dude, Guru… you keep me laughing and you keep me reading and researching. I recently moved to prohibitn land, from a legal state, being Massachusetts. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to get good nugs down here. I’m glad I brought the knowledge I’ve learned from watching the show, and following down the rabbit hole of knowledge. Regardless, I have nothing but love and reispect for the crew. Here in prohibition land, what I lack is awesome genetics to get the show on the road again. Any aid and assistance the DGC can offer, is greatly appreciated.

    -straight from North Carolina.

  82. The Grow

    Life is alway good wen your 2 weeks from harvast stay toasted dgc would love that light

  83. KrisWellness20

    Sitting here with joint of grape cake; wondering if I will be able to grow over the winter as the wait for weather to cooperate here in Maine in spring can be defeating. Recently have been piecing together a 4×2 to try my luck for the very first time.

    Any genetics from the crew would mean the world to me as I am quickly running out of funds to get my personal medicinal grow up and running.

    Scotty, Guru, Dude, Banner ….Colorado Mt. Rushmore
    Wellness and vibes. Kris

  84. NEblastyaNice

    Hey Dudes, look forward to the show daily and have leaned on it to get through these last few months along with getting into growing. I’m just wrapping up my first solo grow. I think the harvest will be dank, but definitely learned a lot throughout the process.

    The two things I learned the hard way:

    1. You need quality genetics (got some herm action in this harvest)
    2. You need consistent quality nutes.

    Can you PLEASE hook it up with either some fire genetics from Envy or Boneyard or the New Millennium pack? Look forward to reporting back on the dank I grow with the help from the DGC community.

  85. Jonathan Stidham

    I would love the hlg 100 or the rosinbomb but truly what I need would be the hlg or some genetics because I’m trying to start an inside grow I thought I thought I knew a lot about growing until I started watching y’all show and now I got some better facts to what I know and I can grow a lot better from the knowledge I get from y’all especially Guru

  86. smalltubes

    irie genetics or Dominion gear…shout-out VA …holding it down in the 804!

  87. Koo Koo Ka Choo

    Wad up DGC? Just wanna say thanks for spreading knowledge to all the ganjaneers trying to sift through years of myths & misconceptions about growing. The Rosin Bomb would be an amazing tool for me as I’m less likely these days to smoke. Concentrates have a world of lung friendly options. Also, I am always wanting feminized genetics to add to the family! Good luck everyone!

  88. Jokabkny

    Hey DUDES 1st timer here and i love the show been watching a month now and wish i knew about The DudeGrows b4 i spent all this money on the wrong equipment i own a 3×3 and a 4×2 i have 2 blurple lights at 1000 and 1200 as well as 1 spider farmer 1000 i have 5 autos and some random bag seeds might be male or female but my grow has been struggling since i started in late august im crossing my fingers for the Rosinbomb Rocket but honestly would appreciate anythingthat would make this grow or a future 1 better or prosperous


    What up DGC, I am New to the culture, and New to the DGC fam. I’ve been following Y’all on YouTube for a couple months now, and I have been taking notes and studying. A triple salute of three of you guys, I am so grateful to all of Y’all for the insight and knowledge you us with every episode. I decided to grow because I have diverticulitis and I didn’t like the prescribed meds affected me. I’ve been smoking since 1995. It has always helped my condition. I would some DGC sponsored genetics so I can post some bomb dank that you guys can talk about.

  90. MikeP

    That HLG 100! I could so use a real light, my broke @ss is still using DIY lights using some old CFL’s. That HLG 100 would make a huge difference in growing that closet fire. Much love, Mike P.

  91. RhizoGuy

    Hey Family what’s good yall! Still trying to have scotty grab the hlg 100 or some Irie Genetics for me. Have built a third grow area for my brother who cannot grow at home. He has had all kinds of disc issues and has also destroyed his foot at a trampoline park with the local youth group. The only way for him to walk without significant pain is to be medicated on cannabis. I have been giving him my 1/1 from alphakronic called Alchakra and it has changed his world. He has been able to focus less on his neck and foot pain and has told me as much while trying not to tear up. My sister in law has also been noticing a difference in his attitude but still refuses to acknowledge the wonder of cannabis. He is a super giving guy and would love to give him a gift of having a great light in his own tent.

    Thanks again all for what you do and the time you put in outside of the show. We all can make a difference if we help those around us wake up to the gift of the grow! And thanks to all the sponsors who keep on giving and sharing in the knowledge along the way. Hats off to ya and hope it comes back around a hundred fold.

  92. Weedw0rm

    Hey DGC I am about to do my next harvest and would love to give that Rosin Bomb Rocket a try 😉 appreciate all you guys do I have been growing ever since we got medical in Michigan in 2008 to help keep my tremors under control and you guys still teach me new stuff appreciate the show and the knowledge and all you do for the marijuana community we need more people like you guys

  93. JohnnyBuds


  94. CampWhatnot

    Hey gang! Been a lurker for about a year now and your podcasts get me through my hour long drive home after work and can’t thank you guys for all you do. I have learned so much and your knowledge, laughs and approach have allowed me to achieve great results. I would LOVE some Irie Genetics and I so wish it was easier to get a variety of great seeds up here in Canada. Cheers! Whoop whoop!

  95. Thrudvangr

    New grower here expecting my first one to finish shortly! I would love to play for the Rosin Bomb for the chance to get to make my own wax, but honestly I would never say no to any new genetics, and the Arise looks pretty amazing! Either way, I’m hoping to finish my first batch soon and will hopefully have some pictures to post of my own nugs once I finally get it harvested. I used Oni genetics in an RDWC system and had some pretty decent success for my first attempt, but there were some hiccups along the way. Loving the content you guys put out, good luck to everyone in the seedgrab!

  96. Grateful_Boater

    What’s up Duders,
    So after a few months of listening on YouTube, becoming a member on the site. I’m pleased to announce I am now a Patreon!!! You guys have made a huge impact on my grow, and overall happiness! Podcast’s keep me entertained all day at work.
    I would love to get one of dem hlg badboys. I’m rocking a homemade and still manage to grow the dank, but would love to upgrade. I have 4 kids so that limits my grow light budget. And I spent my lunch money on Patreon lol. Anyways keep rocking fellas, lovin the community!
    Jah bless,
    Grateful_boater aka TerpFergison

  97. TheCornBread

    SHN gift card for sure need some new genes in the dank pool!

  98. Growformedammit

    Let’s go! Best cannabis community is right here at dude grows! Would love any of the crazy prizes but hlg or rosin bomb definitely up at the top! Irie beans are next with the new mil pack!!! We are lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of this! Keep doing what you do DGC crew!!!

  99. Phantom Buds

    Hey guys at the DGC, Did my wake and bake this morning with my new DGC coffee mug and a bowl of Lemon Head OG. My family and I love the show and the knowledge you pass on. Would love to try out the Irie Genetics for my next grow but any would be great.

  100. SouthNurMouth

    The seeds here now gift certificate would be an amazing prize!

  101. DarkGreenDank

    This is a story about a guy and the HLG 100 that caught his eye.

    In his closet there lies a tent, that can release a powerful scent.

    If you take a look inside you shall find a light that will most certainly give you a fright.

    Atop a sea of green it hangs made of bits and bobs of various things.

    As you see a new light he needs, with many thanks and glee I would be very thankful to Thee.

  102. NinjaPirate13

    what’s up Dudes? NinjaPirate here checking out your awesome info! I would love some Lucky Dog Seeds to add to my grow 🙂

  103. Elroyyboy

    I’m a retired military guy just doing my thing for myself and no one else. I smoked my old Solis Tek 600 watt ballast on Monday. Ordered an HLG XL 320r spec kit immediately. Got it today. Put it together. Wow. Science.

    I’d sure like some of those Boneyard beans for my spade. I enjoy the show, support you on Patreon, and try to live the dream y’all.

    I’m gonna try to be a better person tomorrow. It makes me feel better about the planet.

  104. Elroyyboy

    I’m a retired military guy just doing my thing for myself and no one else. I smoked my old Solis Tek 600 watt ballast on Monday. Ordered an HLG XL 320r spec kit immediately. Got it today. Put it together. Wow. Science.

    I’d sure like some of those Boneyard beans for my space. I enjoy the show, support you on Patreon, and try to live the dream y’all.

    I’m gonna try to be a better person tomorrow. It makes me feel better about the planet.

  105. Highnstein

    I would really love the hlg 100. I work hard on my grows and I’ve been using budget LEDS for years, so the turn around never really pays off. For instance, in smoking 3 day cured buds because I ran out from the last harvest weeks ago AND I grow perpetually. I just cant expect more yield without more or higher quality light. I dont want to stop growing but when the reward can barely be enjoyed, is it even worth it? Now I know 1 hlg 100 wont save the day but it sure would give me a few more grams for the Mason jars. I appreciate everything you guys do and if I win I can pop one of the best coast genetics “seats taken” I just got in the mail from seeds here now! And if I cant get the light, go for the rocket scotty!. Stay high dgc and keep on growing.

  106. dlaywicker

    I wanna get Rosin Bombed.

  107. SCdungslinger79

    Playing for Rosin Bomb(PB Land), Lucky Dog or Dominion Seeds. Love to Rasta Jeff but I just ordered my Arise and Sunkiss seeds by Irie Genetics and Quantum Kush seeds by Natural Homegrown Wonders from SHN.

  108. Billsbuds

    Hey Scotty, is there one of them colorful suits in there for me? If not how bout some Irie genetics for my next grow?

  109. Herbal Santa

    A pulse monitor would be fantastic…
    Seed grab is the highlight of my week it is a great show idea.


  110. ericwilson

    Hello friends! I just signed up as a DGC supporter and the free content I have already consumed has already well paid for it!

    I found your content after looking for cannabis content to watch/listen to while making cold-water hash for Rosin pressing! I cannot begin to explain to you how much I have enjoyed having you all join me while in what I lovingly call “Hash Jail”.

    I am looking to start my journey into outdoor growing here in Michigan and it would mean the world to me to get my hands one some good genetics to get my live rosin that tasiest I can. I am halfway (hopefully!) through waiting for my freeze dryer and am doing everything I can to make the best medicine I can.

    I really appreciate your content and your upload is the first thing I look for after settling in for a long shift on the bags. Thanks DGC for everything!

  111. Spider80

    Need some of those fire beans

  112. AlbinoViper420

    Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru!

    Still a first time Medicine grower with the help from watching the Dude Grows Show and the community and everything is going GREAT with the plant that was not to be but is! lol Anyways i would love to get my hands on some great genetics and any in the CLAW machine are good enough for my buttt, so i would love some genetics!!

  113. Cannabuzz

    hello again, another week of seed grab, now I’m use to it been on each week I look forward to it. Anyways as always would love to win the Pulse environmental controller but I’d be happy with anything lol, untill next time have a good one and keep it real.

  114. Stick3yFingazz

    Much Love to the DGC and community!!! Look forward to starting my mornings with this family everyday has given me outlooks on all aspects of my grow and to myself and how I relate to others, look forward to your next 1100 episodes. Thanks for all you guyz do if I were to be 1 of the chosen I would love to try out that ROSIN ROCKET!!!! Way out in the middle of prohibition land DABS are an unknown culture kinda wanna change that.

  115. Fryedguy

    Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru, Banner and the gang. I never thought watching someone play arcade games could be such riveting entertainment. Thank you for putting together such a rad giveaway with many amazing items to choose from! I would love to be considered to have an opportunity to win the Rosin Bomb Rocket. I don’t have any access to extracts where I’m at in prohibition land and this rosin press would really open my options for medicating. I love the simplicity of the products Rosin Bomb has to offer. It’s nice to see how committed they are to the DGC with them giving so many prizes already. They will for sure be my first choices when I can afford to pull the trigger on my very own rosin press. Bless you for the knowledge you drop on a regular basis. As if you haven’t already done enough for the canna community, you continue to raise the bar with how you give to your followers. Can’t wait to tune in at 4:20! Be well DGC!!!

  116. htrrio

    Hey everyone I would live to win the HLG light to replace my 1000w de a seedsherenow gift certificate and of course some recharge

  117. Zombie Tomato

    I just have to say, you guys are the first thing that I listen to every morning! You have helped me learn so much and in return I have been able to help others in their gardens. A pulse monitor or irie genetics would be amazing, honestly anything would be amazing! Keep on doing what your doing and educating us all and helping us all grow this amazing community! Tomorrow is the dream you had yesterday and are living today, so enjoy every moment of your grows

  118. OR_hobbygrower

    Yo DGC, Thank for everything you guys do. Love listening to the show on my commute. I’d really like to go for the Dominion Seeds. Duke Diamond brings the dank.

  119. Donald Landon

    ROSIN BOMB!!! Living out here in upstate NY aka prohibition land central, it can be quite hard to nearly impossible to get hands on any concentrates… unless you are LUCKY ENOUGH to win a rosin bomb from the DGC! That’s my final answer! Thanks guys

  120. Piti Esdi

    A dying Govee hydrometer has been causing me to make my tent 5-10% drier than it should be. Time to step up and get the VPD dialed back in with a new Pulse meter 🙂

  121. Faded

    Yo! What’s sup DGC. I hope yall having a good weekend so far. I was hoping to get the HLG because I only have one light and would like to have a light for a mother plant on the side. Remember to try to stay positive because life is all about ones perspective.

  122. AlbinoViper420

    Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru!

    Still a first time Medicine grower with the help from watching the Dude Grows Show and the community and everything is going GREAT with the plant that was not to be but is! lol Anyways i would love to get my hands on some great genetics and any in the CLAW machine are good enough for my but, so i would love some genetics!!

  123. Username

    Hey dudes.
    Keep up the dank work!
    Thanks for keeping quality content streaming like a spring stream.
    A couple years in and we learn silting new every episode!!!
    We grow with pocket seeds usually, and have had root aphid issues recently… Soooooooooo
    A Rosin Bomb would be BOMB, it’s on our 2021 wish list… But seeds are VITAL since “genetics are #1″…. We also love recharge, so honestly ANYTHING would help.
    Love the show, keep ’em coming!
    (That’s what she said!)

  124. Kayadog

    Love some some Irie genetics or anything really, can’t afford anything right now lost my bartender job 7 months ago pretty hard to find another job right now in this crazy world we live in. Thanks and kleep up the good work guys,

    p.s Scotty do you live in Pompano Beach? I used to live there back in the early2000s and i use to hang out at a restaurant /bar called the fisherman’s warf next to the beach which is not there now, but I’m pretty sure I met you or guy that looks just like you only 20 years younger lol

  125. I Dropped The Joint

    I’m a patreon supporter and I’m a combat vet. I was among the first wave of infantry soldiers to go into Iraq. Marijuana kinda calms my PTSD and helps me sleep at night. I can’t go shopping in big box stores without being medicated. I would really love to get my hands on some Ire genetics or some recharge. Keep up the good work with the podcast/ youtube.

  126. GardenofAsgard

    What’s Growin on my DGC Family? Thor, here once again, with fingers and toes crossed. But like always before my request, I would like to put a shout out to everyone that makes your content available for viewers like me. It friggin top notch and I appreciate y’all. Since finding your media I became hooked and my garden has taken a giant step up in both quality and quantity. This appreciation is also shared with everyone from Real Growers that produce Recharge. Between the DGC dank knowledge and the weekly dose of the amazing beneficials in Recharge, I’ve gone from airy tops and larf all around to dense knugs throughout the garden, even the lowers. So you got a believer and trusted fan that already feels like a winner, so thank you. If chosen I would like to play for some dank genetics, and get all “Irie “ up in my garden, Please and thank you and god bless the DGC.

    P.s. for those playing RECHARGE!!! Bahahaha

  127. NewToGrowing777

    Hey Guys! What’s up?

    I would like to play for the Pulse grow ! I’m new to the community and just now in the process of setting up my first grow ever!

    I’ve only been listening an watching for a couple weeks now but I have already listened to every grow talk out of the last 100 episodes on Google podcasts (I drive a lot!). I love what you guys talk about every episode and really appreciate all the valuable information that you guys and the community provide.

    I currently have my system almost fully set up: I’m running with a 2×4 Gorrilla Grow tent, a California Lightworks 500W Solar Extreme LED and Organic Coco with Athena brand nutrients in 5 gallon fabric pots (no Plants yet). I have access to great genetics though through some of my grower friends here in AZ that have clones ready for me once I’m ready and my environment is dialed in.

    I was just about to buy the Pulse grow monitor this morning when I heard on the last live Wake and Bake that it would be part of the show today and figured I would try here first. I’m always on the go running 2 different Medical Marijuana edible companies and I need to be able to monitor my environment from where ever I am so that I can make any needed adjustments.

    Even if I don’t get selected as a contestant I am curious if there is a coupon code yet for their site when purchasing? Dude, I’ve heard you talk about it a couple times now which is how I know about it so I would want you to get the credit for it of course!

    Thank you guys for helping to bring together such an amazing community, keep up the great work!

  128. TasmanianBear

    Hey what’s up DGC, just wanted to share a happy Friday story.
    I love in a remote island that occasionally gets flooding fron storms, and Nor’Easters. I ordered some recharge and UPS lost it the first time so I ordered some more, this coincided with a bad storm, so island gets flooded and cut off. So my plants and are are forced to wait for the Recharge. The plants were more patient than I. After 6 days the island opened back up meaning mail could arrive, when the UPS man arrived, he told me him an 6 other parcel trucks had gotten a police escort around the miles long line of people coming back on. So the my recharge got a speedy delivery 5-0 style. The imagery of this still makes me smile! Happy Friday and Happy Croptober! Would love any gear or seeds if the opportunity presents. Thanks for everything DGC

  129. King Henry

    Hey dgc, fan from prohibition land. Today’s the old b day hopefully the dgc seed grab livens up the day. Been changing around things in the grow from stains to nutrients havent found anything that truly amazes me as of yet. I would like to win either the new millennium pep pack or let guru pick the best strain of seeds he thinks is out there. Peace and heres to another 1000 episodes!!!

  130. howdareyou

    HLG 100 would be a great or an elbow of reeeeecharge
    Good luck to all !

  131. CosmicCobraChicken

    My son and I are almost finished our second harvest since we started mid spring. We are using a hand me down HID light and have battled 29 c / 84 f temps, so we ended up producing a lot of loose airy buds. This harvest looks a little better but we still have high temps from the light and de-humidifier. Hopefully the third harvest will be the charm. Adding a Pulse or some great genetics might help us overcome a couple of hurdles. We both enjoy the shows and appreciate what each of the three of you contribute. Keep it up. Grow on!

  132. XSTerps

    Would love the HLG100 but it would be great to win anything.
    The DGC prizes are awesome

    Good luck to all

  133. GrowingTN

    Dude Scottie & Guru!

    Thanks for all you guys do for the community!

    The rosin press would be great to win out here in prohibition land!

    Irie genetics for the collectible memorabilia room would be great as well!

    Keep up the great work on the podcast and recharge!

  134. Marsmedigrow

    Whats up Dudes!

    I recently got my hands on some sample packs of recharge. I inoculated the roots of some seedlings from an unknown bag seed strain and the rumors are true. The dam roots turned into white pipe cleaners man! Amazing shit! Lol.

    I definitely would like to play for some dank ass genetics from the best Growers show in the world and inoculate them ladies. The Dudes not only gives back to the community but they provide invaluable content and a great time to burn while you learn. 🤘😎

    Thanks for all you guys do and spreading the good word about Recharge 💚💨💨

    Big Dan,

  135. old_growth

    Yo… DGC. Thanks for all the help from Dude, Scotty, Guru and the entire team and community. This Sr. grower just pull a lb of primo medicine from my last plant. It was a washing machine and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Meds at my fingertips! Had a lot of bad genetics previously with one lucky bean! Would love a Pulse or some Irie genetics. Thnaks & Peace!

  136. Burnin4buddha

    Love the show great community, been trying to be a patron but can’t get it to take my money for the life of me but Just got a new spider farm sf1000 and spider farm 2x2x5 now a great genetic to fill it up with would be great!

  137. Englishmanofkent

    Hi am a new grower from England and really like the community u have put together thought I would give u a big shout out and big hello from London 🤪🤪🤪

  138. Lbgrower

    Hey DGC I’m a grower from Michigan I’ve been growing for a year now and haven’t had any luck with finding fire genetics. About to move back to my home state cuz I finished collage and would love some fire genetics to bring back to my friends in prohibition land. Love the show keep up the good work!!!

  139. DubVeebuD304

    Hey DGC given ya a high holler from the Appalachian State. I’ve been an opiate patient most of the 30 years I’ve been on this planet and in the past two years I’ve been growing my own medicine to replace the pills. With more time and better strains I know it’s gonna work I’ve already cut my use by half of what I was on. Thank you DGC for all you do for the community and if you can do a solid GRAB ME THAT ROSIN BOMB or SEEDS HERE NOW Love you guys!

  140. Englishmanofkent

    Sorry ha ha the hgl 100 would be pukka but anything would be great guys keep up all the hard work u Putin to this site it’s fab 🤪🤪🤪

  141. Burnhard spiffington

    What’s up dgc been following for a while now loving all the knowledge!! 😎🤓 dude I need some good beans it hard here in the land of no weed 😢 so a hook up with any kinda seeds would be great and thanks 🙏

  142. BigHuff2316

    Whats up Scotty, Dude, and Guru!! Thanks for all you do for the cannabis community!! I would love to play for some of that RECHARGE!!!! My bin is getting low. And hey, that prize wheel is fine by me also!! Thanks again!!

  143. Branchandpoppy420

    Playing for some Dominion seeds seeds would be killer because Duke Diamond seems to always bring the heat and I’d love to try growing some of his dank.

  144. CPuffy

    Man could I use one of those HLG 100s for my mothers/clones, getting a little tight! Lol

  145. biblebeltskunk

    Let’s try 4 those Ocean Grown seeds

  146. Ducksgrow13

    Hey DGC crew, hope everyone is having a great Friday. Great job with the show, gets better every week. You guys give back so much with all the giveaways and prizes as well as always providing great quality entertainment and information. If chosen I would love a chance at that sweet rosin press, being out in prohibition land really sucks, only having access to whatever larfy snickle fritz is going around and having no way to get clean, safe concentrates. I would be blown away, and detonate with joy to get a Rosin Bomb. To be able to press my own flower into solventless, danky , deliciousness would be dy no mite. If one of the lucky growmies grabs it first I know my ladies would be very happy with a new diet of some New millenium to add a little PEP to their step. Appreciate all the hard work and what you guys do for the community. Much Love and stay elevated. Thanks, from Josh H in prohibition-ville USA.

  147. A.BIN

    pulse monitoring system, oh ya, is calling my name. thanks for the opportunity

  148. GlueSniffer

    Great Program. Looking for some beans. Saw Irie genetics and heard about Double Dos – looking forward to some Arise crosses with monster colas. Or the RosinBomb would be cool too.


  149. Dai Chop

    Whats up dgc and growers! New grower looking forward to a first successful harvest soon of some super skunk autos lol but enough about my journey of fck ups lol I wouldn’t mind some #boneyardseeds or #recharge

  150. zacklacey22

    Hello this is my first time here. Joines for 10$ an hour ago. Have no idea what im doing but id like to enter the give away for the Seedshere now gift certificate or just any beans this is an awesome group u guys got goin on glad i found it.🔥💪

  151. TOKE4EVR

    WOW,I won some genetics and they should be here today. I can’t wait to get them popped. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. I started growing back in “74” when there were NO GENETICS except bag seed !

  152. Masshole Grower


  153. Pridefall

    Yo DGC! Love the hookup as always. Keep sharing the knowledge and love and of course the giveaways you do. True ambassadors of cannabis!! I’d like be to get some better lighting or seeds for my indoor grow! Finished my first outdoor and it feels great to grow my own dank!

  154. Driftwood 420

    What’s up DGC! I would love to try out that ROSIN BOMB! But anything Scotty picks would be just fine. Thank you for everything you do. I’ve learned so much since I started watching back in March!

  155. Kubernetes Captain

    Hey Scotty, DGC, et al. The rosin bomb looks bomb. It would make my year to experience the explosions of the terpenes in my brain. Poof! Or the HLG or anythiing. Thank you for all you do for us. Have a great weekend!

  156. wizdumboriginal

    Hey DGC fam!! Im relativelynew to the crew and have been binge watching you guys for the last month like the walkin dead freaks do….Im coming to the end of my first indoor (organic) grow (zkittles autos 🙂 and i would loooove to win either a rosin bomb or some dank auto seed if u have some in the claw game or grab bag. Thanks you guys i greatly appreciate every bit of knowledge and humor i get with every episode i watch (like 10 a day) “Free Da Bass, free ya mind, free ya soul!!!”

  157. ShowMeTheMedicine

    Hey fellas! Keep up the fancy work! How about that HLG to shine bright on my ladies?

  158. TOKE4EVR

    Love the show,Been growing along time and have found when you grow some great DANK and the TOPS are GREAT what to do with the small lower buds that are a pain in the ASS✂ to trim ? A ROSINBOMB would be the BEST ! KEEP TOKEN” THE DANK

  159. Your_Mailman_Grows

    I’d love to try and win the Rosin Bomb! In my state you can not find or purchase these types of concentrates yet. So this would be great start having my own rosin.
    Best show on YOUTUBE

  160. Burnhard spiffington

    What’s up I’d love to win the pulse to keep things on track

  161. patriots781

    Hey guys I’m a new grower from mass I would love some seeds to start a new grow if you could help me out be much appreciated

    and tag three friends

  162. SirGalleon

    Whats up dgc! Happy Friday I hope everyone is staying safe and hoping to get some good vibes 🙂

  163. Captain_Terp

    hey guys, love the show and everything you do to bring the global cannabis community together. Sing out when you want some down under support.
    Would love any seeds, hoping you can get them over to us in the future… Cheers Guys

  164. Jgretty

    Rosin Bomb please! I tried pressing with a hair straightener last night and my results were embarrassing. I basically just made canna patties.

  165. Json

    Id love some LUCKY DOG SEED CO

    #dudegrowsshow #dgcseedgrab #luckydogseedcompany #bohemianhighway @therealseedsherenow @dudegrows

  166. dieseltoyota

    I wanna play for the rosin bomb!

  167. Jb86

    ALOHA boys love the show ! need some new genetics to grow for winter here in Hawaii Thanks guys keep on growing ! good luck to all!

  168. Smoke Ritual

    Whats up everyone I would like to win the Boneyard seeds. As a lover of the cannabis plant it can get pricey sometimes. So in order for me to be able to do all the fun stuff with the wife and kids like zoos museums theme parks i have to grow my own so the family fun won’t stop

  169. BiofuelEmpire

    Wassup its BiofuelEmpire…duh
    But im actually a small grower with a 4×4 up and running and 2×4 otw. Im really waiting on the More Act to pass, im out here in prohibition land and i would love to grab that hlg or a rosin bomb either would really put me on track for when the wall of prohibition comes crumbling down

  170. JackGrows

    Hey Dudes who Grow! Growing with my dad. Not sure if we suck or have crappy seeds. We would like some primo seeds from Boneyard Seeds Nor Cal.

  171. Spider80

    Beans, beans need some of those fire genetics.

  172. LeGaLiZeD

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  180. Bubnugzky

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  182. Gman2000

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