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To become a contestant, tell us what prize you want to play for and why. Comment below or post on instagram. We’ll choose the best responses to be contestants on the show.


1. Pick a Prize to play for
2. Comment below
(free membership required)


1. Pick a Prize to play for
2. Post using prize image and caption below

Gameplay / Rules

By entering you accept that we may change game rules at any time for any reason.
Each toy in the claw crane game has a card showing a prize.
Each contestant gets three chances to win at the claw crane game.
One prize per contestant.
Claw crane will be operated by DGC Staff.
You will win when the crane successfully recovers a toy.
You will win the prize shown on the card on the toy recovered.
If no prize is won in the claw crane game, a card will be pulled from the Grab Bag.
Cards will have prizes or additional chances at the claw crane game.
Winners will be notified via direct message or email, depending on how they entered.

Not all prizes are available to all shipping destinations. Please know that we will do our best to get the gear out.

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Comment To Enter

Comment here to tell us which prize you would like to play for, and why.
Contestants will be selected from the best comments.


  1. banner_dgc

    We are busy harvesting and processing. See yas in November!

  2. KandM314

    Hey Dude, Scotty and Sir Guru! Hope all is well!!? Wife and I have been watching since the start of covid and the DGC has been very helpful!! Joined patron and love the community! Really glad you guys do what you do! As for the seed grab, baby that rosinbomb is calling my name but the pulse monitor would always helps. Your all great, smoking one for y’all!!

  3. A.BIN

    hey yall, happy harvest n growing. a pulse grow i know will and could step up my game. starting to expand and pretty sure this will keep me in check, and help with any issues arising. peace hope n love yall!

  4. Greg

    Hope everyone is making it through Croptober! 4 or 5 weeks out here, deep in The land of prohibition. I would love some of Rasta Jeff’s genetics. Hard to come by anything in this area! Thanks DGC for towing the line and keeping it real!

  5. The-Organic-Gardener

    Hey peeps! Been Patreon’s about a year now and it’s made covid so much more bearable! 🤣 love watching all your vids! We never miss one!👏🏼 Would love to be in with a chance of winning some Lucky Dog Seed Co or
    Dominion Seed Co 👏🏼🙌🏽 Hope your all well!

  6. ChillaxGlass

    Hey guy! Got snowed in today and working on the tent. A Pulse monitor would be a great addition to the indoor grow!
    Thanks, keep up the great show!

  7. HandsomeCajun

    Hey DGC, i have been trouble findIng good genetics. I would really appreciate some ocean grown seeds. Thanks for all that y’all do for the cannabis community.

  8. DreamsInGreen

    Appreciate the DGC opportunity and generosity but I have everything I could ever need. Good luck everyone on the grab!

  9. Southwestokie

    Man be bad ass to have a pulse tried get one few months back on the patron giveaway be sweet see what happing in the grow at night thanks for the knowledge #DGC

  10. QuantumSkies

    Hope everyone has a happy Halloween 🎃
    Weed,Candy and horror movies perfect holiday!
    Would love to play for the rosin bomb or any seeds I’m not picky lol
    Thanks DGC you guys rock

  11. Dankasaurus

    I would love to win any of the beans in the claw machine. Love all the shows and knowledge shared. The discord chat is awesome as well. Worth every penny. Keep the content coming.

  12. Grumpy Toad

    Well, they can keep putting rocks in the road. We’ll just keep on moving them and marching forward. I’m in the market for some feminized photo seeds. Peace out!

  13. JointSmokingButtBreaker

    Hey D.G.C far and wide, been growing/watching for a year now(start of second grow flower phase) and learned everything i know from this community and i want to give back by postimg grow journals and providing food for thought as much as i can as we are all as good of growers as the people we have around us! Patreon here, would be greatly appreciative of any prize, if i win genetics i will keep the community updated the whole way!

  14. Nexus6

    I want to go for the Pulse grow monitor, and hopefully they will release a controller to use with the monitor soon!

  15. kushyking

    hey DGC. I’m a patreon (MindsEyeOpen) I could really use that HLG 100 for my indoor grow or that new mill pep pack thanks for starting this amazing supportive community! keep on growing growmies

  16. G-Stone

    Irie Genetics 🧬 cause Rasta Jeff is simply amazing! HLG 100!! Would go prefect with my HLG 550, Let there be light!!!

  17. Ozrics UK

    Hey fellas,
    DGC patron from the UK here. I’d love to play. I realise posting over the pond will be a bind so anything small and easily shipped would be great. 🙂

  18. ShowMeTheMedicine

    DGC patreon here just looking for some of that HLG light!

  19. G-Stone

    Home Grown Natural Wonders!!! Going to be honest I know nothing about them, never heard of them but I love the logo. I have the same outfit and could be that guys stunt double.

  20. TheGingerKid

    Prohibition on Patreon?! I’ll do my part to keep my pastures green. Would like a little help with some good genetics. Scotty can you play for me, please?
    I’ve got one outdoor grow under my belt. I’ve gotten help from Soup, had a meme featured, and tune in every episode. I’m really happy I’ve been able to find a community here. Thanks for all you’ve done to make my 2020 bearable.

  21. Hattersdreamscape

    Patreon member here, love what you do for the community.
    Don’t have a sad story and not a vet but if you pick me I will be greatful and happy Any prize would be awesome but some seeds would be best also recharge for the win now everyone take a hit.

  22. highline

    help out this patreon with some fire genetics please!

  23. Rookbrosgrow

    Sucks patron did you dudes dirty! I’m still here too support either way, been following you guys before the seed grab and haven’t got picked yet but if I do a pulse monitor would be sweet or a extra light is alway good too. Thx dudes stay lifted

  24. Dr.Bribo

    How’s it growin DGC? I my good sirs am in need of the rosin bomb rocket. Just had a fairly nice harvest of about 5.5 lbs from 12 different strains (autoflowers Mephisto genetics). I froze half of it right away with plans on washing it all soon and then press the hash with the rosin bomb hopefully.
    Reach in there Scotty and pluck that outta there for me would ya?🤙🏽

  25. Dr.Bribo

    Forgot to mention Patron here by the way✌🏽

  26. Masshole Grower

    What’s Happenin’ DGC……Masshole Grower here checkin’ in with y’all today from the east coast . Kinda disappointed with my free beans that came in from BEST COAST GENETICS….though it did say they would be a variety to be chosen by BEST COAST GENETICS……I really never even thought I would get what I got……with all the varieties and options out there…..and with how much I’ve been looking forward to recieving my free beans I was devastated to see a description on my packet that reads
    CBD 8.12% THC. .03%

    I guess it was completely as advertised… but I’ll be honest I’m feeling pretty disappointed about the whole scenario .

  27. DonkeyKongCannabis

    Hey all Michigan female Patreon Player here!!!! Michigan always in here representing.. we love our DGC crew! I would like to play for a Rosin Bomb, but beggars can’t be choosey! Love you guys!

  28. Mota4u72

    Rosin Bomb all the way! Moving into prohibition land and I gotta keep my flowers on the down low. Putting them into concentrates would make ideal concealment! Thanks for all you do DGC. Grow on growmies!

  29. Chad.Westport

    Yo Yo Yo! DGC,

    I want to play for another member this week. It’s not about me, I want to play for SunnyinBectopia – Ya’ll know she’s been a big contributor to the show with her posts and questions. This girl needs a Rosin Bomb but I know she would be stoked with anything in there.

    So in the giving spirit of the DGC – play me one for SunnyinBectopia please!

  30. barelyburningburlyburnhardly

    I finally caught one of these. I would love to play for the rosin bomb or the pulse but heck I would be happy with any of these prizes. Best community there is you guys have been invaluable to me. I will be watching. I was sharing advice all day with friends who grow other types of plants learned from here.

    Peace love and dank nugs to all of you my friends.

  31. Cannaisseur

    DGC patron here who would love to get a rosin bomb to finally try some rosin. A pulse would be badass too but then again I’d be happy to get anything. Hope you had a great Croptober!

  32. C62000

    HEY. DGC. Just found you guys and had to become a patreon. Shame they don’t support all of this. Would love some more seeds. Getting back into it after one grow 5 years ago over in prohibition land. So seeds Would be great.

  33. Indman

    Hey DGC – I’m looking to get a setup going as soon as I can get everything together.. one item on my list is a Pulse monitor, so I’d love to have a crack at that!


    Not sure how to tag friends…sorry. Open to explanation of process.

    Thanks and good growing to you all!

  34. Tony_Scorpio

    Hey DGC, making my entry for the week. I’m a fan, patron, and member. I’m still shooting for the New Millennium PEP pack or the Pulse one monitor. Both could equally up a growers game. Good luck to all of the other entrants.

  35. The Foraging Gardener

    I would love to get my hands on some Irie Genetics. Thanks, DGC!

  36. rjgetz111

    Yessir its me again and here is what I have to say ,Bear with me please! Some people call me a HOMEGROWN NATURAL WONDER full of mother natures RAW GENETICS But as it is DGC is the LUCKY DOG that sets the PULSE and kept DOMINION over any other so called grow shows. Its a NEW MILLENIUM and we all know it. i would love to meet you all in person none of us are ready for the BONEYARD so my idea is to steal the ROSINBOMB ROCKET get to the SOLFIRE GARDENS . RECHARGEour HLG 100’s and Since I am a patreon I want to keep the[(PULSE)] with me forever, do it to me Scotty.

  37. jayjay

    Love watching the show here in prohibition land. But would love a chance to win the rosin bomb or pulse, to help add to the good times. loving the recharge.

  38. Cuzmas

    I’m so down for anything, constantly laughing my ass of from the rooftops of Toronto listening to you guys. I already love my job evicting raccoons and squirrels from attics, and you guy just top it off!! Patreon member.

  39. Geezdeeznugz

    Patreon from Kentucky trynna get lucky!!! Anything from the homegrown natural wonders sounds like it will be amazing, just checked out their website, loving them! 🙏 thank you keep tearing down the prohibition wall!

  40. htrrio

    Would love some recharge

  41. zacklacey22

    Hello DGC fam. I am a newer member i have been growing for a few years indoors and i would love to add some gnarly genetics to my garden! Would truly love to pop some Irie genetics. Stay High Gang!

  42. Whitehair

    I would like to throw my hat in the ring also… Some Homegrown Natural Wonders genetics would be very cool… and again Thanks DGC for being, you have restored my faith in Community… cheers (patreon)

  43. NotQuiteADoctor_Greenthumb

    Yo DGC! Thanks for featuring my first meme on the show! Supporting the DGC and being apart of the growing community on cannabuzz is the best part about growing! I would love that rosinbomb rocket! I think that piece of equipment and myself are meant to be together in a dab lab! I am a Patron and can’t wait to catch ya friday! Be excellent to each other amd party on dudes!

  44. GrowingTN

    Dude, Scotty, and Guru!

    I’m working my way through my first grow with many thanks to you guys’ and Rasta Jeff’s podcasts!

    I’d love to get a Rosin Bomb to squish the buds that are starting to develop now! That would be a great way to consume the fresh bud that you guys have helped me successfully grow!

    A Pulse monitor would be a great help to make sure I’m monitoring the conditions in this new hobby!

    Irie Genetics or any other fire genetics for my next grow would be greatly appreciated!

    It might be easier to say I would be thankful for any prize! Keep up the great work and thanks again for all you guys do!

  45. Jr@thelake

    Thanks to you guys I have a shit ton of flower to press. I could use a rosin bomb. Best cannabis show on the net, peace, love and dont step on ants!!!!!

  46. Captain_Terp

    Love the crew vibe on a Saturday morning in the future down under. Especially the DGC soundtrack playlist. Almost time for some new songs. Peace and love from downunder

  47. Dabney Bowlman

    Hey DGC – finger and scissor hash time! Once again I’d like to try for the New Millennium P.E.P. Pack – we use Winter Frost right now and would love to try the rest of their line. Stay warm!

  48. Abe

    What up DGC! I hope you all are safe and lifted.
    The knowledge that the DGC brings as a collective force helped me get through the ups and downs of my outdoor girl and inspired me to take it inside for next time. Refitting a 2x4x6 cabinet in the shed now.
    Totally agree on getting more info out there on growers’ rights. Maybe the home brew and home hops growing scene could provide some context? I totally want to try grafting some cannabis onto my Comet hops plant! Hook up a Grow Hack please Guru.
    I’d especially like to give a shout out and fist bump to ADHD Grower ….totally went above and beyond! So I’d like to nominate ADHD Grower for a spot on the seed grab. They’ve already got quality genetics locked up, so maybe a fitting prize for a DGCer with ADHD would be a Pulse monitor?

  49. BoNeZ

    Hello dgc patron here!
    I want to win anything with a dgc logo on it! I want to rep the dgc here in prohibition land!

  50. Phantom Buds

    Hey Guys
    I just have to say, Guru I really appreciate when you jump into the conversation because I sometimes have no clue what the hell we are talking about until you throw out some definitions but sometimes I don’t know what the f*ck you say either. That’s why I became a Patreon. I need some learn’n.
    I could use some new beans though to keep my education growing.
    Thanks to all you people do at the DGC to keep the world Green and Clean.

  51. DzFromDetroit

    Yooooo patreons rule man! Love the show and the chance to win. Scotty grab that rosin bomb for me! I need some of that gooey madness.

  52. Joebob

    Aloha DGC, Joebob needs some beans. Would love to win some Raw genetics, after popping over 4 different packs of seeds this summer and fall all I’ve come up with is a couple of herms and a bunch of zeros. I would love to win some beans cause all my money goes to my kids and wife and can’t afford any more packs this year. ✌✌ no whamies

  53. Red eye Rustler

    Love a chance at that Rosinbomb Rocket , love to get my meds. as easy as possible(straightener Not)… Thankyou for all the knowledge and opportunity to receive AWESOME gear ✌️🌱💚


    DGC fam you guys always me laugh after a hard day. If I get pick i would greatly appreciate some Irie Genetics or Raw Genetics . You guys rock👊

  55. MagicSackMatt

    Patreon here. Around here in my small town rosin is a myth. Nobody has//sells it that I’ve ever known of. Help me show them what they are missing

  56. Sam crutchley

    What up dgc looking forward to another great show keep up what you guys do spreading the knowlage and gifting those in need, going to try my luck once more try get me a pulse monitor to go with last weeks winning duke diamonds and rosin bomb hopefully here back soon on those as just a responce would be nice even if its a sorry we cant do that, or better still congrats there in the mail lol, anyways catch you all on the live shows. Thanks and much love from the UK

  57. Fragrant_flower_farms

    What’s up dgc family.
    Hope your all safe and sound.
    I would love a hook up on the rosin bomb, I’ve always used my waste either for butterinfusion or making water hash but that’s as far as it really gets I’ve rolled out some hash using a hot glass bottle (frechie conolli tech) and do end up with some nice hash but to be able to make some hash rosin would be a trip and I’m sure all my friends would be happy too. If you can find it in your heart to help a patreon out and take my smoking experience to the next level. Thanks alot for your work guys keep it up luv from the UK

  58. Benr452

    Rosin bomb you guys are the bomb

  59. Gbaygenetics

    Good day DGC…….EPISODE 6. This game is catching on. Hook me up up with the rosin bomb boyz…..had a great outdoor harvest and need something to do with all this sugary trim and small stuff…..the DGC has brought me from a seed tossing bush grower to a refined home cultivator……#dudegrowsshow

  60. Gman2000

    Whats up guys,Boston Mass here,loving the show man.I started off growing because here in taxachusettes its 60 bucks for an eight over here!!!!i can smoke an 8th a day sometimes..its crazy,im working to support my weed meds. ..first plant i grew with 10 cfl bulbs and bunch of wires hanging everywhere and got a half ounce of the best shit .I was hooked and youre help has become must watch stuff, if you want more than a half ounce..haha.thanks guys .If i could win some seeds from you guys it would greatly help me take that next step.I have gotten a new hps/mh setup now and the last plant i grew was blueberry strain,so happy with results with the new light and nutes .Im still learning about all the nutrient lines available but what do you guys suggest I should use..I grow in a finished basemant.plants are in closets maybe 2 or 3 plants at a time.Always bagseed exept for the blueberry seed that was given to me.Can you help me with getting a line setup?Rt now im using cal mag,worm castings,MG Bloom booster,bone meal,seagull guano,natures care compost mixed with MG moisture control potting soil. I also used 10% of dirt from my back yard thinking it would have all those live things in thier that are good for my plant?haha..could work?…haha…my main nutrient is the miracle grow bloom booster for the whole grow and kinda been adding the rest as i feel it needs it.i water once every 10 days,as even with the temp at 82 and the fans blasting away it takes forever to dry that mg soil.daytime temps are 80-83 and night temps are 69-75 with 35-40% humidity..Can you make feeding my plants more straight forward and maybe help me with my wet mg soil never drying?THANKS GUYS………..

  61. Jayspliff

    The Rosin Bomb would be so helpful! I have been using the Dudes most potent oil recipe for years. I make brownies etc for my friends with medical issues. The recipe works great but just a little time consuming. Thanks guys! #dudegrowsshow #rosinbombrocket #rosinpress

  62. Thrudvangr

    Just about to pull my first ever harvest and am super excited about it! I’ve been growing them since early summer/late spring in RDWC (I know, it’s not microbe land, but man it worked and I’m a really “techy” person) and I’m just happy they’ve come to term! I’m hoping to post some pictures once I get it trimmed up and hopefully have some nice bud to share. I grew Strawpicanna from Oni seeds; if the smoke is anything like the smell right now, it’ll be a strawberry milkshake in every puff! Thanks for all you do guys, love the content. I am just getting in on Patreon to help support the show, hope the extra love spreads around!
    Oh yeah, this is for the seedgrab too. I’d love to play for some new genetics (Irie would be amazing, love the arise look) or the Rocket if possible. If nothing else I’m just hoping you saw my comment, can’t be any more stoked for my own meds.

  63. FrostyNuggHuffer

    Hello DGC….First off, I wanted to say thanks again for all the content, product reviews, seed giveaways, discounts, etc., and all the hard work that goes into the channel. This has been a rough year for a lot of people for many reasons. I lost my job in March and haven’t found work in my field since. That being said, I have put a lot of my time into my garden, and being a relatively new grower I have found a lot of content on youtube to be very helpful including your channel. It’s awesome to see a lot of positivity in the growing community, people seem to enjoy helping one another out and giving other growers as much advice as possible while doing so in a friendly manner. I couldn’t be more appreciative, especially this year when there is so much negativity. That is why as I am writing this I have decided to join your Patreon channel. The free time will continue to allow me to do research and watch more content to further enhance my growing skill.

    Like I said I am a relatively new grower and would appreciate any of the products above. I have a 5×5, 3×2, and 8×2 for grow rooms. I have 2 600w Viparspectar LED in my 5×5 and I veg in the other two rooms with T5’s. If I am selected to receive a giveaway (fingers crossed), I greatly appreciate and thank you in advance for taking the time to consider me.


  64. Green Leaf Matters

    Thanks again for all you guys do for the community. I am a patreon supporter. I am needy but not choosy, I know whatever you pick, Scotty, will be just what my grow was missing. If I am selected I want you to know in advance… your choice is perfect, its just what I wanted. Have a GREAT day DGC, and don’t forget to recharge!

  65. SCdungslinger79

    Scotty, Dude, Guru and DGC playing for Boneyard Seeds NorCal. After hearing MrToad of Boneyard Seesds on last weeks DGC Seed Grab I went over to his site Mr Toad or 44bigbone44 on YouTube. He’s got real videos on males, pollen collection, seeds, how to make Silver Thiosulfate, apply, DDA soil, etc. If you like listening and learning from Rasta Jeff you will really like watching, listening and learning from with Mr Toad.

    He seems like one really nice dude, humble, honest and emotional with a great back story. I truly thank MrToad for his giving and sharing.

    Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

  66. rbtrndll

    big hey from Michigan! that rosinbomb rocket has been haunting me in my dreams lately, man. I think my subconscious is trying to get me away from flower. keep up the great work, guys!

  67. Ziggysgarden

    Love the show y’all. Seed grabs have been awesome. Looking for some new genetics from Rasta Jeff. Something medicinal. Stay Irie

  68. TOKE4EVR

    I would LOVE a ROSINBOMB for the small buds that are a pain in the ass to trim. Watch all the time you guys are great👍 I am HOOKED on Recharge it WORKS😁

  69. Cannabob villabis

    #hlg100 would love a new veg light. Even if I never win I will still always use my Patreon account to support my dudes just watching your show I benefit from all the awesome tips and info you guys share and I always tell my friends about the show!

  70. SearchingforFire

    Hey DGC, Medical Grower in Illinois with an empty 2×2 that would love an HLG 100 to get my Kosher Kush x Cherry Springer free seeds from Best Coast Genetics off to a good start… Love learning along with the rest of the crew, gives me something to look forward to in this crazy 2020 nightmare we are all living through…. keep up the good work helping everyone learn to grow dank…

    Here is to a world where mids no longer exist and everything is top shelf homegrown terpene rich resin coated sticky icky dank nugs!!!

  71. A friend with weed

    good afternoon dgc Scotty and guru and the Dude I want to win the hlg for the vet if not I’m gonna just get a gift card from one of the grow places but I think it would mean more if it came from the doc and if we all as a community can make this happen thanks guys go dgc

  72. Grotholomew

    What’s up DGC,

    Just a patron trying to get my next grow to be 100% from DG Pro’s, I’ve almost got the set up, I got HLG lights, Radicle Bags, Seeds From SeedsHereNow, and of course I’ve got Recharge!!!…. but I’m missing some New Mill Nutrients, and the pulse Grow!! Right now I’m using Fox Farm nute’s and Fox Farm Soil. And Because I work so far away I’m gone from my Babies 12-14 hours a day. Could definitely use some help getting either some New Millenium, or the Pulse Grow Monitor!!

    Thanks, Dude, Scotty, Guru and rest of Crew for all that you guys do!!!


  73. D_Kazoo

    Light up my life Scotty! I’d love to get my hands on that HLG 100 to keep a couple mothers alive…

  74. Passthespud

    What’s up dgc!
    Patron here. Still trying for that new millennium. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, but haven’t yet tried it. I’ve still got another 5 weeks to finish before I start all over again. Hoping to win some of that before the next go around.
    Much love and appreciation for all you do.

  75. Jlingle91

    Hey growmies. How’s it growing. I’d love to win a rosin bomb. I’m just getting into pressing my own now that I got a couple grows under my belt. I’d really like to press some of this 707 headband I just got done with. It’s the one I’m using for my profile pic. And you know as a dgc member recharge is always on my radar lol. Either way. I appreciate all you guys do. Learning in itself is a dope giveaway. Happy growing! dudegrowsshow

  76. Need4Seeds

    That rosin bomb would be perfect for my grow. But any seeds will do. Can I hear Scottie say recharge please 😂 thanks dudes u guys are the best

  77. Midnight Farms

    Hey DGC I love supporting the crew and I tell everyone about the show, honestly if i could win anything it would be amazing. Love the DGC, so happy we can have a community like this. The knowledge you provide is worth the membership alone. you guys go over the top giving back to the community we all appreciate the great work you guys are doing.

  78. Burnin4buddha

    #OcenGrownSeeds would be amazing for some great genetics to fill my new spider farm tent and light but a #RosinBomb would make my dreams come true!!

  79. Renhoek


    I just watched a Wake and Bake America. Woa. You all look way different than i imagined.

    I would love an hlg light . My 4×4 stands empty due to lack of good lights.

    Keep up the good work.


  80. Blue Kiss Gardens

    I’d love the Rosin Bomb Rocket to take my edies to the next level, and also to help my son in law who depends on dabs to get the medicine he needs for nerve pain. If I’m too late for that prize, I’d really like to try New Mellenium nutrients in my grow. Really, anything would make me happy. Thanks for all you do! Peace out!

  81. J-Bagz

    What’s up DGC? Been a Patreon for a few months now, and trying to become more involved with the community, or at least reading a lot more of the post. I feel I am now able to talk with other growers feeling somewhat knowledgeable from my time being a DGC young grass hopper a few years back. I’ve listened to all your shows and learned so much. Now I just need some of Rasta Jeff’s Irie Genetics to help me grow the dankest of dank nugs, so you know what I want to play for! Hope all of the DGC community is staying safe and crushin’ the stigma in there home states, peace!

  82. Grateful_Boater

    Finishing up with my first grow, thanks boys for all the inspiration and wisdom. I used recharge on 3 and the other 3 just water and nutrients. All in Coco with perlite, and Humboldt Secret A,B,and flower stacker. 3 were dwarfs and 3 were hefty. Moving forward I won’t go without recharge again. I would love to replace my home fixture with an HLG!
    Thanks for the community and all the content on all platforms! Keep Rockin and I’ll keep Rollin!

  83. Fire61spenc

    Man!! Where to start!? So I listen to your podcast all the time. I’ve become obsessed with growing and the whole culture. Unfortunately I live in a state that doesn’t allow any kinds of grows. But we are a medicinal state.But that didn’t stop me from checking out my local gardening shop. To my surprise they had an amazing selection of hydro gear, organic nutes and everything !😯 so I’m talking to the owner and she gives me a free sample of recharge along with your podcast card. Needles to say I think she is a 420 grower 😂 anyways I love the show guys keep up the good work! I’ll be here in my Prohibition state accumulating my grow gear until I get the green light from the state😉 God Bless #dontsmokestress sincerely one of dudegrows biggest fans!
    Ps recharge has made it all the was to boyhood home of Bill Clinton good ol Hot Springs Arkansas!


  84. StrattiBallz

    As always, I would be grateful for any of the amazing genetics, but I would love to go for the HLG 100 to crush my garment box grow. I want to push it to the limit!

  85. Sykewon

    Hey, what’s going on DGC crew? Just another Patron here. Thanks for all that you guys do. The show is great and the Discord community has been nothing short of solid. I would really like a shot at the HLG 100. I could really use that for my veg tent. If I buy a new a light my wife will probably kill me in my sleep, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I get a crack at the claw.

  86. LarfErikson

    I appreciate the knowledge and fellowship. I am a longtime casual guerilla grower and until recenly have been genetically deprived. It would be amazing if you could hook up the old dude with some premium DNA from any of the generous seed wizards at your disposal. Failing that, Recharge me. I’m moving indoors.Thanks for the vibe. My first grow was a sickly windowsill attempt in 1971. All the cool kids were doing it. Columbian in the high desert in the mid 70’s. Humboldt in the late 70’s with less success. Durban Poison in the mid 80’s near a National Park in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The last ended badly and convinced me that I am definitely a back yard grower. Most of my actual experience is growing Cactus and succulents but there’s always a little psychoactive floriculture camouflaged in there somewhere. PEACE

  87. Malano

    Seeds!! Good god I need some good seeds. I’ve grown enough bag seed, now I would like (if the ganja gods deem me worthy) to grow a plant with a name and pedigree from anyone of your friendly breeders

  88. Duncan Biscuits

    Just wanna see me be on the T.V, Yo.

    Pick me sumthin good Scotty.

  89. GunnerV

    Dude, Scotty, Guru, and Crew…

    Ok, make me a dabber! One try and I’m sold… get me the Rocket, Scotty!

    I’d still kill for some Irie for the wife’s grow, too!

    Thanks for all you do!

    *Patreon Supporter!

  90. Burner Herzog

    Dudes rundown of his pulse monitor the other day has me sold…grab away or spin the wheel of SWAG, Scotty!

  91. Spider80

    What up DGC, I have been following the videos for a couple of months now and taking notes as I go like I’m college again . Double salute to Scotty, Dude and Guru. Thank you for all the knowledge you guys having been blessing us with. I tune in for every episode. I have learned so much in the past couple months. I really appreciate your platform for us in prohibition land. I have diverticulitis and the only thing that really helps is the good ol herb. I would really appreciate some of those fire beans from Irie or boneyard or, ocean. So in a couple of months I can be on the segment who growing some dank. Thanks again for you all have done and all continue to do for us in prohibition land. Scotty I want that Purple suit from last week.


  92. LoverOfTheStickyNugz

    I need s pulse grow or a hlg in my life or even recharge I’m not picky any prize you have would be a honor to win!!!

  93. Dabsquatch

    I am doubling down on my patreon comment from last week, please please please shoot a pilot episode of a bakery reality show and call it the “Microbe King”! I can’t see it being anything but hilarious.

    Honestly if it get the nod to play the claw game I say it’s dealers choice on the prize. Thank you for the good times

    Long live the Microbe king!!!

  94. Oreck

    Would love to be able to win anything able to be sent up to us canucks! Thanks DGC

  95. The.real.Flyhi89

    Sup dgc. I mean all the prizes are awesome and I could go for anything to be honest. Grow on

  96. cr1234

    Hi There,

    Would appreciate some seeds of any kind.. started growing because my father used grow, we now share the hobby as a common interest and I’d love to be able to produce something that just makes him say “wow”.

    Love the show and love the enthusiasm the crew brings to cannabis cultivation.

    P.s. great suit scotty

  97. Space cowboy

    DGC patron! and loving every bit of it! I would love some lucky dog seed company, or any genetics there, they are all so good, help me and my parents grow some great medicine to give back!!

  98. Jay smash

    Hello dgc
    Man this year has been crazy. Iv been struggling along with everyone else in the world. When stuff shut down i lost my job my car and apartment. Now im back livimg at home till i can get work again. If i can make it out of addiction from opiates going on 6 years from them i can make it through this. Iv been doing side jobs to make ends meat right now and most of my money go to buy my 🛢 oil. Id love to start being able to use what i grow amd make my own oil so i can start saving up and get life back on track. I really hope everyone stays safe and healthy guys keep killing the content game.
    Jay smash
    Smashed cannabis on ig and YouTube

  99. Faded

    What’s sup DGC! I just came back from fl for a birthday celebration week! I never did rosin before and would like to try it. I would like to win a HLG or Rosinbomb. Thanks for having something for me to listen to while I was driving long distance! I love the youtube channel and I have listen to all the grow show episodes. Thanks for all the info!

  100. Herbal Santa

    Seed grab is my favorite game show, move over Vanna White.

    Would love a pulse monitor but would be over the moon to be choose at all

  101. thallenb

    Hey DGC patron here, I’m about a month out from my current harvest and would love some special beans to sprout or even a bright light to grow them under, Dominion seeds, Irie, or an hlg would be amazing to step up my next grow. Much love DGC stay irie

  102. Masshole Grower


  103. DeNwA [D23]

    Patron here.

    Rosin bomb, rosin bomb, I need a Rosin Bomb to make edibles to treat the family.

  104. Lbgrower

    Hey DGC im a new grower from Michigan about to move back to prohibition land because I’m about to graduate the welding program in college. I would love to win some of those fire genetics to bring back to my friends in prohibition land and spread the knowledge/fire with them. Love all the content u guys make it’s been getting me through 2020. Keep up the good work!!

  105. GroWObsessioN420

    Hey DGC family,
    Just started my first real autoflower grow from a cheap seed bank online.witch took 3months to get here. Nothing else to say but i need some better genetics .. lol.. had zero percent germination.. hell yeah🤔🤔🤔thanks for all u guys and gals do at the DGC. Good luck everyone


    What up DGC? I’m looking to maximize potency and yield for my grow, so I’d like to play for the New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack. Quality genetics or Recharge would be great too. Hook it up!

  107. Trichjones

    So many good choices…Super grateful for the opportunity & content guys … That rosin bomb tho💣🧨is a big purchase that I could really use & tbh atm it’s not in my budget so definitely that has to be my #1 pick, that & because it’d give me the ability to bring my patients & I access to single source high quality solventless options, which in the MW mostly what you find is grossly overpriced for the quality of hash ….. You can’t go wrong with any of those breeders imho Bohemian highway is a close 2nd but if I had to choose I gotta go dominion Hoodoo pack cuz dukes down right now 👊🏻 #Freedukediamond

  108. Marsmedigrow

    Good afternoon D! G! C!

    I’d like to thank you gentlemen for all that you do, the guests, sponsors and all the invaluable information you provide to not only the DGC family but all growers of all skill levels.

    I’d like to play for some Boneyard seeds. I love their background stiry and success they have with Medical strains and iy would be an honor to grow their genetics for my parents. My mother is recovering from breast cancer and my father is an amputee. I want to make oils for her and flower for him. Of course I will enjoy the fruits of my labor 😎💚💨 either way, facilitating them with some good homegrown medicine from great genetics would be mission accomplished.

    Thanks again,

    Big Dan.

  109. ShaReeferMadness

    I just want thank the whole DGC crew for all the knowledge given, time, and effort that you guys put in for us! When I’m watching DGC my wife jokes and says I’m in class with my grow professors, because I’ll be dialed in to the show and taking notes. Im a Patreon member also. Im in prohibition land growing for my M.S., and I have never done a dab before. I would like to win a ROSIN BOMB!


  110. ShaReeferMadness

    I just want thank you to the whole DGC crew for all the knowledge given, time, and effort that you guys put in for us! When I’m watching DGC my wife jokes and says I’m in class with my grow professors, because I’ll be dialed in to the show and taking notes. Im a Patreon member also. Im in prohibition land growing for my M.S., and I have never done a dab before. I would like to win a ROSIN BOMB!


  111. Organicmike the worm casting king

    Hi dgc long time watcher would love pulse or abit of recharge but being in UK I think it a shn voucher but anything would b great all the love organicmike the worm casting king

  112. El Pinche

    Hey guys, long time member but I’ve been caught up in life and not able to give my grow any time. I just recently popped some beans again because I need the gardening to keep my head straight. I’d love to be able to squish some flower with that rosinbomb rocket when harvest time comes. You guys stay irie and awesome

  113. JoeSnoop

    What’s up fellow Gromies ? Don’t really care what I won because I’ve never won anything lol !! If it wasn’t for back luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all !! A Hlg would be cool !! Have a good day and be safe !!!

  114. Green248

    Been using, Nectar units, but want to try
    New Milenum PEP
    Thanks, Paul

  115. Green248

    The pulse one also looks 👍

  116. Innocent bystander

    Hey DGC, been doing the best I can with Amazon lights in a ten by ten tent but I would love to try a hlg light !

  117. larryp1962

    The Rosin Bomb Rocket would be a nice prize to go for

  118. ShainaThePlantDaddyDavidson

    HEY FRIENDS! I don’t want to be sappy but this year has been devastating. Covid has taken my friends and family and I wasn’t able to see them or attend any funerals. I am a mother to 5 beautiful kiddos and my last two little girls were born severely premature and spent months in the hospital fighting for their lives. We have to stay in quarantine at all times because my tiniest daughter, Frankie, had a 6 hour open heart surgery and has no immune system. She just turned 1 in May. Anyways, I have CPTSD and have my Med card and cultivator license in Missouri and just started my first ever grow. The therapeutic benefits of growing my own medicine has by far been one of the only things that has kept me mentally afloat during these terrifying times for my family. I would love love love to play for anything. I’ve got the hlg650r in a 5×10 but I only have 3 plants in there. Honestly, anything on the prize list would be helpful. Regardless if I win or not, I want to give a HUGE heart hug to all of you at the DGC and all the nice people that have answered my grow questions. You guys are cropsavers !! Stay safe out there and good luck to all!

  119. Maritime Grower

    I have been trying to win seeds for some time now. Sure would be nice to help a Canadian out with some free ones. You guys rock! Keep it up. Growers Love

  120. The Dank of England

    Heey whats up DGC I would love to win anything in the claw machine but if Im playing it would have to be for the Rosin bomb or Recharge.
    Fingers Crossed and big up from the UK.

  121. Jazz_Cabbage19

    That Pulse Grow monitor would be rad as hell! I want to be locked into my grow and look like Dude! Lol thanks guys

  122. Theshma

    Love what the DGC is doing in the cannabis culture. I would love to win some seeds to plant them in prohibition land. To tell the man what I think of their laws.

  123. ThousandPounder

    Happy Halloweed DGC! Gimme that RECHARGE!!!!

  124. ThousandPounder

    Happy Halloweed DGC! Gimmie that RECHARGE!!!! #realgrowersrecharge

  125. Hattersdreamscape

    Patreon member here Any gift is cool.

  126. HizHighness69

    I’m playing for fun. I want to win and then ‘give’ away my prize to the next person to comment below me!!!! heh… BeLOW ME BLOW M… hehe. Whoops this comment isn’t getting on! Tanaya to claw game for me. Tamara? Natalia? Weed is bad for name memory.

  127. tadertot

    Hey guys, been watching your show here for a while now. I’m from Montana and hoping that our recreational bill passes so I won’t feel like I’m in prohibition land anymore. I’d love to play for just about anything off the list guys. The pulse monitor looks sweet, the hlg looks sweet, and all the seeds are pretty amazing. I found your guys’s show actually from rasta Jeff’s grow from your heart podcast so I’m a fan of irie genetics too. Thanks for the education guys

  128. Pretzelbride

    High; we are appreciative of DGC it’s been a entertaining time educating .
    I would love to try to claw my way into that rosin bomb rocket.
    The reality is I have no way to make rosin I’m new to it and I grow auto flowers like moby dick xxl that are oozy resinous Nugs that scream to be squished into delicious dabs

  129. SoCalDank

    Whattup Dude, Scotty, Guru & tha DGC!!!! Brothers, let me tell you I could really put that Rosin Bomb to good use! I love dabs for the flavor, but more importantly for the pain relief I get from them (bulging disks in the vertebrae, bla, bla). Unfortunately, they are extremely cost prohibitive, especially after tolerance levels increase. Also, I’m just not happy with the results I get from the hair straightener & vice grip method. Anyway, I just brought down (what I consider to be) my first successful harvest after trying 5 different times over the course of the past 3 years. I’ve got some Orange Gasm drying and curing as close to the JMystro method as possible and would LOVE to give them a proper squish.

    So I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for a Rosin Bomb, but who am I kidding.. I’d be ecstatic for any genetics or even some Recharge (I just ran out of my last 16oz)!

    Anyway, much love and respect to the crew for what you guys do for this community!

  130. Doc

    Yoooo DGC!!! I’m in business to for the long game… That HLG 600 would double the Watts im pushing now. If I ever won. It’d be the 1st contest I’ve ever did. I’m a loyal fan. Win or lose.
    Thats Life. #dudegrowsshow #HLG100 #HLG600

  131. rjgetz111

    I’m so happy!

  132. Rumble

    who couldn’t use fire genetics?

  133. MrMadrox

    Whats up DGC, I just finished up my 3 grow and starting the 4th and man they het better every grow. (First 2 were quite embarrassing) found recharge and I must say it went from dirt to dank. Couldn’t have done it without all the help. I about got my setup dialed in and sure could use the #pulseone. It make it alot easier and safeer to keep an eye one things in prohibition land. Thanks for all the killer knowledge.

  134. CrapStreetTerpes

    I would love to win the seeds from irie genetics.I am tired of growing crap bag seeds that the yeilds are garbage and dont have the sweet tastes i like.Need good genetics so i can get my passion back that i am slowly losing from growing crap bud.I love the show great guests and awesome content,and great learning together with you guys.DGC is the best.Once unemployment kicks in next week i am definitely becoming a patreon.Oh and yeah recharge once a week definitely makes a difference.

  135. Michigan420

    Hey guys! Some seeds would make my day because I accidently threw all mine anyway :'( 30 feminized seeds just gone breaks my heart

  136. AlbinoViper420

    HEY DGC!!

    Well again im a first time medicine grower out here in prohibition land and just put the babe to bed (12/12 10 days) and she is doing great especially with the Recharge ive been giving to her. Anyways most of all (99%) my knowledge has come from watching you guys for the last 6 months or so and binge watching older vids. Also the community here is great! they help out with what you give them, but anyways would love some of those IRIE GENETICS BABY!! cant go wrong with those dude!


  137. Blaqbeard

    First time poster ho-e I get lucky

  138. Okie_blowin_smoke23

    Seed seeds and more seeds for me please…..or maybe that rosinbomb

  139. krispykrud313

    Sup DGC hope harvest went well trim jail can be a bitch and Patreon is tripping with their “rules” looking to get that pep pak just popped seeds for my 1st indoor grow and that well give me a great boost 👍 if not hook me up with that Rasta Jeff 🔥 thanks peeps stay high DGC

  140. Bijudama9000

    What’s up dudes, Been growing/watching the show from jewtubes for about a year and thought what the heck. I’ve learned so much from the dgc and the community is always super positive so I thought I might as well sign up on the site and try my luck with all these giveaways you guys put together. Anyways keep on rocking team! I’d love some fire genetics or a light that can fit in a 3×3. If all else fails… *Scotty voice* RECHARGE RECHARGE RECHARGE
    bless up brethren. ✊🏿

  141. Lukeyboi911

    Yo DGC, love the show guys and been an avid fan now for the past year. I’ve learnt so much and just finished my first harvest. One plant out of two was lost due to a mutation 😱 we live and learn tho. I’m looking to upgrade to a 5×5 for my next grow and a new light would be amazing but I’m just happy to be selected so if not seeds or trying some Recharge for the first time would be cool. Much love DGC ❤✌ X

  142. Lukeyboi911

    *Forgot to add on the end of my post 🙈


  143. alldayeveryday

    So love the show you guys rock bla bla bla. Lol No seriously though. Well it’s a good thing growing medical cannabis is “essential ” because what my old lady does apparently is not. Well after supporting 2 people on 1 income all these months. I can’t remember when I had a proper dab. No dispo $ in the budget. So hook it up with a Rosin Bomb so I can press some of the crop! PLEASE! For the love of God! Either way keep truckin’!

  144. kittyboy

    hey there dgc and the rest of us you tubers i woul like to get in on that there rosin bomb press because i cannot simple afford any thing because i have not worked in a freaking year you see carnivals are not spinning and i am not winning any money so i am brokeand need a win also scotty’s recharge looks mighty good man win one for the dgc. #realgrowersrecharge, #rosinbombrocket

  145. Hilaryjane

    My passion for growing weed has literally catapulted…I stay up all night researching products, writing notes and predicting potential grows in my cultivate kindness spiral. I was researching autoflower compost tea recipes and somehow wound up on this site. I’d never been the type to read blogs until I realized all my friends are basically idiots when it comes to growing weed and so the only way I can receive experience based knowledge, is by virtually listening to other growers on blog sites…it’s almost like being in a room full of badass growers. Nonetheless, after my husband was shot in the head when our daughter was 3 years old, the only thing that made my entire world disappear and feel blissful was when I was tending to my plants. Even if I was only watering my plants or checking the pH something about it was calming and peaceful. I realized I was designed to grow when I began to research information and could retain large amounts of information in one sitting, and repeat it back and analyze the information to utilize in my personal situation…that says a lot for a person who still counts basic math on her fingers. I’d love some free products, I’ve already bookmarked this page and can’t wait to see if it’s one I’ll visit regularly throughout my growing career.

    Peace and love,
    Hilary jane

    #dudegrowsshow #dgcseedgrab #rosinbombrocket #rosinpress
    @rosinbomb2.0 @dudegrows

  146. ScottGrowsDank

    Hey DGC,

    I missed the seed grab this week! You guys too busy for your fans? J/K. I completely understand though, as it is definitely a busy time of the year for growers. Hope your harvest at the bakery went well and you didn’t lose as much as the dude did. We finished our harvest recently and are into the curing process. This year I was able to grow enough to share and just started the indoor so we can ensure the medicine is always available..

    I would love a pulse monitor or some recharge to try for the first time, but to be absolutely honest, anything would be awesome.

    Happy 420!


  147. Thunderlips

    LstAutoman, AKA ThunderLips, wants to try his hand at growing some IRIE GENETICS #irie_genetics. Love that I found the DGC and Im now a forever fan.
    I have only grown Autos and would to try something new outside in the spring. I really enjoyed all the times Rasta Jeff has been on the show and would to see what his seeds ar all about. Thank you DGC

  148. Baldheadbuds

    Hey! I would love to play for and win the hlg light. Trying to piece together a set up so I can get a buddy of mine ,who is a veteran, up and growing. Keep up the good work guys it’s really been helping!

  149. AlbinoViper420

    Well again im a first time medicine grower out here in prohibition land and just put the babe to bed (12/12 10 days) and she is doing great especially with the Recharge ive been giving to her. Anyways most of all (99%) my knowledge has come from watching you guys for the last 6 months or so and binge watching older vids. Also the community here is great! they help out with what you give them, but anyways would love some of those IRIE GENETICS BABY!! cant go wrong with those dude!


  150. TerpFerguson

    Hey guys! Love the show and love being part of the community. New genetics would be great or of course the rosin bomb. In the words of Scotty – Sticking your finger in don’t hurt!
    -Terp Ferguson

  151. Sgt. Baker

    Hey Scotty, Guru and the Dude I have been learning with yall for years now. I have most things dialed in, in my tent (i think), but i am moving onto bigger and better things aka. breeding. A pulse monitor would be the best addition i could make to my grow at this point and it would be a weight off my shoulders to know exactly how the tent is doing at any given time, so i don’t waste the genetics I’ve been saving. Thanks for building this great community! #pulseone
    -Sgt. Baker

  152. StinkyNutts

    #HLG100 or #DGCSeedGrab

  153. Chillrob

    Your utube show is the best part of my day since discovering your channel earlier this year! Love growing and learning along with all you guys… Keep bringing the dank 😎
    Would so love a chance to win any of your amazing prizes especially the Rosin Bomb

    Thanks guys

  154. GeorgiaGrowGuy

    I think November will be 2 years since i found dudegrows and December will be 2 years as a member of the DGC. I would love to get a pulse for the new grow room at my new house. Cheers to the whole crew. p.s. a consolation prize would be anything by Rasta Jeff.

  155. GroWObsessioN420

    Patron memeber here.. i wont be mad if The DGC DECIDES TO GIVE ME SOME DOUBLE PRIZES .. 😁😁😁

  156. GroWObsessioN420


  157. Bigwrd420

    Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru,and the rest of the team,
    I discovered you guys a little while ago on YouTube and finally hooked up with you on Patreon ( or Patron as I have heard it referred to). I think it’s the best investment that I can make. The knowledge and experiences that you guys share are so worth it. I would love to have a Pulse Monitor to keep tabs on my little ones environment while I am out setting up patients with home oxygen concentrators and home fill tank compressors. I have met a handful that enjoy the medical benefits of good cannabis ( I have to make sure they know not to spark up while using their o2!). Down with prohibition, up with the community!😎

  158. Bigwrd420

    Oops. All that and I was to stoned to remember,
    And I am unsure how to share… I am a bit of an analog ludite. At 56 I am at the end of the boomers. Tech don’t come easy to me but I am trying!

  159. Virgingrower

    First thanks for the help as I’m a new grower, I appreciate all the good information you give in this awesome community. Love this seed grab episodes. Wish I could grab the rosin bomb as I would like to try rosin for the first time from my first harvest. Much Love DGC!

  160. GreenT

    Great Dank on the Way, Courtesy of Knowledge shared on the DGC. Thank you for that Win! I would like the HLG-100 if possible, if not I would like to default to the person operating the Claw at the time to whatever they decide. Thank you DGC You Rock!!!

  161. Greensentials

    Hey DGC thanks for the advice about getting a tent. I definitely won’t be growing in a PC or Tote😂😂😂. Anyway I learned a lot from watching enough that I’m Confident on starting my first grow.
    As for the Prize let it be DGC Choice.
    I’m a new grower so anything would be useful right now.
    Thanks for an a amazing show Keep on Growing 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  162. Phantom Buds

    Morning DGC. I finely became a Patreon a couple months ago because I appreciate what you guys are doing for the grow community and I want to see it continue on. I’m a new grower also and I’ve been waiting for my been that you get when you become a Patreon but they haven’t come yet so I’ve been hoping that I might get picked for the seed grab and scotty would win me some seeds for me.
    Fingers are crossed.
    Thanks again for all you do.

  163. Phantom Buds

    Sorry for the spellings above that is “i’ve been waiting for my beans”

  164. Barnes2011

    I love your show I listen to every episode and am currently listening to episode 101 to gain all the info I can from you guys. I would like to try out leds and make the switch from 1000w de hps. I’d love a chance at the hlg 100. Thank you for all you do.

  165. Johnnypotsmokr

    Yo DGC!! S/o to everyone growing the dank, I am jumping in to win the Rosin Bomb. Just got done with my harvest and would LOVE to be able to squish it ( i froze it already, so hopefully I win ) I’m sure the juice will be worth the squeeze 🤣. If the Rosin bomb is pulled before I get my named called , ill take any strain. You can never have enough genetics! Much love DGC and Scotty, Guru and Dude keep putting out the great content!

    Johnny 5


  166. Budlegger

    🙏thank you my friends

  167. ill_tempered_sea_bass

    I would love some of the Boneyard’s seeds. Listening to the episode, I was really digging what Jimmy was saying and would love to play around with the old school stuff. I am really interested in breeding and one of my ideas was to try and get some landrace strains to try and get back to oldie but goodies.

  168. baggedmarkviii

    Hello DGC! I am a new fan (recently found your podcast) and I just wanted to say keep up the great work! I am a new grower and your podcast/youtube videos have been extremely helpful!

    On to the pressing topic (pun intended), I’d like to choose the Rosin Bomb as a potential prize! I have been trying to squeeze a rosin press into my budget, but thus far cant seem to smash one in. Hopefully this contest comes in clutch!

    The real prize here is all of the amazing work and knowledge you guys are spreading into the community, and I would like to personally thank you for helping me along my journey.

    Thank you!

  169. Not A Cop

    I have been watching the show for a few months now I really enjoy it and the community here is just amazing. I’ve never grown myself but I’ve helped do some trimming and worked in a food crop garden since I was young growing up in Kentucky. I’ve since moved out west and out of prohibition land and I’d like to give it a shot and grow some medicine for my wife. Anything would help me staring out but I’m mainly interested in either the hlg 100 to get some good quality energy for my plants or some quality dank genetics. Either way expect me in the dank nugs section soon and keep up the good work putting together the show.

  170. GardenofAsgard

    Hey DGC, go check out my grow post I submitted to hear what I got growin on solo. If you haven’t heard from me then bad news buddies. But no worries, see you soon. Give the wheel a spin for me Scotty. Anything may help. Who know what I’ll be comin home to.

  171. Killa j

    hey guys, great content as always. growing the medicine for the family, cbd for the youngest with cancer and mary jane for myself. the shows have helped up my game for sure and i couldn’t do it without the dgc. thanks for all you do. if you get a chance to grab for us could you go for the rosin bomb or hlg? honestly even some seeds or whatever would help keep the meds growing.

  172. Hobbit feet

    Hello dgc !!! I have beennlistienjng for over two years now. I’m on my first grow and it would t be smooth sailing without the knowledge from the dgc. Not just guru; but Scotty and dude as well.
    I would love the Pep Packe from new millennium!!!! Or the rosin bomb! Or anything really.

    I hope I can come out to the next DGC cup and smoke and chill with everybody

  173. tokes.alone

    Yo DGC! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience. This show has taught me how to grow and helped me with many successful grows when I lived in Massachusetts. I recently moved to the Carolinas, so I’m restarting, but in a much smaller and personal level. Time to find the love again. If I’m picked for a contestant in the seed grab, I’d really appreciate some good genetics or whatever the team feels will be suitable. I’m always grateful and I’m always learning… Much respect!

  174. High_vibez_420

    Hey what’s up DGC Fam! I’ve been listening/watching y’all for about a year now. I’m an army vet (non combat) who wants to start growing his own (and for my father as well, who is a navy/army vet). I would appreciate anything that would help me start growing!. Recreational is expensive! Thanks so much DGC, much love and appreciation 🙏🏼

  175. rjgetz111

    I didn’t realize IT was happening and I don’t know if I got in IT or not, Pulse,do I really have to pick out just one can I have a string of three? Thanks to , sincerely, my grows are doing better day by day. So I have really got a p[lace for the pulse the New Millenium product pak (which i AM USING DAILY) damn caps lock in the end I would love som e more mondo cookies or anything you pick so choose and by god let6 me win!

  176. Need4Seeds

    This would help with all the trim!


  177. Green248

    I use hlg LEDs, but VPD Pulse one is important
    Now. Thanks for all you help.

  178. Magic Mike

    Rosin time, excellent 🎸 🎸 🎸, I wanna take a ride on the DGC’s excellent adventure!!!
    Rosin bomb would be excellent as well but I’d love the pep pack, hlg or some Rasta man genetics

  179. I_M_Scorched

    Love the show!! Shout out to the entire DGC crew from deep in prohibition land. My alleged closet garden is in need of a targeted genetics upgrade. I am searching for my perfect medicine to grow and am wanting to explore cultivars with THC-v. I have some Panama Red beans and need another THC-v strain to cross it with to tame some of its wild Sativa growth tendencies. Would love a shot at Homegrown Natural Wonders seedpack of Quantum Kush, which is their THC-v strain.

  180. AlbinoViper420

    Well again im a first time medicine grower out here in prohibition land and just put the babe to bed (12/12 10 days) and she is doing great especially with the Recharge ive been giving to her. Anyways most of all (99%) my knowledge has come from watching you guys for the last 6 months or so and binge watching older vids. Also the community here is great! they help out with what you give them, but anyways would love some of those IRIE GENETICS BABY!! cant go wrong with those dude!


  181. Newbienugs

    I need a bag of recharge or whatever is attached to the narwhal. Do it, pick me, and make Scotty say narwhal

  182. Nuggosaurus

    Looking to up my game with a real grow light. Please pick me for HLG-100. I could use some feminized seeds from any of these breeders if this does not pan out. I have heard all of your shows, some of then more than once. Thanks for all the great info and motivation to keep it green.

  183. 4plants_Eh


    I’d love to play for the HLG light as i had just set up a new area for my veg tent so i could have mother plants and vegging plants at the same time, I was going to pick up a new light but lost my job this week so i can’t afford one anymore, my mother plants have almost died now due to barely getting any light for the last couple weeks. Much love keep up the good work.

  184. Elroyyboy

    Here In prohibition land things are getting green with some Berry Auto under my new HLG 320 R Spec.

    I’d love to have some Irie Genetics to follow up with.

    Appreciate what you guys do. Patreon is the shit.

  185. carbon

    What’s good DGC, on a 1000 plant defol grind right now, vibin to some podcasts. I wanted to enter for the change for that little HLG 100 or the Pulse. 🔥

  186. ThePixelKiefChief

    Would love to get my hands on any DGC approved genetics. Like literally any will do.

  187. jayjay

    whats going on DGC loving the show. but id love a chance at the rosin bomb or pulse. so i could continue to learn.

  188. Silkyheat

    Loving the show, looking forward to my first harvest. Would love some fresh genetics for the next run. Keep it up!

  189. ericwilson

    Hello DGC Crew, thanks to all for all the awesome information and content. I am here in Michigan and will be growing outdoors to provide material to make into live hash rosin. I need great genetics to start off my first outdoor season right!! I would love ANY seeds from ANYONE you would suggest for great hash making!

    I am consuming your content as fast as I can while working in “hash jail” learning from you all and enjoying the ride.

    Stay high,

  190. Dr. Bongsworth

    Hey hey I’d love a shot to win that pulse monitor, or any of the killer genetics you’ve got. I’ve been sober for a couple years now from Iv drug use. Growing has giving me a whole new purpose in me and I’m hoping to move from prohibition land out to Colorado this spring. Love the show.

  191. SouthNurMouth

    I’m really wanting to win the pulse monitor or seeds from any breeder. Thank y’all for doing this show and giving all the great info.

  192. DarkGreenDank

    Whaddup DGC. You guys have really helped me get my grow on point. I look forward to all your new content. Some beans would be awesome.

  193. MikeP

    Hey, DGC. I love all the content you guys put out. It has really helped me “grow” both figuratively and literally. Some new interesting genetics would really make my year. Keep up the amazing work.

  194. JoeyOneLove

    Hey DGC! Thanks for the chance to win. I’d like the seeds from Ocean Grow please! Or Irie genetics, I have been having a rough year and money has been super tight. I don’t have the spare money right now to afford to buy them this would help out SO MUCH you don’t even know. Much appreciated for the chance to win🤙🏼

  195. RockoDabs710

    Hey DGC, I’d hopefully love to win some urie seeds or ocean grown please and thank you and best of luck to the to all that enter just started watching y’all and am going to try recharge on my trailer grow!!!

  196. GH Weed Dave

    Between The Multipass from ethos and the DGC seed grab, i know eveyones garden is a jungle. Just when ya think the show cant get better it does. Love seeing ppl win stuff , how great… set up good now but I could use ya scotty to hook it up with a recharge!!! Thanks and good luck everybody!

  197. Spider80

    What up DGC, I have been following the videos for a couple of months now and taking notes as I go like I’m college again . I am deep in red prohibition land
    A little election humor. Double salute to Scotty, Dude and Guru. Thank you for all the knowledge you guys having been blessing us with. I tune in for every episode. I have learned so much in the past couple months. I really appreciate your platform for us in prohibition land. I have diverticulitis and the only thing that really helps is the good ol herb. I would really appreciate some of those fire beans from Irie or boneyard or, ocean. So in a couple of months I can be on the segment, “who growing some dank”. Thanks again for you all have done and all continue to do for us in prohibition land. Scotty I want that Purple suit from a couple of weeks ago.


  198. Drgreendumb0187

    Hey DGC, i love your show and channel and find myself looking forward to it every day. Ive learned so much from all of you guys and hope my tent reflects the knowledge gems you drop. Ive recently started stepping into autos and man….its been trying to say the least. Just about every issue one could have, i have had. It seems like all Ive been doing is playing catch up with these girls. STRESS! Anyway i love what you guys are doing and i try not to miss a show, keep it up because some of us actually meed your insight! Thanks so much!

    Id love to win a rosin bomb rocket…just in case i ever do cross the finish line with my girls. Sheesh….a rosin bomb rocket would be epic!


  199. hydrotechguy

    Lots of love from Michigan, You guys make the dayz easier by just putting Youtube on random for your show and let her play. Thanks to the entire DGC crew. I would love some genetics from IRIE GENETICS. Prefer photo period but anything would be awesome. (tbh – never tried an auto) 🙂

  200. Kid_chiba

    Sup dude,scotty and guru my only grow Bros since I’m still in a hell no you can’t grow state. Anyway I’m about to start my first ever grow after studying how for over 15 years and am trying to take it to the next level before I get to the first with a pulse one grow monitor. Help a little brother out bro’s 🌱💚DGC💚🌱

  201. Weedwhisper

    Good day DGC fellas. I’m going to send another email, though I’ve sent two with no return. On Oct 2 I was the last contestant drawn. I won a t-shirt from the grab bag. I’ve called the number on the site. It goes back to Scotty’s Bamboo farm in FL. They was supposed to get that info to Guru. If I ever get drawn again, love you guys so much, wouldn’t matter what I won. Though a Rosin bomb, The Pulse, or more Recharge. Always going to need recharge, my plants love it, and so do I…

  202. ikejones

    Cheers dgc hope all is well and good. I’d love to win that rosin bomb or hlg. Got some legal trouble in prohibition land could use something nice and shiny to help keep my mind off it lol. 2020 and still getting jammed up for the herb smh. Either way love yinz and keep doing the good work

  203. ALittleDabWillDo420

    Hey DGC hope you all haveing a great harvest can’t wait to see the finishing product , been following you all for most of covid now and don’t miss a episode.. would love to get my hands on that new mill pep pack for my next grow been looking jnto the alot, or those Irie genetics beans would be great aswell rasta Jeff’s genetics is one i been wanting to grow . Thanks for all the great episodes and helpful tips

  204. ALittleDabWillDo420

    Hey DGC hope you all haveing a great harvest can’t wait to see the finishing product , been following you all for most of covid now and don’t miss a episode.. would love to get my hands on that new mill pep pack for my next grow been looking into them alot, or those Irie genetics beans would be great aswell rasta Jeff’s genetics is one i been wanting to grow . Thanks for all the great episodes and helpful tips

  205. dlaywicker

    1st year grower here. I haven’t gotten it completely right yet. My 1st grow taught me the importance of PH. My 2nd was a lesson in environment control. Summer temps gave my plants loose loose buds. 3rd grow wasn’t my fault. A natural disaster shut down my power for days. All of my grows have emphasized the importance of curing. If there was ever someone who could benefit from the Pulse system I think I’m that person. Winning that would be incredible. I’ve spent lots of money for low quality. I wish I was one of those 1st time growers with incredible success but I’m not. I’m riding the struggle bus but I ain’t giving up.

  206. howdareyou

    Would love a ROSIN BOMB !
    who wouldn’t ?
    keep on dankin

  207. 420growit

    I would like to play for some irie what you guys are doing watch every show. Not a patron yet but plan on signing up real soon

  208. Alexander smokealot

    Whats up, DGC you guys are awesome, and what you guys do is awesome. I wanna start off and say i am a grateful fan. When i started growing i did all the research but then i found your show and its now my favorite show. I am on my first grow in a 2×4 some good genetics would be cool to win or even a good light. By the way the recharge works great. Also will be a patreon soon

  209. AlbinoViper420

    HEY DGC!!

    Well again im a first time medicine grower out here in prohibition land and just put the babe to bed (12/12 10 days) and she is doing great especially with the Recharge ive been giving to her. Anyways most of all (99%) my knowledge has come from watching you guys for the last 6 months or so and binge watching older vids. Also the community here is great! they help out with what you give them, but anyways would love some of those IRIE GENETICS BABY!! cant go wrong with those dude!



    Anything from lucky dogs genetics.
    I’m feeling down crew. Need a lift me up.

  211. Matthew709

    Guys I’m from Kentucky and as you know Kentucky is not a cannabis friendly state I need some of those good dank seeds to keep up the good operation for the guys here

  212. aweldingfish

    Definitely need to win some recharge… I’m almost out! Some killer genetics would be a great score also!

  213. Grumpy Toad

    Hope Guru is back because we are all looking forward to the Seed Grab resuming. I’d be happy to be a part of the show and any prize would be frosting on the cake.

  214. hawkman

    OCEAN GROWN SEEDS !!!!!!!! Great Genetics and strains –

  215. RonJohnnugs

    Love the show and I love to grow. That Pulse would really help to keep my ladies happy. Thanks for putting this giveaway together and thanks for all the great info!

  216. GreenT

    Hello DGC. Im trying to set up another small tent that an HLG 100 would be perfect for. If not available any genetic pack would be awesome. Regardless, I am a winner everytime I listen to the DGC and can see the application of that knowledge on my flowers. 🙂 Thank you DGC and Hope Guru is getting better.

  217. KaitlanK.Lopez

    Hey DGC I am a new subscriber on YouTube and have been listening to your podcast. I would like the HLG 100 to start my grow room. I just got my medical card here in Oklahoma and want to grow some quality bud. Me and my husband just converted an old shed into a nice cozy place to grow our ladies. I have started my seedlings in my kitchen on my food shelf. I have a enjoyield 1000watt light right now but when moving the ladies to the shed it wont be enough light to cover the space. It would really help get our grow started! Your YouTube channel has been very helpful and I appreciate all the knowledge that you guys give! Keep on with the awesome content! Also the Recharge makes such a noticeable difference in my girls. Thanks – KaitlanK.Lopez

  218. Yetizlive

    I’m super stoked! I’ve found the D.G.C. Thank you all for putting the show and crew together(not to mention seed grabs). Im a new northwest grower. Your show has been invaluable to me and the friends and family that surround me. I plan to spread the D.G.C. word as far as I can. Let’s keep kicking prohibition in the nuts! I’d like to go for the HLG100. IRIE GENETICS as my second choice.

  219. AlbinoViper420

    HEY DGC!!

    Well again im a first time medicine grower out here in prohibition land and just put the babe to bed (12/12 10 days) and she is doing great especially with the Recharge ive been giving to her. Anyways most of all (99%) my knowledge has come from watching you guys for the last 6 months or so and binge watching older vids. Also the community here is great! they help out with what you give them, but anyways would love some of those IRIE GENETICS BABY!! cant go wrong with those dude!

  220. Grundle Scrunt

    I’d be very happy to get hooked up with a pound bag of recharge. Even a sample stick pack would be great!

  221. Cordell420

    Whagwan DGC!
    New Patreon member but long time watcher/supporter… good vibes to all dgc gromies.
    id love any hlg products or any rosin bomb products or RECHARGE.. 🙂
    cant complain about anything tho! beans are always nice too .. dude , scottie, guru… you all rock bros.

  222. Bert_AND_i

    Hey dudes!
    Really love the content, I’ve been watching all the back catalogue of vids, some great conversations full of great info. I really don’t even feel the need to ask any questions!
    Have a 2×3 tent empty, would love to fill it with some new genetics! Or more light!
    Keep up the good work dudes, keeping the community informed and enlighten!
    Happy growing all! 🌱🌿🌲💨

  223. esoter1c

    Spotify binge listener here! Just getting back into growing after 15 years and your show has already helped me tremendously! Keep up the great work guys!

  224. Kannabizkid

    Hey guys i cant get an entry threw patron for aome reason… But I’ll say it again I need that rosin bomb to squish sone amazing purple buds, thabks to recharge👍 but i can always use some genetics irie preferred. Thanks guys keep this rollin!

  225. Alexander smokealot

    What is up guys I am officially a patreon. Least i could do for all the info. This is my world now and i am so grateful for that. Any genetics would be cool the HLG 100 would be fantastic though. It feels good to be apart of something. You guys have a good one and good growings!!!!!

  226. Darth kush

    Hey dgc love the show been growing for a year now have 2 grows under the belt running a 1000 watt hps but looking too switch to led hlg100 would be great for my grow room best regards and keep on gifting the knowledge

  227. MoseGrows

    I don’t have any access to concentrates here in prohibition land would love to get my hands on a rosin bomb rocket.

  228. JohnnyGreenThumb316

    DGC this was my first Medical Grow and was successful … Meaning all my plants made it to cure stage. Working on consistency and quality…Learned a lot from listening daily to your show and really appreciate all the tips and growology you guys go over daily!! Could really use the pulse to maintain my grow environment atmosphere.. but good genetics would be good too!! I can only medicate with something the has really low limonene in it if that’s not to much to ask?? Thanks 🙏

  229. QuantumSkies

    Hey DGC hope all is well. Absolutely love the show and all the positive vibes that surround the DGC community. You guys a great, keep up the good work of informing growers on how to better themselves and grow better medicine. I’ve learned a ton from the shows and wanted to say thank you for making me a better grower. Hope Guru gets to feeling better soon 🙏

    Would love to play for the rosin bomb or some raw or Irie genetics. All of the prizes are so good its hard to pick. lol

  230. DebK

    On my 2nd grow and any help is appreciated! Love your show….I’m learning every time I watch.Looking for a new light but anything would be awesome!

  231. Hi tech redneck

    A pulse CO2 monitor or some awesome irie genetics if all else fails go for the recharge

  232. arman clark

    hey DGC fam and terp ptarmigan 🙂 anyways id love to win a HLG 100, but really i just want MORE recharge! i bought a bag and bought a hat, love both so i cant wait for the hats to come back in ill be buying one FOR SURE! guru get better!!

  233. Niceguyrick

    Hey, DGC. I’ve been a long time lurker on the site, all the content you guys have has really saved my bacon more than once. You guys are awesome, thanks so much for doing what you do. I would really like to get my hands on some fresh beans, but really anything would be awesome. Thank you again for providing such great content for free you guys are really making a difference in the community. 👍

  234. Sedo2020

    Hey guys im a firat time grower here and i have successfully made it to week 4 of flower,white widow strain, and all i have i a blurple grow lightfrom home depot, lol, i would love to get a real grow light for my next 4×4 run, if you have a light for a 4×4 id like to be a contestant forvthe light spin wheel or claw machine, thanks guys

  235. Do_Dooby_Scooby

    Yooooo i made it im here idk how to pick something to play free shit is free shit very rarely is that a bad thing lol i just wanna be involved lol as long as im kickin it with the DGC im kickin it like a fat rat in a cheese factory ya know😁😎

  236. alldayeveryday

    Wearing these masks is fuckin with my microbiome. I NEED a pounder of Recharge. I figure if I eat a little every morning it will be duplicitous with my yogurt. Dude! 🤞🤙

  237. tturchi23

    Rosin bomb! I have some of the most resinous flower around and am constantly asked if I have rosin. I’d like to learn it on something small scale like this before investing big$$$ into a larger press. As someone who is blessed to cultivate cannabis for a living, this would help with financing because it’s hard to invest a lot of $$ in things you are unfamiliar with. That being said thanks for all y’all do for us, the cannabis community! #dudegrowsshow

  238. TremzXXI

    Not sure if you all now how hard it is to regulate humidity and temperature in Central Florida but it is!!!! I would love to have some help from the Pulse Grow system!! #dudegrowsshow #dgcseedgrab #pulselabs #pulseone @pulsegrow @dudegrows

  239. lilnic003

    First time growers here looking for some great genetics! Would love any of the seeds but especially the Lucky Dog ones!


  240. Purp And Urple

    Ahoy-hoy! I will be playing for that beautiful, one of a kind, pristine white and orange growminder unit that I am never able to actually afford during normal times. But these ain’t normal times, these are the claw times!! (Maybe have Jim carrey from Liar Liar do some claw intros for ya!!) And in the times of the claws, growminders be free!! … I can afford that.
    While I’m at work at my 7-4 schedule, who knows what temps be swinging where, what humidty spikes I don’t know about, my lights on? I have NO idea! Why?because I ain’t got no minder unit minding my grow! Thanks guys!

  241. GrumpyGrib

    What’s up DGC? (Get better soon Guru). If lucky enough to get picked that Rosinbomb Rocket would be the “bomb”… got a couple plants comin out of the tent soon just beggin to be squished. Keep up the good work!

  242. Json

    Odie is so chill, have always wanted to try his stuff. Would be so stoked to win some seeds from homegrown wonder. Covid has been rough.

  243. SenorVerde

    What’s up DGS fam? Newer grower, long time listener. I appreciate all that you do for the community. I’d love to play for the Pulse Grow sensor, or the Rosin Bomb. It’s hard to pick just one.

  244. StonerShenanigans

    Hey DGC! What’s growin on! I would LOVE to play for either an HLG Light or some seeds because this bitch finally got the courage to start growing some dank!

  245. Growformedammit

    Helloooooo DGC! I’d love to win anything from you guys! All prizes are awesome! Butttttt if I had to pick in order…. HLG! more light for the new set up. Pulse to really see what my environment is when I’m at work! Rosin bomb because well who doesn’t want one! New mil pack because new stuff is great. And genetics starting with irie ! Because Rasta Jeff kills it! Thanks for the opportunity !!

  246. JohnnyBuds

    NEW MILLENIUM PACK PLEASE!!!!!! I am almost out of nutes do to plants growing huge. There drinking gallons not gallon but gallons a day. I’ve got to make it til Christmas thats my approximate harvesting time . Thanks for doing what yall do.


    Hey guys!
    Let’s keep it simple. I’m feeling lucky, dog.

    bohemian highway please
    Thank you.

    #dude grows show

  248. AlbinoViper420

    HEY DGC!!

    Well again im a first time medicine grower out here in prohibition land and just put the babe to bed (12/12 10 days) and she is doing great especially with the Recharge ive been giving to her. Anyways most of all (99%) my knowledge has come from watching you guys for the last 6 months or so and binge watching older vids. Also the community here is great! they help out with what you give them, but anyways would love some of those IRIE GENETICS BABY!! cant go wrong with those dude!!

  249. Riven

    Hey DGC
    I had a great harvest this year as I discussed in Dank Nugs and I ended up with a shit ton of sugar leaves so I’d love to try a Rosen Bomb ! I’ve rolled up some of those sugar leaves and it still gets me high, it’s just drier, so blunts are a good choice. I’m also using the trim for my LEVO machine to make my oils, especially my coconut oil, yum. So I’d love a Rosen Bomb!

  250. Riven

    Guess the Rosen is Rosin, opps

  251. OneloveSheba603

    Good day DGC I am coming to you from prohibition land as a medical user and beginner grower of my own. This is such a great thing you do to give back to the DGC that is unlike anything I have seen from this sort of platform. In hopes that Guru will be back for this grab I leave it up to him for the prize as anything would be a god send in these trying times. Thank you for welcoming me into this community and I look forward to growing, in more than one way with all of you. Stay lifted, stay safe.


  252. biblebeltskunk

    What’s up dudes I will go for that pulse meter that would be perfect as a new addition to my new tent my girls are a week old today thank you for all of your help and thank you for encouraging others as you have done me

  253. Shannon869

    Hey guys!! My first harvest in 20 years will be coming up in a couple weeks and I sure could use that ROSIN BOMB. I’m a flower fan but slowly coming around to concentrates. Since Scotty has been killing it with the claw this might be a great time to try for it!!

  254. highline

    hook this patron up with some sativa genetics!

  255. adirondank

    Hello DGC! I’m a first time grower from deep in Prohibitionland. Just harvested my first crop a couple weeks ago and am not happy with the genetics I’ve been working with. I was gifted a few backwoods hillbilly clones from a buddy and the final product smells like cat pee and tastes like ONIONS!! No Bueno! I would love to start again with quality genetics- anything from Rasta Jeff at Irie Genetics, Ocean Grown or anything else you would recommend. Thanks guys for all the great knowledge!

  256. Lee

    Rosin bomb because prohibition land sucks, but Rosin and dude grows show makes it better! Get well soon Guru miss you on the show! Thanks for the opportunity to win awesome prizes guys!!

  257. yinyang814

    Boneyard seeds would be wonderful to have after I finish my current, first-time grow. Unknown bag seeds is all I have at the moment. Thanks for all the great info you post online. Setting up a new tent indoors and trying to figure out all the supplies and amendments can be really overwhelming at times and you guys explain everything very well. Again, thank you for all the knowledge you share.

  258. rjgetz111

    Okey dokey here it is and I hapo for a smashing success with my gooey response. The idea of medical cannabis has long been my goal. Oh i’ve certainly achieved smashing a few records with my girls but the squishing of several bits of resin powder has not resulted in what the meds want . It seems they want a golden sauce that can be regulated for content I have almost lost the battle but “Holy cow batman” along came the bomb . If I can just slop through all my gooey mistakes and get my hands on the bomb, because all the sauce I can scoop up around here wouldn’t get me on a mailing list even, well it has to be bestowed on me by the express so I will be sneaking around seeking the rosin bomb express and medical miracles will continue.

  259. IfsUGrow

    Thanks for keeping the seed grab going. Really enjoy hanging out Fridays evening and winding down. I would be super grateful for any new genetics. Breaking the stoner stereotype!

  260. Willie0612

    New grower finding your show helpful and entertaining. Got Parkinson’s recently and at home permanently now. Growing has given me something to focus on and is basically a good therapy for me. Would like to try LUCKY DOG SEED CO ✌🏾Thanks DG

  261. Wendel75

    Honestly very new to the show and just about to start my first grow just finishing up setting up and getting a fees odds and ends before I do. I would be excited as hell just to win some great seeds and I really appreciate what your show does to help the community. I have binged as far back as I could go on iTunes podcasts in about the last month and have gained so much knowledge and I hope to have a successful first go at it. THANKS!

  262. Herbal Santa

    Hey DGC
    My favorite show and I am deeply in withdrawal j/k
    Hope all is well hope Guru is getting over his flu
    Scotty if you choose me I will be overjoyed with any prize

  263. Atlanticjungle

    Solfire genetics , legit my favorite
    Breeder out their !

  264. GrampaCannabis

    Been under the table a few days but feeling better. DGC has been a great help. I have too many plants going for my little area. I am getting the things together for my daughter a one plant grow. The only thing left is a light. Sure would be a game changer to get a HLG 100. It’s perfect for a small grow. I have a PineappleXX from Brothers Grimm I want her to grow. It’s two days old.

  265. GunnerV

    As a new grower, with fortunate climates my first grow finished nicely (once I found Recharge – ph fluctuations stopped immediately). Now in my second grow, fall changes are giving me fits. RH fluctuations and temp swings are giving me fits. I’ve already learned I’m gonna have to add a heater and dehumidifier to meet VPD targets — but a Pulse ONE monitor would sure assist me in dialing things in.

    Love all you guys are doing!



  266. Spider80

    What up DGC, I have been following the videos for a couple of months now and taking notes as I go like I’m college again . Double salute to Scotty, Dude and Guru. Thank you for all the knowledge you guys having been blessing us with. I tune in for every episode. I have learned so much in the past couple months. I really appreciate your platform for us in prohibition land. I have diverticulitis a stomach disorder and the only thing that really helps is the good ol herb. It curbs my nausea and pain and help me gain an appetite. I would really appreciate some of those fire beans from Irie or boneyard or, ocean. So in a couple of months I can be on the segment “who’s growing some dank? Thanks again for you all have done and all continue to do for us in prohibition land. Scotty I want that Purple suit from a weeks ago.

  267. Killa j

    hey guys! as always thanks for the great content and even more so for that sweet mullet the dude has with the speed lines on the side for air flow. you guys are a trip and love watching to show. been a patron for a while as well and can’t get enough grow talk in my life. have a perpetual going for my 1st grow, on 4th generation now making meds/healers and would love to take some experiments to the next level with a rosin press to see what difference growing techniques makes. a hlg would be killer for the new seedling area i’m putting together, or even some great genetics to keep the perpetual perpetuating. happy growing everyone

  268. OdoyleRules88

    Hey guys as always thanks for the great content, it is greatly appreciated and always find myself smiling when watching you guys. If I’m lucky enough to get picked I would love some awesome genetics. PS only 5 more hours and I will be off work at home my bong in my hand getting normal again. Thanks again guys and happy growing.

  269. NeuteredNugs

    Well howdy y’all. Hope Guru gets better soon. Scotty and Dude holdin’ down the fort pretty good. I recon I’ld like to get ahold of that there Rosin Bomb. Livin’ in a

    probate state I figure I can use it to make smashburgers. Never had the privilege of doin’ a dab, would like to knock that off the old bucket list. Hell I’ve never had the

    privilege of token on legal weed, at least not yet. Thank for the consideration.

  270. neem_is_my_cologne

    Greeting from the great state of Michigan. First time grower long time toker. I am 4 weeks into flower my first grow of 7 cookies Kush bag seeds and thanks to you and the community my stuffs looking way better than the donor bag it came out of. Frost city!!! Couldn’t have done it without all the knowledge you folks beam into my head on a daily basis. My Only problem is 7 plants of the same strain leaves me with no variety. No worries there I got my 5 Patreon freebies on the way and I am ready for a new challenge. That new challenge for me is going to be going ALL organic on the next run. I shall Feed the microbes! Having said that, I am hoping you guys can throw my name in for any and all free seeds so I can diversify my portfolio to the max on my next few grows. Either way you guys are awesome, thank you for spreading the good word and thank you for all you do.

  271. COSGrow618

    What’s up DGC!!! Much love and respect y’all!!! Hope everyone’s safe and sound. Congratulations to the winners today. Just got done my summer indoor. With drying and curing coming up and my work schedule it’d be super duper cool if I had a chance for the pulse. So I could monitor from work. But reguardless who wins I hope all prizes get into the right hands. Much love y’all. 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻💚💚🏡

  272. Elroyyboy

    Hey DGC,
    Glad Guru is feeling better and back in the saddle.
    I’m starting a coco hempy buckets run soon and would love some #homegrownnaturalwonders beans to commemorate it with.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.



  273. Bootsie Jenkins

    I would love to get a chance at the Rosin Bomb! I have some Strawberry Starburst in veg that would make some delicious rosin! I bought my wife a Huni Badger based on Scotty’s recommendation and she loves it. Now I need some way to make her concentrates because the dispensary prices put it out of reach.

    If the Rosin Bomb isn’t available then any of the dank ass genetics would be amazing! Thanks again for all that you guys do!

    Much love

    Bootsie Jenkins

  274. BigHuff2316

    Hey all. Whats up Scotty Guru and Dude!!! I HAVE to try for that pulse grow monitor as I am going on vacation and wont get ANY sleep without one. Im feeling lucky!!

  275. ShowMeTheMedicine

    or an HLG 🤷🏿‍♂️

  276. Kubernetes Captain

    Agree with all the previous comments, glad to see Guru back on the show. Learning so much from DGC that I can’t wait to share my experience.

  277. Grumpy Toad

    Glad you are all well and getting back to normal.

    I’d take my chances on a “Scotty’s Choice” selection.

    Huzzah! Looking forward to the show.

  278. EddieC

    What’s up DGC fam

    I need that Rosin Bomb Scotty or a Plus lab. I’ve been a paid og member since a the first episode. Just trying to grow the best home grown in Wa State since my daughter passed from brain cancer. Vnow I grow for myself and a few. Vets in my town.

    Eddie C
    Mr.C Growing 4 B


    What’s up dgc good to see you guys again good to see guru healthy! Happy you’re still with us Scotty really look at standing as well always great Showmanship and dude well you know you’re the best! Anyways I’m playing for the pulse grow now that I have to work a government job meaning pay taxes.but it would be nice to have something to ease my mind a little while I’m at work! right now I’m just Flying Blind! cheer boys stay lifted! and as always peace love and respect#dudegrowsshow

  280. griff2020

    Love the dudegrowsshow,just signed up and would love some ocean grown seeds.Keep up the great work.

  281. Tokin H. Chronic

    Hello DGC, I hope everyone is staying high 💨💚✌️ That pulse monitor would be a great addition to my tent!!


    Stay safe DGC

  282. Mr. nice guy

    Love the show can’t say it enough. I love got get my greasy hands on some good beans. Working one my first grow and every seems to be going good. Been using recharge biobizz Mammoth P the girls seem to be loving it. But I really need some good beans and keep up the good work.

  283. Screwstonscarecrow

    What’s up DGC! Love the show guys it really helps keep things in perspective at my house behind the prohibition curtain. I’m a veteran who uses cannabis medicinally regardless of what my state legislators have to say about it. I have spent the last year making vermicompost and still building in preparation for my newest grow. I’ve been put on an involuntary hiatus and the drug task force stole all my old grow equipment along with some usable product. I would like to play for anything scotty can snag me. This stuff would help greatly in restarting my personal medicinal grow. Thank you guys for the opportunity keep up the good work. Let’s continue to outgrow big bro and watch prohibition together DGC!

  284. Terpin8or

    I would like to please play for the Rosin Bomb. You see the other day I went out and bought a 20 ton Harbor Freight hydraulic press in anticipation of smashing me own nugs. I do still need plates but this would be like playing for something I already have so it should work perfectly. 😉

  285. Herbal Santa

    Hey now DGC
    Hope all is well so glad to see Guru back!
    Would love to be part of the fun and would love a pulse monitor or just about anything other than shirts (am a extremely portly stoner and y’all never seem to have the larger sizes)

  286. Bushwood Boutique

    Good afternoon DGC been a listener and a supporting member for over a year now
    Love the recharge boys it works well
    I have learned so much from the dgc thaT my Michigan boys are getting jello from my knowledge from the Dgc
    I’d like to play for the pulse monitor for my 4×8
    Bushwood boutique

  287. Johnny5

    Hey DGC , love the show ! I listen to it on my way to work in the morning and I’ve been starting to listen to Rasta Jeff on his podcast in the downtime you guys had. So I’ve decided I’d like to try and get the Irie genetics, I’d love to be able to grow one! It seems he puts a ton of effort is making sure the genetics he puts out are quality!


  288. SustainablySmokEd

    SEEDGRABS BACK!!! just what i needed… What a week.. Bomb after bomb dropped on me.. first had to fight a friend to get him to admit he needed addiction help.. then i found out i theres a good possibility i may have prostate cancer at 33 (or at least prostate issues at 33, either way), then find out a different friend has been lying to me as well and is more than likely using drugs again too… Ugh… at least i can always look to the DGC to escape with. Just turn on the show, light one up, and live in the moment. You guys keep me from going nuts in ways that wouldnt be fun to see or ever hear about. lol Truly, love you guys!

    But i gotta ask, can you drop a bomb on me too? Not like the aforementioned ones, but a rosin bomb.. Im about to be harvesting my first indoor crop in over a decade. I trying to create enough medicine for my girl and i but since we both smoke a lot of concentrates for the relief we need, idk how i’ll ever be able to stop going to my dispensary or afford a press.. I guess id either have to deal with symptoms and save, or accept paying 65-120 a gram. I’m def not willing to accept those prices, so i ask please dont make me do this the hard way… just this once.. lol

    With as much seriousness and jokes as there are above… I truly appreciate you guys. If it weren’t for you inspiring me to follow my passions. I know i’d let all this shit that has built up in the past week pull me down, convincing me to stop the pursuit of success and go back down the rabbit hole of addiction.

  289. SneakYxSnow

    Whats up DGC! I gotta say, any HLG would be perfect for me. It would match well with the new beans i got from Seeds here now. Thanks for the new memeber free seeds DGC. Waiting to have everything truly dialed in, so i can compete in a future Dank Nug. The education the crew extends to the community is priceless. Keep up the hard work!

  290. GunnerV

    After fighting humidity all month, I’m in for the Pulse!! Help me out Scotty! After spending all my money on fans and a dehumidifier, I’ll have nothing left for monitoring equipment!!

    Thanks again for all the help!




  291. DzFromDetroit

    I wouldn’t mind a pulse or some dope seeds

  292. Justadudewantingtogrow

    Needing that rosin bomb! Nothing like burning your hands on a straightener trying to get some dabs. Seeds are also a good grab. Pulse for your grow is important

  293. howdareyou

    HLG 100 would light up my life!

  294. Rblood

    Hey DGC what’s up? I watch the show on the regular. The recharge is superb! Growing here in Oklahoma and would appreciate a shot a the rosin bomb or some soldier genetics. Thanks again.

  295. Alexander smokealot

    I would love to win the HLG 100 or even some genetics. This show is awesome and i love it. Thanks guys i hope i win!!!!!!!!!!

  296. DonkeyKongCannabis

    HEY all! Patreon Female grower from Michigan here!! Would like to play for a Rosin Bomb… Have never done Rosin and would like to experience it.. I watch you guys and it makes me wanna try it.. But as I always say beggars can’t be choosey! So would be happy with anything ! Love you guys ! So happy to see Guru is back! I actually missed his explanations for stuff! Love the show! Thanks Guys!

  297. Jr@thelake

    Because of all the great info i have collected from you gents at the DGC I have a shit ton of weed to press!!! Rosin press please, or the light!! Love the DGC, peace. love and dont step on ants!!

  298. Cuzmas

    Always spreading the word!! I’m down for any goodies!!😃

  299. Green248

    Hey DGC. Never won anything but use recharge and get good results. thanks.
    Today I want to upgrade my garden with a pulse one
    Can you help ?

  300. Howbout2

    Glad to see the seed grab back. And blown away when my dank nug was posted on your show. But would love a chance to play. All the prizes are sweet. But would love a pulse, rosin bomb, are some new genetics. Solfire, raw. There all sweet

  301. YC317

    Rosin 💣 or seed grab for me..I wouldnt mind having some goodies to enjoy.. I dont have a way to smoke the rosin at this point but i would build something up real fast or order a tool to smoke out off. And if i had a shot at the seeds i kno they would be just 🔥 so clearly i would take anything at this point . i would also take a light if i had the chance the HLG100 would take me into another level . And multiple choice was always my favorite in school . But i wouldnt kno where to start hey scotty flip a coin and you guys let me kno .. I will take anything because just the fact you guys from DGC are making my life sooooo easy on all other objects.#DGC #Scotty #Dude #Guru. Shout out to the whole DGC crew and let not forget all the people in the backround Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  302. Kayadog

    Love a HLG light for veg. my t5 has seen better days.

  303. YC317

    #Dudesgrowshow #DGCseedgrab #Backtothegreenhouse #Tardis #Dudegrows just for DGC hashtag gang

  304. Son Growku

    The last few months have been spent learning from you guys, and growing medicine for my father with some decent progress; Thank you all, DGC!

    Today, I just got back from my best friends funeral, so some SeedGrab luck would really help lift my spirits.

    A Rosin Bomb or HLG100 would be dope! If they’re too difficult to grab, I wouldn’t mind some great genetics to manage chronic pain and/or chemo side effects, or even a Pulse monitor to keep my grow in check! Thanks again for everything!

    With love and mad respect,

  305. Happyshorebuds

    Hello to all! I’m new to patreon, oooof a bit of a tech/understanding hurdle for me😁.

    I’ve watched your show mostly on YouTube for about a year. Thanks for all the grow info and exposure to some cool tech and toys. It’s so much more fun to be a stoner now than twenty years ago!

    So I would love to be in for the rosinbomb! I grow as a caregiver for my wife who has PTSD and would love to be able to provide the cleanest oil possible as her medicine.

    Keep bringing the knowledge and shedding light into the dark corners of prohibition.

  306. Ros In Piece

    We would love that rosin bomb.
    We’re poor. We’re noobs , second auto grow and just look at our name.

  307. RediJedi

    Hey guys! Just found out about you fellas after starting to grow my own and I have found a wealth of knowledge thanks to you and the community that has come together around you. All these prizes are so dank it’s hard to choose! I would have to choose the rosin bomb so I can look forward to the fruits of my labor later on. Thanks for everything; okie dokie stay cool peace out ✌️

  308. Rblood

    My brothers! Did looks like pat sajac with the blue suit on. Any way. Love your recharge ! Watch all the time from the okie state! I

    I would love a shot at the rosin bomb or some solfire genetics. Stay Lifted!!

  309. GreenT

    Hello DGC. Hope everybody is enjoying their grows. I would love to play for some Boneyard Seeds Please. If not available I would like to play for some recharge please Thank you. 🙂

  310. TasmanianBear

    What’s up DGC, happy Friday! Hope everyone’s doing great. Would love a chance at any seeds. It’s the Holliday season and I would love a visit from Scotty-Claus with some beans!

  311. TasmanianBear

    What’s up DGC, happy Friday! Hope everyone’s doing great. Would love a chance at any seeds.

  312. Theylive

    Oi! Oi! Fellas! Greetings from sunny FL! My lungs are charred so need to to start dabbing. I’d really dig on the rosinbomb. Thank you good sirs!

  313. Agent 47

    I would love to win a pack of seeds! Our grow is dialed in and we are in need of some new genetics. I have stomache issues and cannabis has helped me stop 3 other meds. Im having trouble finding stuff that works. Maybe you guys could help? Please? Thanks and much love DGC!

  314. joeBLOWSmoke

    I’d love to win some genetics, but anything from the DGC is great! I’m here for the community and dank conversations! I hope Guru can taste again and am happy as heck that the crew is back! Happy Friday!


    What up DGC? I could really use a new veg light for my grow, but any prize will do 😉

  316. TdubSac

    Whats up DGC, Dude,Scott, guru. I can’t tell you how much I e learned from this show/community. I’ve always had my hands in on some type of grow but bc of you guys, I have converted a room to a grow. I have followed your recommendations as far as equipment nutes actually not nutes. I’ve converted to living soil and am loving it so far. So I’ve got my grow down but now I want to make it perpetual. The first thing I see is this hlg100. It would be perfect for my new veg station. I would play for anything really but that would really be over the top. Pics and kicks soon to follow. Peace out

  317. Pridefall

    Hey DGC! As always love the support and knowledge! Guru! So glad your back man! Anyways how about a rosin bomb, or some new beans, ire, raw maybe? Anyways thanks again guys!

  318. jayjay

    hey guys it would be awesome to get a chance to win a rosin bomb or a pulse. have had a rough day just had to kill a couple males

  319. QuantumSkies

    Hey guys glad guru is back and getting better. Just got my reup of recharge my plants thank you for all this dope knowledge! Would love to play for the rosin bomb! Have a great day guys!

  320. OdoyleRules88

    Thanks for all u guys do. The show and community feels like a brotherhood that I am proud to be a part of. And if I am lucky enough to get picked would u please let GURU pick what to go for. Thanks again guys for all u do.

  321. Mr.AutoNoob

    Sup DGC, i just my my gorilla grow tent set up with my hlg 260 watt diy kit and all i can say it my plants love it i would really like to get some fire genetics or a PULSE GROW monitor to be aware when im not home ;D thanks for all the help and knowledge you guys throw at us we love it!

  322. Bert_AND_i

    Greetings from area code 207!
    Been watching the show for some time now. And man thank you guys for all this great info. Just popped some beans a while back would love to try some recharge!
    Thank you for the great content guys. I feel confident in my grow with you guys helping out! Happy growing all and stay medicated!🌱🌿🌲💨

  323. SubliminalOne

    So incredibly pumped that the DGC crew is back together and that the show will go on as planned (not trying to jinx it). Would love to try any of the great genetics shown or the Rosin Bomb. I would love the Pulse meter but I’m sure other growers in the DGC are more advanced than I am and could really up there game with the Pulse. Love this show, love that it’s Friday, and One Love to the DGC community. – SubliminalOne

  324. Koo Koo Ka Choo

    Happy Friday DGC! Love the knowledge and experience I can gain and the community that has evolved from your show. Would love to make concentrates with the Rosinbomb! Fire genetics from Solfire or Irie would be awesome too!

  325. Ros In Piece

    Rosin Bomb cause were
    Noobs and broke
    Mmmm Ros In Piece
    Let’s smoke

  326. OCannabis613

    🇨🇦Patreon supporter here and long time watcher and fan. My GF n I have learned so much from the Dude Grows team and DGC. The more recent FART episode and Dudes dogs breath was the funniest ever.

    We’d love for a chance to win a pulse monitor or some beans (Irie or others). Thanks for all the knowledge u guys share.

  327. chickenchick

    Hello my DGC family, my hubby has been hard at work re designing our grow room. We are finally here to see another live episode and would love to have Scotty or Guru do a pick for us that would help us up our game at producing DANK nugs. Will post some pics soon, much love to the DGC land.

  328. SoylentScott

    I really want to get into concentrates, they basically don’t exist at the one dispensary near me so I would love a RosinBomb. Also a patron

  329. TerpTap

    Almost missed this…I’ve been sleeping on my patreon perks. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and it feels like I’ve been facing challenges non-stop. The one thing that keeps me sane is spending time in my garden. The DGC community has some of the chillest and most helpful people out there and I can’t thank the community enough for the endless wisdom. I was never a flower guy because of my asthma, but due to outrageous prices in IL for medicine from the dispensaries ($60-80/g extracts), I don’t have the luxury of using extracts anymore. Winning the rosin bomb would be a life changer.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  330. BeanCounter420

    Hey DGC!! New grower and Patron, started my first indoor grow 4 weeks ago with a couple of bagseed I had and all the information you all have provided has helped me a lot. Would really love to try Irie genetics for my next grow!! Thanks DGC!!

  331. DR.Gitrite

    I’d like to play for and hopefully win the #HLG100 for my father in-law! Growing weed is the only thing we can agree. He has been growing with the sorriest set of under the cabinet LED light bars, managed to make it all the way through harvest! Not bad smoke but I’m sure it could be so much better with quality light. I had never seen 7.5 ft indoor Autoflowers before. Bang Bang!

  332. Drgreendumb0187

    Hey guys. Ive recently purchased genetics from a Possibly shady source.. There been nothing but love to win some fire to see if my suspicion is correct. Love what you guys do keep it up!

  333. Cmbodell

    Seeds baby.

  334. Your_Mailman_Grows

    Pulse please!

  335. NYStoner

    Hey DGC could really use better genetics!! Always ! I spent a load on seeds that are just ok.. THanks guys YOu all Rock!

  336. Jay smash

    Man all i want is a rosin 💣 this world has me so upside down. I turned 31 Oct and had to move back in with my family. Lost my car and job kinda sucks but its easy when you been thought hell. A rosin 💣 would save me so much money and help me start getting my life back together!

  337. SupremeGrape

    Sup DGC, Hook it up with the Rosin Bom! No more shitty BHO!

  338. Captain_Terp

    Just because I love the whole DGC crew, love being part of the international community, love the vibe and love your work.
    PS Hope Guru’s taste and smell come back pronto!

  339. chickenchick

    Hello my DGC Family, hope we can win today. Let it be a Guru pick, happy growing and harvesting much love from Vt.

  340. Butustank

    Love all you guys at DGC, hope you’re getting healthy Guru. I live in prohibition land and need a little starter pack from Solfire.

    Do it for my pappy, Scottie!!!

  341. Iwetmyplants

    Hi all DGC new here, loving the show, looking forward to contributing, I just germinated my Irie Genetics “Orangegasm” in recharge, excited to see this grow, I still have my Blurple lights running, would love a new HLG light so I can actually see a Deficiency if I have one!

  342. RollinTBones

    I’d love to score some sweet genetics like dominion or top dog. Thanks for the opportunity and much appreciated all that you guys do… Ass kiss over

  343. Leo619

    Hello there its Leo @lionsden619
    We love your show .. actually I been growing since I was 12 .. I have an opportunity to grow show my craft ! .. love to work with the genetics ! That are giving out seeds for growers .. to try show what they could do its 75 percent genetics 25 .. grower … thats me brother hope you pick me I honestly be a good use .. here

  344. Leo619

    Honestly anything any @seedbank oldies disle!

  345. Leo619

    I was able to convince my mom to grow pot .. for her she has .. polio .. its really tough .. being a single mom .. its was so hard for us when I was 12 I found that cannabis help my mental illness … also helps my mom .. I actually learned how big it was in juvi .. the kept putting videos how bad but they put one about the medical side one I was like no way !.. thats everything started for .. quickly started working at sdhydro at 15

  346. StinkyNutts

    Id like seeds or a led light so i can start a grow!

  347. Leo619

    I was able to convince my mom to grow pot .. for her she has .. polio .. its really tough .. being a single mom .. its was so hardI found that cannabis help my mental illness … also helps my mom .. I actually learned how big it was in juvi .. the kept putting videos how bad but they put one about the medical side one I was like no way !.. thats everything started for .. quickly started working at sdhydro at

  348. StinkyNutts

    ID like to start a grow. It would be for my handicapped dad who in server pain and my mother who has cancer. It would also help out with addictions I’m trying to get over. I can’t find weed or seeds anywhere but I can sure find hard core drugs…. sucks

  349. SoilFeedin'

    Love me sum DGC!

  350. Leo619

    Please pick me !

  351. dreamer

    OMG! Finally got signed in for the first time! Watch the show everyday! Would love to win some seeds, just getting started grow would be great to start with good genetics!

  352. Do_Dooby_Scooby

    Genetics genetics genetics pretty please i know yall only bring the dank newerish member here in prohibition land florida.. fuckem got 2 tents and a 10 by 12 room for the family grow lookin for the magic beans man love yall😁😁😎😎😎

  353. Breezy90

    Hey guys! New to the show and just signed up to become a patreon member. Pretty stoked! I’ve completed one successful grow which I yielded 3 ounces from a bagseed. Now I’ve got Cannarado genetics and ILGM bubba kush running for my second grow. Would love to get that pulse monitor, rosinbomb, or he’ll even some RECHARGE!! I’ve never used it but plan to! Thanks for all the great info! This show is the tits!!! Much love gromies!!


    Hello DGC , I am Green with Dude Grows Show and I am using Recharge on my crop this time. I recently became a member and I think you might be impressed with recent grows ! Been growing a few years, Yes I am Green ! Nothing compared to DGC ! I am trying for Seeds today and Hope I am worthy for ! Spin that Wheel Scotty Real ! I spoke to your buddy down in Fla at a Bamboo Place and he spoke very highly of you ! Back to the seeds, Please Scotty give it a spin ! After joining DGC , I put in code word for free seeds and I need information to put on money order and where to mail it to, All help is appreciated !

  355. NeusiKesho

    We are finally legal in Arizona! Growers like myself can come out of the closet (and into the tents.) Since I’ve noticed a severe lack of quality in the dispensaries, I basically quit smoking any bud I didn’t grow myself. There’s only one problem. I love to dab more than smoke. If you guys could hook me up with that Rosin Bomb, I can finally consume all my own clean, organic, terpy, live rosin. I promise to be your bestest friend in the whole wide world forever because a friend with weed is a friend indeed.

  356. Hi tech redneck

    I would like to try for the pulse monitor. In the last year and I have I’ve moved from outside 2 inside and it’s all due to the dgc since it was so hard to find the proper information that a person needs to pull off I would say a badass indoor Harvest. I have tweaked my set up numerous of times from all the help that I have received from the show Bandits patreon which turn me into a indoor growing monster. But nevertheless I am going to up my game one more time and in Rich with a CO2 burner this spring coming up so that pulse monitor would be marvelous.. for all the solid information, you and your guests give out much love and respect from prohibition land Bluegrass State

  357. ZacHaze

    Oh…the Rosin Bomb Rocket would be sweet titties,lol.or any type of bad ass genetics would really be get the chance to run n see what i am capable doing with some new good solid genetics…lol,cannot wait to look thru all your guys seed dude coupons as well..peace homies

  358. Count Dankula

    I would love some Irie genetics. The dgc and recharge has changed my grow tremendously. I rarely ever comment, but I never miss a show. Always listen while at work. I can’t believe I’m still playing with bag seed, someone help a brother out.

  359. Bigwrd420

    Hello DGC.
    I am so happy to have discovered this community. I have learned a ton from this family. And it does feel like family! Right down to the good natured ball busting… Sorry, I don’t mean to be sexist… Ass busting😎 I can’t say that I have a preference as to what I’d like to play for. Anything would be awesome. But… I’ll be honest, I would love to help spread the word by rockin’ some DGC swag( hat, shirt, whatever…)!!! You guys( and girls!) are awesome! Keep up the great work, stay thankful and be higher!!!

  360. EasyBurn420

    Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru, and Warehouse Kyle 👍 I’ve been watching the show for years, absolutely love it and I learn a great deal about growing and cannabis in general.
    I’ve been looking at all of the available prizes and I think that the Rosinbomb would make the perfect gift for me and my wife. My second choice would be Golden Goat seeds from Irie Genetics.
    Keep doing what you do guys and I will keep watching along and enjoying all the fun and informative talk!

  361. Johnnybestoned

    just wanna start by saying Scotty got the good vibes man I feel like he is the type a guy you can smoke a joint with an bull shit with for hours would like to win that rosin bomb no
    Doubt tho

  362. HandsomeCajun

    Hey DGC i appreciate all the work y’all put in for the Cannabis community. I have learned an incredible amount of information and watching the content y’all make and i would really love to try out some Ocean Grown Seeds because i want to grow my own medicine. Im looking forward to learning more and i look forward to the daily uploads. Peace out DGC ✌️

  363. Doctor Dendro

    Lucky dog seeds.
    Looking for some new genetics for my next run! Love the chem crosses! Hard indicas are what keep me pain free instead of using those addictive pharma drugs.
    Thanks DGC!

  364. barelyburningburlyburnhardly

    I have been jonesing for a rosinbomb since the day they were released. Spent many a day jealous of the guys in the bakery making their own dabs. I would be happy with any prize though. You guys are far and above the highlight of my day when I can put on the newest dgc show sit back and relax for a little bit. With life as hectic as it has been for me recently with losses in the family and stress over trying to come up with money for presents it nice to have that time for myself. Wish all of you out there in DGC land a happy Thanksgiving and very Merry Christmas…With peace love and dank nugs for all.

  365. Jasin1530

    Greetings from Dank OKC! I am playing for the HLG light. I am about to start my third grow and after spending a few thousand dollars on tents, a/c etc to outfit my garage to grow in so I can save money eventually my growing future is seeming bleak. To keep the wife a happy lady I am not going to spend any more money than I already have 😉 I grow in a 4×4 tent with a light for a 2×2 that went to my starter tent. So growing the Dank x 6 would probably not work out. Love everything you guys do for the community keep it up!

  366. justlikethat47374

    any light or more lights is allways great. I would play for any light that could be won. And any good genetics and Recharge is a must have now in my garden it is the greatest thing ever for growers.

  367. Mr.eastcoastgrow

    Love this show! I’d love to win the Rosin bomb or HLG light but anything is great even some recharge. Been wanting to try some and see how it works with drain to waste.

  368. CosmicCobraChicken

    I’m a nerd, finally got my Google Sheets feed chart calculator to where I like it. A pulse would be awesome. Or seeds. I’d like to replace what I have now with something pro.Keep up the good work all. Glad to see Guru’s brain didn’t get covid’ed.

  369. Drgreendumb0187

    Hi guys. Relative newb to the game here….but i love what you guys are doing here. I live in prohibition land but need the meds so i roll the dice. My setup is fairly basic. A tent and some lights. Id love to win either a pulse or a dope nutrient line. Basically anything would b3 a huge blessing! Keep up the great work and fight the good fight!

  370. Iwetmyplants

    Happy Friday all DGC family. Hope everyone had a good holiday I would love to play for a pulse grow as I feel it would help me get to the next level in my grow, However just listening to the community is a gift in itself everybody have a good weekend