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Hey Guys! First of all, shout out to the DUUUUDE, Scotty and Guru for taking the time out to break things down. I’ve recently been having problems with finding seeds and being introduced to your podcast hooked me up with SeedsHereNow’s awesome website and customer service.

I’ve been practicing with bagseed for the last 3-4 months (4/5 hermied, mulched them back into the soil) in living soil 5 gallon fabric pots sitting in a 4x4x8 tent while waiting to find a reliable seed bank and now I’m preparing my grow tent for actual genetics. This will be my first serious grow working with a strain called Tropical Sorbet (Relentless Genetics) and I’m very excited to bring what I’ve learned about growing organic vegetables outdoors and my research on living soil in cannabis and put it into practice.

Just wanted to come and support DGC for all the information that you provide. I’ve recently purchased some Recharge (I hear you guys talk about it so much I added it to my recent amazon shipment) and beneficial nematodes to combat the infestation of fungus gnats and the further prevention of other pests. My overall goal is to use dry amendments like malted barley and vermicompost to keep the microbial and fungal life strong. I had a question of balancing humidity and temp but I’m going to wait until I set up my inline exhaust fan (AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4) to see if everything normalizes. Love from Mass