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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude, Scotty and Guru are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Bon-sai Weed?

Mr golden guns 513 – Autos ain’t about weight! It’s about perpetual harvest. Grow hard Smoke hard. Cloning an Auto? But, with autoflowers, you don’t have time. You don’t have the luxury of manipulating the growing or vegetative period because the plant will start flowering even if you provide 24 hours of light. For instance, let’s say you sow an autoflower seed. You wait a bit until the plant produces a few nodes. You see that the plant has several nodes to grow into other plants. Imagine that you take a cutting. Or, maybe you can actually try this because it becomes even easier to understand why you can’t clone autos effectively. So, now you dip the cutting in a rooting solution and wait for it to develop roots. Meanwhile, the mother plant continues to grow and starts flowering. Remember that the clone will perform exactly like the mother. So, the cutting is also in the flowering stage. And before it can even grow, it will start flowering. In this process, you’ll be left with a small plant that has no time to develop proper roots either. With autoflowers, timing is everything, and since cloning requires time, it’s not possible to clone autoflowers. What if I take the clone when the plant is just 2 weeks old, you ask? Well, the plant is too small to take a cutting. Firstly, you’d end up with a small cutting that probably won’t grow, but what’s worse is that you’d be hindering the mother plant’s growth too.

Aquaponics cannabis grower post best answer imo- Yes, you can clone an auto…..Should you clone an auto, or is there any point? No. You will either get the same yield as if you left the branch on the plant (in ideal circumstances without any errors) or you will get a reduced yield from the energy the plant is using to produce new roots instead of flowering (the most likely scenario). Their lifetime is predetermined which means anything that sets their growth back is chipping away at their maximum potential yield. You want to set an auto up in the container it’s going to finish in, don’t use any HST techniques, don’t prune them (or clone) and keep the environmental conditions dialed in perfectly the whole grow (if you’re going for a maximum yield).

Grow Talk:

01. WHERE DO I GO FROM A T5??  Posted by ShamusMcGillicutty
T5 Bulbs

02. LOOKING FOR A STUD!  Posted by AbbaZabbaUMyonlyFriend

03. MIXING DIFFERENT NUTRIENT BRANDS  Posted by Jetzpak, the senior dog


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What’s Going On In Our Grows?:

Scotty’s Grow:  Where am I gonna dry my weed?

Dude’s Grow:  Phenotypical Debauchery

Shamus McGillicutty – One looks sativa dominant and the other looks indica domin-ant. I would not guess they came from the same pack if you did not tell me so! Looking great man!

ShowMe_TheDank – I’ve got two AC/DC girls in veg and they look completely different as well. It seems like the CBD cross strains produce a wider variety of phenotypes.

Superlemonade420 – Imo it’s phenotypical variation between the two plants. A lot of CBD stuff hasn’t been stabilised and is quite variable. Especially if they just try and pin down the cannabinoid type, if they even do that. But if they do that, they’re not focused on structure and Terps, just the chemical ratio of THC and CBD. The bag seed GMO is coming along too, keep up hope! She’s a long one and I bet the seeds have some gems.

Recharge it Up/Magic Microbes:

Urban Roots Garden Supply In Tampa Florida – Shoutout to Zack & Bianca


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03. Zardnok
04. Okie Tokie Smokey
05. Hempy Hermit Chronic Crab
06. Trees In The Breeze
07. Philosophical Smoker
08. Davy Chronic
09. Diesel
10. Stanky Danky

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