What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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What’s Growing On this Saturday Morning?:

Scotty – I was flying on a 737- The first 737 was rolled out in 1967 (over 50 years ago). I was listening to a podcast arguing that other than cel phones and the internet, AND WEED, most things really haven’t groundbreakingly changed in the past 50 years. Cell phones are just cordless phones, yes they’re amazing but the concept is something that someone from the 1930s could understand. It’s a phone without a cord! I was up in a big tall building with glass from floor to ceiling. The United Nations Building in New York was constructed in 1952A 1950s car still looks like a car! They’ve had nuclear power since before my dad was born! Heroin is still popular. (You would have thought you would plug into your computer for drugs). You figured you would be drinking all your meals through tubes and flying around on rocket boots but… We’re still doing most things the same… except for communicating. How quick can a friend move in on your girlfriend after you break up with her. Reference how gnarly nature is. My brother in law hooked up with my old girlfriend after we broke up.  No Bro code or nothing. 25 years later it’s still kinda awkward! I introduced my buddy to a girl who I dated and they got married. Still awkward!


So much space for activities!  Posted by Do You Right Genetics

Social media/ memes:

01. Back legs only

02. American cancer patient develops permanant Irish accent:

03. CRISPR co-creator: 2023 sees mobilization of gene editing to develop crops that resist climate change, as world food demand rises

04. Cris2pr Wants to Feed the World


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