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Erick Brassfield – When is Grambo’s birthday? Somebody needs to get him a proper mic, he’s been having to do one-hander commander style trying to use a clip-on lavalier mic as a handheld everytime he wants to talk !

Xavier Carey – On the OK Rec topic, I know alot of growers, dispo owners/workers, med patients all really banded together to try and maintain the med status purely out of protecting their rights and freedom to practice business. The tax rates presented were outlandish in some areas, much higher than the 15 discussed. OK has a great system going, they often refer to it as “medrec”, meaning anyone can get a card so it’s practical legal. There are tons of uses for cannabis medically so anyone could find a legit reason to get a card. It has maintained excellent testing and processing standards, moderate tax and licensing rates(even with the percent increase in the past year) and have avoided a major corporate takeover like experienced in Cali, CO, etc. They want to keep it local startups, with reasonable licensing and business fees and standards kept up to par. The new policies were doing more restricting than liberating. Kudos to OK voters that decided to wait on something better


Happy Saturday DGC! We’re waking and baking this morning and talking about whatever we feel like: Hi-C Good morning and Happy Saturday. Grambo, What’s up brother! Dude is still in Hawaii I asked if they had daylight savings time in Hawaii. Classic dude answer “I don’t know”.

THE HOE YOU KNOW  Posted by SunnyinBectopia

BEFORE: It’s going down today! I will take pictures to write article for website. 55 gallon barrel of human manure is going into play! Son is coming to finally take care of the shit he left here lol.  There is life in it. I know that from the peak I took. Yes it is human manure. My son lives in a travel trailer on my property for about five years. He had a composting toilet, and that is the collection. It has now sat on the property in the barrel for probably three years solid. I opened it once or twice. I think twice. 

AFTER: Utterly horrific. My son has abandoned me now. Have to lock dogs in small yard until tomorrow morning. I’m hoping it will be frozen or something and not smell. This was a terrible idea. Clearly this is not the way to handle your compost, toilet waste.

Scotty: Thinking about words of wisdom from Marsellus Wallace : The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps. What does that mean to you? What’s the opposite of pride? Shame? Humility? When is pride good? When will it fuck you? What about when someone’s pride or ego keeps them from admitting they’re wrong? Reading a book that’s talking about these brilliant Nobel prize winners who had such huge success in their careers, and how it affected their egos. It’s so easy to find a group of people to agree with you, no matter how misguided your thoughts are. Especially when money is involved.

Linus Pauling – Won the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1954 for creating a theory of chemical bonding that was so complex Einstein couldn’t understand it. Then he came out with his proof that DNA was a triple helix. Which was completely wrong. His basic chemistry was so sloppy and wrong that, if he was a freshman and he turned that in, he would have been asked to leave any universities chemistry program. He got laughed out of the academic science world and became a vitamin evangelist saying they were the key to health and longevity. Turns out he was completely wrong again! And he couldn’t handle it! Vitamins in food are attached to other things like: flavonoids, cytokines, anthocyanins, etc.  So pure pharmaceutical/ chemically made  vitamin C isn’t even close to the same as the vitamin C you get from eating an orange. It’s like pure THC distillate vs Cherry Paloma. Turns out all that pure vitamin C without all its accompaniments actually caused cancer. Not cured it. I can’t help but think that our next generation is going to wonder how past generations got it so wrong about cannabis for so long!

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