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Banners Birthday! What do you stop giving a shit about as you get older?

Hi-C says – Not needing validation of your ideas-  Not having to convince people to agree with you.

What do you start giving a shit about? Music! It just goes so good with weed! I took Grambo to the Pixies at the mission ballroom last week. Great crowd/ joints with strangers/great music. 

Banner – you just saw Billy Strings.

Dude – Beastie Boys high on way to softball.


SunnyinbectopiaWell, you guys have encouraged me to get my dogs High more often. It was just by accident in the past. But if it’s safe, then there’s a couple applications, it could be very useful for.

TerpsupdudeGrambo!! The shiatsu soooo true. I had a shiatsu growing up who would literally go and get the bag of weed plop next to me and wait. He’s old now and lives with mom

AaronhopkinsMy dog’s ate most of the ball of weed from making butter, I put it in the compost bin and they got it out while I was at work. At first I thought they got bitten by a snake, and when I went looking around the back yard for a snake I found a small base ball size bit of the weedbutter ball. They were pretty smashed for three days. And when my old dog went on vet medication he immediately started doing circles, for a couple of months. I thought I haven’t got anything to lose by trying him on my medical cannabis oil. Within a day or two his circling almost stopped, so I stopped giving him the vet meds and even though he was very old it made his last year and a half ok. I told the vet, she didn’t want to hear or talk about it. So my own experience of cannabis for dog’s and all other animals, as well as we all know humans it is very BENEFICIAL.

Tacotues420Strangely enough my other dog (the one without the seizures) is the one who seeks it out when she smells it she comes right over. I guess she is a recreational user so I blow it in her ear. They are lab mixes I rescued as puppies and they are now 12 years old and can have whatever they want… I personally think it’s good for them and better than anything the Vet is going to prescribe

TerpPtarmiganIf I was to pay 10 grand to hang with someone.  That person must be of true value to the world.  They must have a heart and be a little on the humble side.  One that is more then willing to lend a hand when needed. A person that has truly helped folks in ways they will never understand.  A person that we can and are very proud of.  So i would pick Scotty Real💯.

Banner who would you pay $10K to hang out with for a day?

TerpPtarmiganIf ya like Ice Bergs, check out the one we had off the coast of Newfoundland this year, its a Dicky Berg.  If it would have entered Trinity Bay and went down by Dildo it would have been freakin funny, not to mention Come By Chance near the other side of the bay.  Freakin nature can be a little dirty sometimes so dont blame it on me lmfao 

Icebreaker porn

More Topics/ Social media/ memes:

Who’s going to Power Trip? Metallica, ac/dc, ironmaiden, ozzyosbourne, tool

New segment for Grambo: IS IT REAL?

power washer


Pilot gets sucked out of the airplane

The miracle of the pilot who in mid-flight was sucked out of a window 


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