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Colorado to Require Four-Page Warning With Marijuana Concentrate Sales

Call me crazy but I just don’t trust these folks

Marijuana-infused aphrodisiacs emerge as new love drug in New York

I’m reading a new book that talks about plant intelligence. treating plants less like an object and more like a subject. The subject is the thing doing something. The object is having something done to it.” The more I read, the more evidence I see about plants being intelligent. Mycorrhizae communicating with the community of trees. Plants don’t have brains, but does no brain mean no memory? Plants can’t move! So they need a whole different set of tools than animals. Plants have a vocabulary of chemical odors that they use to communicate chemically through production of VOCs. If they sense a neighbor getting attacked, they can communicate specific messages via productions of odors/ volatile organic compounds that warn the other plants. Isolated plants in double sealed boxes and put companion/ antagonist plants next to them and the plants still reacted. Fennel got a bad reaction, basil good. Even in complete isolation, the plant somehow knew that the fennel was there. What was the signal? Sound waves? Vibrations? 

Plants do the talking and we are the listeners 

Plants Make Noises When Stressed

Scientists Discovers Corn Plants both react to and make noises

Plants do express themselves, but not using words. To have a dialog with your plants, you have to listen to them. Drop experiment. 2 sets of mimosa plants high/ low light, get dropped repeatedly. After 60 drops, the plants learned when they were being messed with. They remembered 3 days later that being dropped was not dangerous, so they stopped spending the energy to close its leaves. 6 days later only the plants grown in low light didn’t react. They weighed needing the light against spending the energy to close the leaves/solar panels, while considering what happened 5 days ago, and took a calculated risk to save the energy. The high light plants had much more energy so there were much less consequences for closing their leaves. Roots will follow the recorded sound of moving water, but only if they decide there’s not enough water where they’re at. Bioluminescent genes in tobacco light up when touched. Scientists inserted into tobacco plants a protein that makes them glow when calcium levels rise inside their cells. They suspected calcium levels had a major effect on how plants perceive external events. The plants responded to touch immediately.

Rare plant turns carnivorous when it is low on a key nutrient

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