What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Dude/ Grambo/ Banner, WHEN’S YOUR MOST CREATIVE TIME OF THE DAY? Dude told me he was going to bed and I was still writing shows and buying flowerpots from China and about to eat dinner, water the plants and probably smoke 2 more joints. What’s your most creative time? Do people who wake up early get more done? When’s the first/ last smoke of the day? I’m getting shit done til 2am! Big deal if you find your groove in the morning and I find mine at night. At the bamboo nursery they go to bed real early and show up at work at sun up so they can avoid that crazy midday heat. Is your weekend bedtime much different?

Happy Hour Trivia & community. Early Release. How about Grambo bringing Realbaked back! I like: Sesh.0

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Great meme by Thundarr the Budbarian –  Stone Cold Edibles

Scotty Don’t  Posted by Bee Keepin the Dank 

coolestguy ontheplanet – After 50 with abs, I agree , stop eating things you like😂. Sorry. You are what you eat.😊

Dude I want you to pick one thing out, you can only have one

This is How Much Street Drugs Cost in L.A. Right Now, According to LAPD’s Drug Price List

Brantford police seize nearly $100 million in illegal cannabis, arrest 18 after large-scale bust

Aided by the OPP Joint Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team and the Canadian Border Services Agency, police seized 83,435 cannabis plants and 2,334 kilograms of dried marijuana during a raid of the property.

The plants have an estimated value of $83.4 million, or $1,000 per plant, while the dried cannabis is worth around $12.8 million on the street if sold by the kilo, police said. Together, the seizures have an estimated value north of $96.3 million.

STILL ILLEGAL CITIZENS! Recreational marijuana officially on November election ballots in Ohio, but Helicopters bust small farms https://fox8.com/news/still-illegal-helicopter-helps-bust-local-marijuana-grows/ 

Officials say this is the first time in six years a helicopter has been used in the county to help search for marijuana

Hummingbird tongue

Competitive keep the balloon up in the air

Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the country, is moving indoors


Comment on Top 10 Cannabis Strains DGC Cup 2023 Congrats guys! We’ve got a viral video!!!

sumguy infla –  Was this filmed with a flip phone…lol

bansheebandithot350What kind of brick did you record this on a house brick 🧱

Not a clue what that means… but remember my Banshee at the nursery!!!

Nothing like when I bought flowers for Mrs. Real but… 

Chaos Kill It used to be, you could learn to grow weed, and make a lot of money. Now you learn to grow weed, and get a minimum wage job. 😢

Bread was $7 bucks at the store yesterday!

Ms Kay’s garden👏 great interview, love that Banner.


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