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Are we in the golden age of cannabis? the period when a specified art, skill, or activity is at its peak. “the golden age of cinema”. Trip brought dabs, flower, carts and there’s a good head shop down the street. Makes me ask: Is now the best time ever to be a stoner? Huge quality/ variety of products. Cleaner/ tested for pesticides. concentrates are super clean. Stay Tuned For Grow Talk! So many great consumption devices! Volcano/ dry herb flower vapes. Pens/ carts- opens up a new world to stoners. E-nectar collectors, Dab rigs. Happy Hour Trivia & community. Early Release. How about Grambo bringing RealBaked back! I like: Sesh.0. Bong and bowls have been elevated into a legit appreciated and celebrated art form with collectors and collectable pieces and artists 

Buying a bong in 1997  Posted by AutismDad 1212 

Grow equipment and information is super accessible and affordable. Legal (can you still get fired for using weed in a legal state?)  I saw an article about how many more women started drinking more as a coping mechanism for covid. Cannabis better for coping? 

FIRST OFF: I’m back in Savannah to help my Dad out. Best lunch and biggest ass I’ve ever seen. Was watching tugboat push a barge which seems counterintuitive until you think of the tugboat as a giant movable engine. Can you hit the vape pen in a private room? Sharron Osbourne in the hospital with Rick James partying. 

Rick James – Rick James hair 

The entire universal consciousness thing really makes me think. So many positive thoughts and prayers for my dad. For 16 days he’s been in a coma/ then a semi conscious/ nobody home state. Sat I called and asked his wife to hold the phone up to his head and put it on speaker. I told him he needs to get better because we need to build a big grow room together and I told him it was still $4k a pound! I said “dad, you’re gonna be alright! I need your help to build this room out! And he answered back “ok Scotty but I’m sore as hell”. I was shook! First time my kid has seen me cry. I thought I was talking to a dead person, Dreaming, Chatgpt. Been hanging in the hospital room and talking about whatever I want because we’re just trying to get dads brain going again. 

Partying in the hospital room like Rick James

Googled Rick James and this came up

I’m Rick james bitch 🤣  Posted by cortez the konqueror 

Building imaginary grow rooms in my back yard with dad. Don’t oversize the ac! Humidity enemy of acJackfruit and mangos galore at the publix.


Can Anyone Recommend A “Greenhouse-Safe Bug Bomb”?  Posted by Might As Well Get Stoned

Pyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide

Pyrethrins – They have since been used as models to produce longer lasting chemicals called pyrethroids, which are man-made. Pyrethrum and pyrethrins are pretty much the same thing. Pyrethrum refers to the crop, the dried flowers, or the product extracted from the flowers. Pyrethrins are the actual active ingredients in pyrethrum.

What Foliar Insecticides Are Recommended for Tobacco

Thrips Control

Spider mite guide


There is a southern charm/ Down here you catch more flies with honey! Wife said jaguars like a southerner, I laughed and she asked how to say it? Then she tried again and said Jaguaaa (in her best classy accent). Do you like the traditional hotel thing? I’m more of an air bnb kind of guy, More like staying in a buddies apartment than a hotel. No lobby or concierge so at 2am we’re walking around trying to find my fucking wife a seltzer water! Drunk girl couldn’t get arrested no matter what she did.  You can walk down the street and drink a beer. Joints being smoked out in the open. Beautiful, beautiful hair down here!


Desertdude317Pepperoni Nip Off – Dude VS Ric Flair!!!

Christopher FinneganYo scotty the phrase more than one way to skin a cat comes from Europe from the old violin makers because they used to use cat tendens as violin stings or for the bowe stings, but now we use horse hair, so I’ve been tol

Ray SideCarDudeI’ve been doing aeroponics for about 4 years now, on my forth design, low pressure combined with deep culture, just about got all the kinks out, the growth in veg is incredible, just started using c02, last harvest was 1.5 lbs with 2 720 watt lights, should do better this harvest, looks almost double, we will see what the final weight will be, but a gram a watt is a little over 3 pounds, hopefully I get more!!!


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03. New Report Shows Colorado Cannabis Tax Revenue Exceeds Tobacco, Alcohol

04. Let’s Dispel The Myth That Cannabis And Tobacco Smoke Are Equally Hazardous To Health (Op-Ed)


01. Awesome Pic

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