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Happy Saturday DGC! We’re waking and baking this morning and talking about whatever we feel like:  Thic Fil A – Thick woman

Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Idalia is happening! Thundersnow

How do you prep your grow for a storm? Projectiles move anything that can launch through a window or greenhouse plastic. Anything over 70mph cut the plastic and save the structure. PVC Greenhouses bend and can be recovered in about 30 min. How to build a small, cheap and easy greenhouseGoogle search for Cheap Easy Greenhouses

Power outages? Generators (limited electricity). Whole house generators rock!!! Don’t need much light for maintaining photoperiod. Humidity is going to be the enemy when the powers out. Doesn’t take a lot of energy to exhaust through a carbon filter.

Have you ever been through a hurricane? Got any good hurricane stories? Skim boarding in parking lots. My daughter was born before and after a hurricane. I remember holding my kid telling myself, this roof has been on this house since 1968, today’s not the day it’s gonna blow off! I’ve had a giant mother plant at the nursery blow to pieces and a month later I started finding small plants growing everywhere. What’s your stoner hurricane prep list? Cannabis products? Grocery store? Where else would you stock up?


Cultivating a Golden Age: The Remarkable Evolution of Cannabis & Growing:

SweetEach decade has its golden moments. 60’s to the present moment in Cali. 80’s – 90’s in B.C (Canada) and Seattle / Pacific NW were very special. So for me the golden age is the last 50 years. Been around for thousands of years so 50 is but a sliver

BillPrayers for you and your family. Scotty looks so different. As my wife would say. You clean up nice. Lol

Mark WrightPrayers for your father. Sounds like a cool dude🌱. My cousins in Savannah. Loves it down there.

Savannah is awesome!!! Ever been to the Abe Lincoln bar? On Weed? Grambo let’s show some pics, there were thousands of Abe Lincoln napkin drawings. I saw a homeless guy (clean and with a cel phone) with a sign that said: “Hurt at work, forever. cash app & venmo accepted.”Paula Dean restaurant! Weirdest menu pricing. Do you like when people call you sir? 

MR-puffnstuffIn order to keep your humidifier tip top shape do this put some vinegar diluted in the machine and run it occasionally or CLR calcium lime and rust remover diluted in the machine with water unless you use RO water only then forget doing this it clean hoses and nozzle tips by doing so they fill with calcium and cause blockage that is why people use RO water only but if you do i say you be fine.

Giant GrassesTHE GOLDEN AGE, means QUIT making poly hybrids NOW. Dummies shouldn’t breed! Humans or plants!

Aren’t people poly hybrids? Poly-hybrids are crosses between two different hybrid strains. In most cases, the offspring of poly-hybrids are quite unstable.

More Topics/ News/ Social media:

Basic genetics applied to marijuana strains

Dominant and Recessive Traits in Plants, Animals, and Humans

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