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Maximizing Nutrient Uptake with Biofertilizers. We’re talking Biofertilizers. What are biofertilizers. Synthetics, organics, just needs to have soil biology/ microbes. Microbes and synthetic- synthetics want to wash away like rinse salt off at the beach showers. Vermicompost – Compare wiggle worm, boutique grow store castings, your casting. Do you recommend people making their own castings? How to learn?

Trichoderma gets lots of questions about it being too dominant. Bacillus subtilis are nutrient fixing bacteria. What is nutrient fixing? lactobacillus work both aerobic/anerobic conditions. Azotobacter are nitrogen fixing bacteria. Humic is carbon and a chelator. Balance is the key. Don’t let the trichoderma get out of hand- anaerobic, overwatering, high humidity, lower temps any fungal favorable conditions.


Rhizophagy – Observing Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi  Posted by Drano


Rescheduling Breakdown:  What Changes & What Doesn’t.

Phatisimo KiddI like the pepper analogy with the scoville being thc, because anyone who loves peppers knows their favorite pepper might not be the highest on the scoville scale, just like the best weed isn’t the highest thc. They manipulate those lab numbers anyway.

MidnitesilverrunFlower will always be king 

Side branchesRemember that this country was started with the tossing of plants 🌱 in the harbor in Boston over the tax!

Bovine ExcrementI’ll take the guy with tattoos, he’s speaking the truth…\

Georgia Grow Guy50 years ago, cannabis advocates would have shit their pants at the thought of Cannabis next to cigarettes as the greatest accomplishment they could have hoped for. Today it’s a “How dare you?” Now corporate farming poisons everything ALA Hitchens.

He’s right. Big money corrupts.


Using bioelectrohydrogenesis left-over residues as a future potential fertilizer for soil amendment

Ever seen a Biogas reactor (Big)?

Here’s a small one

here’s how they work


ORLANDO AREA NEWS Newly vandalized Morgan and Morgan billboard signs have a likely culprit

Size Matters? 

GOP Congressman Worries That Moving Marijuana To Schedule III Could ‘Allow Big Pharma To Control It’

Seventy-two U.S. senators accepted donations from the pharmaceutical industry ahead of the 2020 election. That number was 302 for the House. Combined, that’s more than two-thirds of Congress. If that makes you sick to your stomach, you might want to sit down for this: More than 2,400 state legislators around the country cashed checks from drug lobbyists, including 82% of state lawmakers in California, which has a deep blue legislature. That’s on par with 84% of lawmakers in Louisiana, a state redder than Mississippi. LA TIMES, BY LZ GRANDERSONCOLUMNIST


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