What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


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Are Concentrates the “crack” of cannabis? Wife’s friend thinks so. So hard to try to change someone’s mind when they’ve already made it up. 

Dabbing: the ‘cannabis crack’ that makes skunk seem weakReminds me of the 80s fear mongering? Remember this? Drugs support terrorism, why? Because its true. Now shut up and eat your steak! 

McGruff Don’t talk to Strangers PSA 1984Is fear mongering a good tactic for some things? Health? 

Concerns about marijuana use, THC, and psychosis in teens

Her kid got caught hitting a vape pen at school. She had him come over so Trip could talk to him about smoking weed. Is it fucked up that Trip rolled a joint and had a nice conversation with him about not getting caught? DGC Don’t get caught! There’s a time and place for everything. Weed, most of the time in most places! I told him that I was proud of him for not being addicted to the Nicotine vape pens. At least get a buzz from it! BTW The kid is a star athlete and a super nice kid, and was up at 6am on Saturday to prep for his game, and wanted to smoke and chill at around 4:20. Think he would have been the same if he drank a few shots/ beers the night before? I saw another friend that was completely shielding her 11 year old from seeing people smoking a joint. But chambongs and people pouring vodka from the bottle into their cups was ok for her to see? How would your conversation go?


Fired for Cannabis? The Legal Consequences are Growing,

7munkee   I got kicked out of high school in 11th grade. 23 years later I went to Pittsburgh University for computer science.

Your Mail Man GrowsIt could say…”Have you ever shown up to work Not on weeed? It’s totally sucks!” 😆 🤣 

Gas Valley GroweryI eat RSO twice a day while running crane as a ladelman running molten steel. And bro I wouldn’t want to do it without. I use it for my rheumatoid arthritis and smoke outside work. Little heavy rao dose definitely makes shit feel like a badass video game 😮😂. Forreal though its what allows me the ability to do a job I enjoy with my health issues.

Reggie HamiltonWorking without weed sucks ! I am the maintenance man and I just could not be nice to you and face all of your many issues (tenants) if I did not blaze 1-2 fatties on the way to work everyday. Florida has some pretty sorry pot and cannabis laws but lots of sunshine and beautiful places to smoke out in 🔥

Let’s give a little saturday morning learning a try. Remember when they would put a little schoolhouse rock learning tidbits in saturday morning cartoons?

3 is the magic number

3 is the magic number by blind melon 

According to speechwriter Max Atkinson, author of Lend Me Your Ears, studies show that listeners will wait for a speaker to find a third item in a list before taking their turn to speak. But if they go beyond three to a fourth item, the speaker will usually get interrupted. The third item marks a sense of completeness, and we have an ingrained tendency to wait for it.

Photosynthesis 101 for kids (and me)

Photosynthesis 101 for adults

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Burning man 2

What’s with the tech aspect to burning man?

This is what i expect burning man to be

Do you know who Marc Anthony is?

He looks just like the Miami Dolphins coach


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