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Dude Grows Show 270 Growing Marijuana Whats Growing On


Every Wednesday at 4:20 The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out and talking about what is growing on around the Colorado grow scene.


Colorado Magic Board, New Millennium

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Recharge is a microbial super inoculant that contains (all organic & in dry form): Kelp Extract, Humic | Fulvic | Amino Acids, Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses & the highest beneficial microbial count of ANY other product on the market, PERIOD!


Sandwich Bag Schwag I’d like to quote Kenny Powers by saying.

“Yeah, nice job making three bucks a week, you dipshit. Sell weed, you’ll make more money.”

Whats Growing on Scotty-

-craziness in the world- world has always been crazy. The news seems to be really depressing those who watch. Its just recently that corporations have found a way to sell it to us for a profit. Fear of hurricanes in Florida sells storm shutters, plywood, and plenty of water and groceries (and water comes out of a hose for free and they still get you hysterical enough to buy it at the store)

-Obsessed for Success- Been working hard with Grow Guru Sean to really push forward with video. Its a great learning tool and im looking forward to using it to share more real grow info

-If you want to change the world, change your mind.

Spoke to my programmer buddy in Norway (thanks for the help)- its funny how it doesnt occur to people to feed plants. I get it with bamboo also. They water them but no food, why? Would thy just give water to a dog or cat?

Lets talk about miracle grow owning our industry and whats good and bad about it

-good- we wanted everyone to grow their own and miracle gro can make that happen with their big box access. Tomatoes, potatoes, cannabis they can put out kits to get you growing whatever they want

-bad- miracle gro cheats the natural way of growing a plant for a chemical shortcut that forces plant growth. It ignores soil health completely and actually can be grown with no soil at all hydro/aeroponics.

-bad- it gets people hooked on chemical solutions to problems caused by using miracle grow

-buying up small companies- someone asked me what i would do if monsanto came up to me and wanted to buy Recharge ? Its easy to take the money and run, but where do you run to if you took the money from the devil himself? If all youve done to make you stronger, makes the devil twice as strong than did you do anything at all?

-Is it naive to think that if monsanto or scotts is interested in your natural products they might want to change their ways?

-or are they just owning their competition to crush them and get them to goosestep into line?

Whats growing on Dude-

MTB Podium hungry to win

Bit coin

Mid Show Sponsor Shout Out:

Spectrum King, Way to Grow

What kind of weed you Smoking ––

Whats Scotty Smoking- pure CBD extract from flower farmer

Whats Dude Smoking- Gorilla Glue 4

Recharge it up-

I am really looking forward to using the product. I am glad to hear that when I called about the broken seal everything is A-OK. can you give me any little tips on how to use the Recharge? just follow the instructions? keep doing what you guys do, thanks again.
Take ur Easy,
Brandon aka Rippa.

Weekly Hook Up’s/ Shout Outs- best DGC generated content on website

-Most Liked Meme gets (2500 nugs)- https://www.dudegrows.com/kodikronic-112/
Source Vapes 710 Cup`

Whats going on in our grows Dude–

-Sk 600

-Light Rail 3

-New Mill Nutes looking good

-co2 n

What going on in our grows Scotty–

Flowers stacking

scoping greenhouse locations

looking at going outdoors this season

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  1. Stoney Montana

    Great show guys!!! Yo scotty, in response to the topic of the broken seals on the recharge.
    I just picked up a jar from Way To Grow on Monday, and mine was open too man. Almost as if there was no adhesive applied to the paper seal. Mine was just lying there not affixed what so ever.
    Just thought the feedback may be helpful

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