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Dude Grows Show 341 Growing Marijuana Grow Talk


Every Monday at 4:20 The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out and talking about growing dank top shelf cannabis.


Optic Foliar
New Millennium

Executive Producer

Veg SCROG Bloom – Get Well Soon.

Shout out To the Dank nug of the Day brought to you by RealGrowers Recharge:

OldGoldGrower –


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01. Dean R Timer – Well, a couple months ago when my Phantom 1000 watt ballast went out, I bought a testing kit to check my Outlets. I guess that even though my Hydrofarm timer passed, it still wasn’t the best. It’s rated for 1725 watts… but when it burns you when you try to unplug it, that can’t be good. Dgc, help me! I was told over a decade ago not to use a digital timer with a digital ballast, is that still the truth? Because I have a backup Hydrofarm timer as well as a couple digital timers that I could use. I prefer to use something that doesn’t burn me when I use it. All my connections are secure and completely plugged in. I even use zip ties to make sure that my plugs stay connected. This is literally the only thing I have plugged into the circuit on my breaker. There should be less than 9 amps of a draw off of my 20 amp breaker… and NEW wiring in the cabin.

02. Fact or fiction? Use organic whole milk solution for powdery mildew?

03. Recharge in Rockwool

04. Root Aphid Soil IPM

05. Solo Cup Micro Grow


Mountianside Glass
Spectrum King


Green Pad

11. Am I on the right track?

Hey Scotty,
I attempted to reach you via the Dude Grows website, but no luck. You recently featured one of my questions about Advanced Nutrients and being lost in the Kool-Aid. While I am still using Advanced Nutrients since I have a decent feed schedule, I would like to start doing experiments on the side with a new feeding regiment attempting to achieve better quality and flavor (without hurting yield hopefully). So, I’ve been looking at Canna A&B, PK13/14, Recharge and Mammoth P.

So here is where my question,

-Canna A&B – Meat & Potatoes
-Recharge – humics, fulvics, beneficial bacteria, sugars. (Do I need a root inoculant such as rhizotonic for seedlings, or should I just use Recharge?)
-PK13/14 – bloom booster (unless you have better recommendations?)
-Mammoth P – microbial inoculant to go along with my bloom booster (is this too much? Am I just adding another unnecessary bottle?)
-Do I need a carb supplement for flowering? Or will Recharge take care of everything for me? (Sorry, I’m trying to skew away from all of the Advanced sales bs and get down to the science of what plants truly need)
-Do you have any terpene and tricomb enhancers that you would recommend? I use Bud Factor X, but I’m looking to get away from it. The Dude mentioned that he’s been using something that he really like, Frost?
-Do you use a flushing agent at all? Or do you use plain water? I currently use Flawless Finish with seems to really get the job done.
-Lastly, am I missing anything?

Thank you for taking the time to read this (Scotty, Guru, Dude, Whomever), I just really would love some input and real conversation from someone who actually knows what’s going on in the scene since I’m in probation town USA.

Meef Chief

12. Scrogging Questions

13. Foliar with Fasilitor

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