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Dude Grows Show 345 Growing Marijuana What’s Growing On?


Every Wednesday at 4:20 The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out and talking about what is growing on around the Colorado grow scene.


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Malik Spydr  for posting the 60 sec. Chelating Calcium video on G+

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1. Hanging with guru and Dr J and tried to find Earthworms on Amazon and found this instead Earthworm Jerky

2. The circus is closing – nothing says change like that, why? The circus used to be our glimpse at a world outside our own time footprint. Now we see too much of the world and recoil in disgust. Instead of looking on the surface and seeing a world of mystery and wonder we know too many details and understand it’s just more cruelty and exploitation. Its just the sign of a fast changing world.
change is happening so fast- I’ve learned so much through self education, I’m wondering what’s the value of college/University? Is it worth $200k to get an education comparable to reading 20 books on the subject over 2 years? University seems like a way to keep upper and lower classes divided to me. Remember when you had to go to the library downtown to get anything past the most basic information? Now I’m learning about microbes from Harvard professors, while smoking a joint in my underwear at 2am then i can tweet at him and get him to answer in real time. I’m also learning from many kindred spirits doing practical experiments all over the world. Oh and I am also able to communicate via comments and interact with any of them. As a matter of fact if the Harvard professor doesn’t participate, he will be left behind. The Internet has decentralized our communication so fundamentally that’s its relegated the central information warehouses ie our universities and colleges into a continuation of high school where we send out 18 year olds to finish growing up and getting them out of our houses

3. Reading this book called Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee and I cant believe how messed up the story of why cannabis is illegal. Seems like it has a lot to do with keeping racism alive, and cannabis seems like the great racism killer. Talks about it in the jazz age and it seems that the government was super keen on race inequality and they didn’t like how cannabis got black, white and mexicans all smoking the same”reefer” and digging on each other. The jazz was always mellow and smooth while the liquor players were always loud and always ended the night fighting.

Brotherhood of eternal love

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Steve from Potent Ponics in Half Moon Bay CA doing a course 21st thru 22nd

Throw some Recharge love to Hydro Depot over in Detroit!

7. Hearing about how monsanto and bayer want in on the cannabis business and with diminished growers rights coming with “legalization” i started wondering what this industry will look like in 5 years?

8. Can we talk about the war on drugs. We can’t even keep drugs out of our prisons.

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Whats growing on Dude?

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What’s Going on in Our Grows?

  • Very interesting growing 11 week strain in diff phases of growth
  • Remember to calibrate your equipment
  • High Temp Shut down!
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  1. Soulessginger

    Thanks for the Dank nug boys!

  2. Soulessginger

    And also for the executive producer even tho it says Malik haha

  3. budganjaman

    I just got done listening to the whole episode. Thank you guys so much for diving in to the CBD for dogs issue. I am really digging the show so much. I started at the beginning and am still in the double digit episodes but will catch up soon as I listen to about 3 or 4 shows a day while puttering in the garden. I have to get some Recharge in my life for my microlife, just have to wait until payday. This show got 4 paws up. Awesome show. Stoner Nation – Peace and Dank

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