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What’s Growing On DGC? Every Morning at 4:20 The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.

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Dewey Mister

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MeefChief for finding Grow Guru’s first appearance on the show. Good find –

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Interview with Mark from Hortilux –

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Fleetline Dave’s meme got 45 likes, so he gets to come to the cup for free as well.

DGC Cup April 15. 2017 –  email

01. Working on having David Montgomery come talk to the dgc in Denver about growing real quality

02. Moby Dill, Yes he just got a round of Raw Genetics that seem impressive and he killed it with their Raw Glue. I want to know what lights he’s growing under. By looking you would swear their using led. With such a wide variety of genetics they bring in what is their quarantine processes. What is he feeding to finish off his grow like pre flush. J.R. Tokin wants to know.

03. Shoutout to Ray with, canine protection for the cannabis industry

04. Instagram

05. Staggered harvest in commercial grows

06. Recharge cloning

07. Natures nectar

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Victory Hydro out there in Louisville, Colorado