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What’s Growing On DGC? Every Weekday Morning at 4:20 am The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.

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Today’s Executive Producer:

 Sir. SmokAlot C

 It’s cool to see all the new members now. To be honest almost all the posts I checked out were from new members. Well new to me cause it’s been a while. It’s Kool to see old D.G.C. that are still on here. Katie K , Dr. J and a couple others Kool shit crew. Wish I was coming out this weekend . Have fun D.G.C. and burn a BackWood for those who can’t make it .

What’s Growing On?

DGC CUP INFO – Mention Food

DGC Cup April 15. 2017 –  email

Sign up to be a budtender for the cup. 6 hours long slots with 6 budtenders per slot. 

01. Went to denver yesterday to check out Cultivated Synergy. Awesome place. Honestly Denver is an amazing place right now. Its being fueled by the cannabis industry as strongly as tech in silicon valley or oil in Texas. You can be open and proud to be a cannabis lover here. Dispensaries everywhere. Think about a waitress, would she prefer drunk or stoned patrons? Totino’s pizza rolls is marketing directly to stoners. So much business is being done. Plenty of grows and dispensaries, but lets go deeper: grow stores, product manufacturers, lets go deeper. RealGrowers recently bought a forklift, purchased a house with a building then improved it. All from the cannabis industry.

02. Hanging with some of the crew MeefChief, Soup, Katy K great to see everyone coming in to the event

03. Thinking about giving a lot of prizes away as door prizes so everyone gets a chance to win something cool.  Bongs Sponsored by Quest Dehumidification/MTNSide Glass

1st overall gets $500 WTG Gift certificate

1st flower gets Bong/ $100 WTG Gift card/ 5lbs Recharge

2nd flower gets bong $50 WTG Gift Card/ 1lb Recharge

3rd flower gets bong $25 WTG Gift Card/ 8oz Recharge

1st concentrate gets rig $100 WTG Gift Card/ 5lbs Recharge

2nd concentrate gets rig $50 WTG Gift Card/ 1lb Recharge

3rd concentrate gets rig $25 WTG Gift Card/ 8oz Recharge

Door Prizes/ Ticket Raffle

3x$50 WTG Gift Cards

2x SK Closet case

Bluelab Guardian w Connect

Bluelab Truncheon

Can 4 with Filter Combo

Can 8 Pro

Can 6

SOurcevapes kits?

3x 250 ml boost

3x 250ml Rhizo

3x RX Life

5x RealGrowers Inoculated Biochar 80 fl oz

Maybe do some other fun events for free T shirts like:

  • Fastest Joint Rolled. Has to be smoked and cant fall apart.
  • Longest bong hit without coughing

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waitwhat talks Aloe Cloning.

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