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What’s Growing On?

01. 250 mg gummy X2 report. Just listening to myself breathe and asking why about everything. I can see awesome and don’t need my reading glasses. Second dose at 9 pm just for check-in; too much, too much, too much and now my teeth and fingertips hurt teeth are outside bones. Fuck, mine we’re so sensitive. They felt like outside bones brushing my teeth didn’t help or hurt, it just felt weird. I can’t feel a fairly consistent dull pain in my hip at all. I just feel weird but I’m definitely enjoying the ride. Worst cottonmouth ever by far followed by worst munchies ever. Justification to eat it all but fuck did my teeth hurt. It was 11 pm and then suddenly it was 1:18 am and all I did was think about Justus von Liebig and listen to One Direction (as much as I resisted).

02. Hey, what do you think about a David Montgomery challenge where my brother Trip hooks you up with one of those 250 mg gummies at the event and you have to keep your shit together and ask a solid question at the Q & A at the end (strategically). We can have awards for who can handle their shit the best, best cottonmouth, most affected speech and best/longest wheelie once we get to private land. Man I wish I had gummy in my ​last name – Montgomery says “bequeef” and I want for say it now. Guru what does bequeef/bequeath mean?

03. Increasing soil organic matter is key to soil health.  Rev on the farm.

 Story of Justus von Liebig inventor of chem fert.
His 1840 book – Organic chemistry and it’s application to agriculture physiology discredited the humus theory that plants directly ate decaying soil organic matter.and opened the doors for chemical fertilizer David Montgomery shout out chapter 12 explains the story of Justus von Liebig’s Natural Laws of Husbandry of 1863 is his last book (thought it would have been more gay). Justus von Liebig said that soil fertility could be maintained by simply  returning soil organic matter to the fields.

He totally flipped and went from chemical (he’s the inventor) back to just adding compost and letting his cows graze and poop letting the microbes and earthworms till and add nutrition. He saw it in rocks buried in humus after a decade.he learned through s lifetime of observation that in the end, organic matter was the key to SUSTAINING plant health, and all the nutrients could be provided through the addition of soil organic matter.

04. Suck my frawngy balls spray painted on container.

05. Does dumping more chemicals on the plants make you a moron?

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