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01. Show 469 correction: Saw A/B testing on microbes with chlorinated water on an episode of Shaping Fire with Shangri Los with Max Montrose from the trichome institute talking about terpene flavors comparison to sommelier in wine. Made me feel like I’ve still got tons to learn. I’m not trying to be an expert, just trying to convince more people to grow their own cannabis and stop judging cannabis user’s.

02. Hung with my wall Street brother who had told me he had never been to a Walmart. Wall Street thinks everything is going to be shipped to house directly

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Chuck Finley writes up a list of things you can do for fungus gnats on Google+

Fungus gnat problem solved. most here probably know this info so carry on. just figured I’d put it out there in case someone else wants to know a sure fire way to kill em off. Obviously none of these techniques are mine, I took bits and pieces of information from many dgc and the internets… just letting you know this technique worked…

1) weekly neem oil foliar spray (top and bottom of leaves, the first treatment I also lightly coated the soil)

2) sticky traps (raid brand ribbon type, quickest cheapest type and it worked great. wearing rubber gloves cut each ribbon into two pieces and laid on cardboard strip, when placed on top of containers sticky side down)

3) I stopped top watering and set each container in a pie pan filled with water and feed solution until container was proper weight, usually just a few minutes is all it took

4) kept the soil coated with a respectable layer of diatomaceous earth

5) keep lower foliage cleared away (sorta lollipop) and a small desk fan blowing gently over the top of container/soil

A little under 2 weeks of this and I only found one gnat tonight versus before treatment they were getting a hold on my grow room. total cost was around $20 and I have enough to repeat this treatment probably 20x and a bag of diatomaceous earth that will last me 5 years.


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