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What’s Growing On DGC? Every Weekday Morning at 4:20 am The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.

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Today’s Executive Producer:

 Fish Ganja Guy for always making me laugh on social media.

What’s Growing On:

01. Trimfecta Oregon trimming service. Saw an ad, sounds good.

02. Put up a lighting poll on

03. Harvested my greenhouse. What a joy!!!

04. I was talking to a friend about light dep greenhouses and what a game changer they are.

05. No more fluffers!


9 LB HAMMER FROM TGA  Posted by Max_Power 

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Made Me Laugh:

01.  Posted by BackwoodsRoller

02.  Posted by Potsie Weeder

What’s Growing On In The News:

01. California Fires Destroy Cannabis Crops At Harvest Time.

02. New Jersey sues painkiller company, calling its methods “evil”. 

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I’ve been tagging interesting companies as #DGCPROSPECT and looking for comments about them to kick the tires and see whats up. Prospect for a potential guest.


Whats going on in our or YOUR grow. Dgc who want their gardens featured on the show can use #DGCGARDEN to show us on IG. We need to use that same hashtag for our own garden posts.


twotonewilly’s new MTNside Glass piece.

Whats Going On In The Grow:

Cannabis Calendar:

We’re starting to keep a nationwide calendar of cannabis and gardening events. Yo let us know about an event just tag us @dudegrows on IG or post your event with #DGCTODO

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Chris from Superior Grow Supply in MI

Grow Talk:

01.  Posted by Bobjonsen

02.  Posted by Skunk Smell

03.  Posted by Laughing Buddha

04.  Posted by Chinamangrow

Questions and answers:

What’s up Scotty? I have a co2 coco/promix question. Read a article on sealed rooms and oxygen in your root zone. They were saying co2 and soil were a bad idea together because the root zone will be saturated with co2. So they say put your air pumps outside the room and run twice as many air stones in your system. So if I’m running a peat coco mix that I water every other day with aerated water and change the air out when the lights go off do you think I will have enough oxygen in my rootzone?
Sorry for the long question and not making a post. I haven’t had time to keep up on the site or with the shows. Your more than welcome to answer it on the show and discuss with the dgc. Just let me know what episode and I’ll find some time to listen. That stoned call will be coming soon we are moving fast.

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