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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis Culture and Growing.




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01. https://www.dudegrows.com/outdoor-friends/  Posted by MeefChief

02. https://www.dudegrows.com/the-cream/  Posted by Bacillus G


Dabby Haze>>DabbyHaze here, thanks for featuring my C99 photo in your grow talk today. This was living plant, not cut and stored in water as Guru suggested. Most of my strains end up this way when I grow during the winter months and let my nightime temps dip into the low to mid 60F range. This plant was 2 1/2 weeks into flush when I took the shot and it wasn’t harvested for another week. I run multi strain grows and don’t trellis my plants so I am able to move the plants out of my grow room to setup photos. I sit the plants about 3′ in front of a large piece of black felt for the background; not a lightbox. They are lit by two overhead “can” LED lights in my basement; nothing fancy at all. Also, G13 calls this strain C99 not Cinderella 99 to distinguish it from the famous Brothers Grimm strain. The G13 C99 is a Jack Herer x Haze cross and it is dank as fuck. Thanks again guys and keep up the great work. I live deep in prohibition land and shows like this are my only link to the cannabis community.

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We’re starting to keep a nationwide calendar of cannabis and gardening events. Yo let us know about an event just tag us @dudegrows on IG or post your event with #DGCTODO

Nov 10 were headed to Portland for the DGC Nug Throwdown. Learning more about Ryder.

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Hey scotty and the dude!!! Quick question, im from south africa and my girlfriend is going over to New York, where can she get recharge in new york and can she bring it back in her luggage to south africa?  Arno Van Der Westhuizen

Grow Talk:

01. I found 50 gallon fabric pots on clearance by accident. They are 12” tall & 36” round. Is it a sign?

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