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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.


Bee-Nails –


I miss the Executive Producers & I miss the video show and I’ve got an idea to bring them BOTH back! It’s gonna take LOVE!

We’re DGC supported here and each episode we’re going to the page to pick an Executive Producer who has shown the show some love by supporting us with a shoutout! Anyone with something valuable to say can get their message on the show, while supporting the crew, via the $100 Shoutout @

Guru and I figured out a way that 10 shoutouts a month can bring back the video shows for good! I miss the video shows! PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW via a $100 shoutout to get them back! Gets you into 25,000+ subscribers inboxes is pretty amazing! (less than half a penny per subscriber). We’re not asking the crew to do it alone, but please use social media to HELP US GET THE ATTENTION OF SOME INDUSTRY PROS OUT THERE: Breeders, Brands, Stores, Growers and Listeners PLEASE BE A HUGE HELP AND INTRODUCE US VIA SOCIAL MEDIA!

Today’s Executive Producer:

Joshua Rutherford From Dutch Blooms Organic Farms! – THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!

The struggle is real folks if you want to survive legal cannabis the call to action is now.  Organic Regenerative cannabis builds soil health, builds the environment, sequesters carbon, cost less to produce than conventional…. all while testing higher in overall cannabinoids, and tasting a helluva lot better.  If you want to know how to do this, the science of organic regenerative cannabis conference has all the tools you need…. soil health, soil chemistry, microbiology, mycology, ipm, beneficial insects, genetics, and even access to cheap commercial brewers and sprayers….. oh yes and KNF!

The Science of Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference

Daily Announce: ”The Dude Grows Show is a community supporter effort, and we rely on our crew, The DGC, for support. We need The DGC to keep the daily grow knowledge and entertainment flowing, week after week. Now how it works is, we practice a value for value model here; so if you’re getting some value from the show and the community, please head on over to and donate. It’s all done through Paypal so it’s easy and safe. We’ve got a couple different suggestions, but you can give any amount you like, plus we built ina couple added thank yous; with anything over $50 getting you a shout out on the show, and any donation of over $100 getting you an Executive Producer credit.


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Tell us what you’re medicating on and where!
Call Wake & Bake America @ 833-420-2420 (two420 ) & leave a fall of prohibition report. In 60 seconds or less. Tell us:

-Where you’re at (city/state).
-Local  Prices & Strain Availability.
-On a scale of 1-10 rate how cannabis friendly your town is.

What’s Scotty and Guru Medicating With?  New batch of Edibles that Guru made. What did Kyle do wrong?

What’s The Dude Medicating With?  

What’s the DGC Medicating On?  

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What’s Growing On:

01. Whats the hap in Canada? Ordering lunch meat in grams, pretty good at it with my Cousin Jude always talking in gram bags….It’s almost Thanksgiving! Oct 8th. Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6, 1879. While the date varied by year and was not fixed, it was commonly the third Monday in October. On January 31, 1957, the Governor General of Canada Vincent Massey issued a proclamation stating: “A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed – to be observed on the second Monday in October.”

It makes sense….Tying Thanksgiving in with harvest time. Everything is coming down, Cannabis, veges, down time for landscape plants ect..Now the farmers and field hands have time to hang for a few. Were both growers and know how distracting keeping a tent of Cannabis or a field of Bamboo can be regardless of holiday……

02. Started thinking of the team as a band. Who’s Ringo? John Lennon said “Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the band”.

Cannabis Calendar:

We’re starting to keep a nationwide calendar of cannabis and gardening events. Yo let us know about an event just tag us @dudegrows on IG or post your event with #DGCTODO

Nov 10 were headed to Portland for the DGC Nug Throwdown. Learning more about Ryder.

Cannabis News:

I’m posting links to all my news stories via @scottyrealdgc twitter

01. What marijuana looks like under the microscope.

02. Policeman Caught Lying To Uber Driver Who’s Actually A Lawyer

03. Everson Griffen Jumped Out Of Ambulance On His Way To Hospital For Mental Evaluation.

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