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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.





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I miss the Executive Producers & I miss the video show and I’ve got an idea to bring them BOTH back! It’s gonna take LOVE!

We’re DGC supported here and each episode we’re going to the dudegrows.com/love page to pick an Executive Producer who has shown the show some love by supporting us with a shoutout! Anyone with something valuable to say can get their message on the show, while supporting the crew, via the $100 Shoutout @ dudegrows.com/shoutout

Guru and I figured out a way that 10 shoutouts a month can bring back the video shows for good! I miss the video shows! PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW via a $100 shoutout to get them back! Gets you into 25,000+ subscribers inboxes is pretty amazing! (less than half a penny per subscriber). We’re not asking the crew to do it alone, but please use social media to HELP US GET THE ATTENTION OF SOME INDUSTRY PROS OUT THERE: Breeders, Brands, Stores, Growers and Listeners PLEASE BE A HUGE HELP AND INTRODUCE US VIA SOCIAL MEDIA!

Today’s Executive Producer:

QGrowsTheDank – Shoutout to everyone in the DGC – The positivity in the crew and on the show has been so uplifting while I’ve been working hard at work and at home. Thanks to Dude, Scotty, and Guru for delivering knowledge and positive vibes every day.

Daily Announce: ”The Dude Grows Show is a community supporter effort, and we rely on our crew, The DGC, for support. We need The DGC to keep the daily grow knowledge and entertainment flowing, week after week. Now how it works is, we practice a value for value model here; so if you’re getting some value from the show and the community, please head on over to dudegrows.com/value and donate. It’s all done through Paypal so it’s easy and safe. We’ve got a couple different suggestions, but you can give any amount you like, plus we built ina couple added thank yous; with anything over $50 getting you a shout out on the show, and any donation of over $100 getting you an Executive Producer credit.


01. https://www.dudegrows.com/canadian-actors/

02. https://www.dudegrows.com/kill-me-now/  Posted by Andy_Anxiety


Tell us what you’re medicating on and where!
Call Wake & Bake America @ 833-420-2420 (two420 ) & leave a fall of prohibition report. In 60 seconds or less. Tell us:

-Where you’re at (city/state).
-Local  Prices & Strain Availability.
-On a scale of 1-10 rate how cannabis friendly your town is.

What’s Scotty and Guru Medicating With?  Nomad Cookie Dough live resin 74.9% THC from DEN REC dispensary next to the Marquis theater.

What’s The Dude Medicating With?  

What’s the DGC Medicating On?  

01. https://instagram.com/p/BoRgll6B3sd/  Posted by redhousegrows

02. https://instagram.com/p/BoMLFWfl4h9/  Posted by red_i_rider

03. https://instagram.com/p/BoJcnSlliEZ/  Posted by j.r._tokin

What’s Growing On:

01. My daughter is 14 & went to High School Homecoming with her girlfriends! When I thought back to my homecoming it was a bunch of drunk kids, chugging booze and eventually puking and passing out. Some would wreck their cars. With cannabis everywhere, how does that change things. I asked! What i found is that everyone has weed in high school… surprise, surprise lol. Honestly I would rather them have weed than a bottle of 151. Because weeds available, Booze becomes a lot less desirable. They have an easy to access, easy to use, relatively short lasting, very fun, very social party drug in cannabis. For most that is enough to satisfy. What an interesting age. I just want to give a little life advice to our fellow dgc that classic rock gave to me 30 years ago:  hold on loosely, but don’t let go. Cause if you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control. I want to keep her safe, and to do so I have to constantly pick apart the media. They’re trying to enslave her in a mountain of bad choices, addictions, to confuse her with wants, desires and straight up lies. For some reason they want us all to know money/ fame or prescriptions fix everything. Buying things makes you happy. Oh yeah and that killers are everywhere and look just like you!(such a weird message btw!). They’re doing anything but show you how to be happy and make sense of the world. I have to decode their messaging and surprise surprise, all they care about is selling more units. Kids, old people, dead people, just move the product… and try not to get sued. How I know they’re evil is by the tobacco, alcohol and HFCS advertising. It’s definitely marketed to kids as well as adults. They’ve been grabbing at our children for years! Wanna go see the Winston cigarette drag race series? Justin Beiber at the Budweiser center, Coke taste good! They’re trying to associate beer, wine, liquor, or tobacco products with both fun and sophistication? Suddenly smoking a little homegrown from the yard don’t seem so bad, Unless the TV tells you it is. So what does America do? They declare war on it. War on drugs war on weed, what a bunch of bullshit. Big business sells poisons and they start young! This has been the common way of doing business for generations! But God forbid the kids should experiment with weed. The natural herb that grows in the ground, makes you feel good,and in its natural balanced form. You can’t OD, it will just put you to sleep. If you really over do it, it will punish you until you learn to respect it. Weed will also punish you by abusing it, so go ahead and try to abuse it. It just stops working very well. Weed teaches a respect for nature and balance. It teaches self reliance and a trust in nature. As parents I caution you, the worst thing you can be to your kids is a hypocrite. You’re the example whether you like it or not. Me yes, You no doesn’t work. Of all the things to be worried about, cannabis is the least of my worries.

02. Got my 315 kicking in kitchen for light therapy treatment.

Cannabis Calendar:

We’re starting to keep a nationwide calendar of cannabis and gardening events. Yo let us know about an event just tag us @dudegrows on IG or post your event with #DGCTODO

Nov 10 were headed to Portland for the DGC Nug Throwdown. Learning more about Ryder.

Cannabis News:

I’m posting links to all my news stories via @scottyrealdgc twitter

01. New California law gives people with records a do-over.

02. No, the DEA Did Not Reschedule The CBD Compound.

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