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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.





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I miss the Executive Producers & I miss the video show and I’ve got an idea to bring them BOTH back! It’s gonna take LOVE!

We’re DGC supported here and each episode we’re going to the dudegrows.com/love page to pick an Executive Producer who has shown the show some love by supporting us with a shoutout! Anyone with something valuable to say can get their message on the show, while supporting the crew, via the $100 Shoutout @ dudegrows.com/shoutout

Guru and I figured out a way that 10 shoutouts a month can bring back the video shows for good! I miss the video shows! PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW via a $100 shoutout to get them back! Gets you into 25,000+ subscribers inboxes is pretty amazing! (less than half a penny per subscriber). We’re not asking the crew to do it alone, but please use social media to HELP US GET THE ATTENTION OF SOME INDUSTRY PROS OUT THERE: Breeders, Brands, Stores, Growers and Listeners PLEASE BE A HUGE HELP AND INTRODUCE US VIA SOCIAL MEDIA!

Today’s Executive Producer:

Potent Ponics aka Aquaponic Steve

Daily Announce: ”The Dude Grows Show is a community supporter effort, and we rely on our crew, The DGC, for support. We need The DGC to keep the daily grow knowledge and entertainment flowing, week after week. Now how it works is, we practice a value for value model here; so if you’re getting some value from the show and the community, please head on over to dudegrows.com/value and donate. It’s all done through Paypal so it’s easy and safe. We’ve got a couple different suggestions, but you can give any amount you like, plus we built ina couple added thank yous; with anything over $50 getting you a shout out on the show, and any donation of over $100 getting you an Executive Producer credit.


01. https://www.dudegrows.com/vladdy-limey/  Posted by Vladdy baddy

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Tell us what you’re medicating on and where!
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What’s Scotty and Guru Medicating With?  https://bee-nails.com/collections/hive-sets

What’s The Dude Medicating With?  The Gas…. very diesel of course.

What’s the DGC Medicating On?  

01. https://instagram.com/p/Bq6QX3GBUO4/  Posted by backwoods_roller_dgc

What’s Growing On:

01. A friend (Jeff W) came over and said that he listened to a recent show (the one about Elon musk being a hero). I asked for feedback and he gave me some interesting commentary about the show and his thoughts on the current state of cannabis in general. He says he’s just tired of cannabis. As a non interested Colorado business owner, he says he’s just so tired of hearing about it. He was asking how we could talk about weed for years. He says as a business owner he hates the end theme song because he says that’s his worst nightmare as a boss/business owner. He says could you imagine if there was a wake and drink show all about beer and hard liquor. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCraftBeerChannel/featured
It got us into the conversation about how different cannabis is from alcohol. He was carrying the stoner stereotype talking about a friend of ours, and every time he goes on probation and can’t smoke, his College grades go from b-c, to straight A’s. My response was, that he might be memorizing and regurgitating things better, but cannabis helps me understand, make sense and be better at finding meaning in things. College don’t do that . It made me think of the Bob Marley quote “I have no education, I have inspiration. If I was educated, I would be a damn fool.” His stance was that cannabis dulls you and makes you dumber, the same as alcohol. Alcohol make you drunk, It don’t make you meditate, it just make you drunk. Herb is more a consciousness – Bob Marley

My stance is that the most dangerous thing about cannabis is that its illegal. This means it’s sold in an unregulated black market, and positioned right next to much more dangerous drugs like cocaine and pills. There’s also a rebellious, counter culture stereotype still associated with cannabis. In many parts of the world it’s still illegal and very dangerous and rebellious to use it. We’re still stuck with the inaccurate, very negative connotation of laziness and sloth (maybe for rookies). I find consistent use of cannabis brings a feeling of communication, understanding or peace. I do know that he recently got super stoned (which because of his high pressure job, he doesn’t get to do anymore, Jeff doesn’t get to relax much at all) and kinda had a trip where he asked himself what happened? Self how did I get here? Some real introspection, I think was a little to real for him! I think his constant business/money pressure has disconnected him to the natural world. Cannabis might not be a great tool for running 3 service vans along with employees, or programming an 8 room audio system. But it’s a great tool for taking a step outside Babylon and appreciating you’re alive. We miss life’s beauty and majesty sometimes, because we’re too busy, on our quest for “success” collecting money.  I refer to the wisdom of the great Robert Nesta Marley: “The greatness of man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” 

Cannabis might help you see this. 

“The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race.” 

Cannabis might help you understand this. 

“Live for yourself and you will live in vain, live for others and you will live again.” 

Cannabis might help you live this.

Cannabis Calendar:

We’re starting to keep a nationwide calendar of cannabis and gardening events. Yo let us know about an event just tag us @dudegrows on IG or post your event with #DGCTODO


Cannabis News:

I’m posting links to all my news stories via @scottyrealdgc twitter.

01. New momentum in veterans’ fight for medical marijuana.

02. Christie still on Trump’s shortlist for attorney general (which is even shorter now)

This will take 2 min tops, it’s just funny though) I’ve got a cutting edge idea: ASMR Turkey call videos. I’m in! Watching Modern Marvels Turkeys and the wild turkey makes more than 20 sounds and man can recreate almost all of them. The sounds made are ASMR gold! https://youtu.be/L4AUiir1Wc4?t=436

  1. They’re making fertilizer from the turkey bones and crude oil from the guts!
  2. I bet that turkey nutritionist they interviewed could grow some dank ass weed!

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