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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing.





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Today’s Executive Producer:

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What’s Scotty and Guru Medicating With?  

What’s The Dude Medicating With?  

What’s the DGC Medicating On?  My strain I guess I call it?

01. CAKE BOMB FROM PCS SEEDS  Posted by MrNWGrows 

What’s Growing On:

01. Black Mirror’s chilling social credit score is a reality in China

02. Waking up to “the hidden life of trees” book today and they start talking about how trees communicate with each other. They don’t make sounds like we do, so how do they talk to each other? They do it by scent. Also do it by signals, Mycorrhizae are fungal roots that connect the regular tree roots so they can communicate #woodwideweb. There’s a banyan tree in Sweden over 3200 years old. They’ve ID’d 4k different kinds of beetles living in it! It’s such a mistake to disconnect us from nature, But it’s exactly what’s been happening! Thinking about our connection with the soil (sounds a lot like soul doesn’t it?). Plants literally eat the soil! They’re stalks and tissue are literally made up of the minerals that are in the soil. There’s carbon in our soils, there’s carbon in our bodies @ aout the same C:N ratio too. The pH of our bodies range from 6.0-7.5 (What’s your soils pH at right now Dude?). We are actually, physically made up of soil. (with plenty of microbes in there too). The plants (that can’t move) gets the microbes to deliver all its nutrients delivered right to the house! It’s like Grocery store delivery! Grocery store exchanges food for money. Plant exchanges sugars they can bake in their leaves for raw ingredients (minerals), that they need to cook with! Give me the raw minerals and I’ll bake you up something loaded with carbs that will stink up the entire neighborhood something nice! Microbes are able to move, so they get tricked into delivering nutrient that the plant needs, all for just a little sugar! Then the plant sends those minerals from the microbes up to the bakery (the leaves) to get cooked up into something with some energy (sugars and carbs). And sends that scent wafting through the neighborhood that might as well say “fresh baked pies today”, it also sends a little sugar down to the roots so them microbes smell the sweets too. Scent from above and below ground! Plants communicate on scent. And its a trip! The real trip is what we’re really made of: Microbes eat/melt rocks with their enzymes. Then move on over to the rhizosphere (plants root zone) and trade that melted rock (loaded with minerals) for sugar/carbs! Animals eat the plants. We eat the animals. Is it really that shocking that our bodies are loaded with microbes (all in and around us) and that our bodies decay to a pile of rock dust when we die? Thinking of a Wendell Berry quote where he says: We are living, moving parts of the Earth, inexplicably joined to the soil! Inexplicably means it cant be explained. I Think guys like Albert Howard and Wendell Berry have done a good job of explaining it. Makes sense to me! We’re joined to the Earth because we are the Earth. We’re connected daily when we put pieces of the Earth in our bodies for nourishment.

Cannabis Calendar:

We’re starting to keep a nationwide calendar of cannabis and gardening events. Yo let us know about an event just tag us @dudegrows on IG or post your event with #DGCTODO

DGC CUP 2019   dgccup@gmail.com

Cannabis News:

I’m posting links to all my news stories via @scottyrealdgc twitter.

01. Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus.

02. ‘It was already dead’: Group defends shocking video showing baby shark being used as bong.

03. Bill to lift smokable medical marijuana ban flames into ‘mess of red tape’


01. https://www.dudegrows.com/meme-baby/

02. https://www.dudegrows.com/hierachy  Posted by LemonGF/



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