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Enjoying the shows and the group. I look forward to learning more and appreciate the help.

I have a g13 x blueberry x headband mother by emerald Triangle seeds. I noticed right away that the strain requires a different mix of nutrients to keep it happy. It seems to want more P&K then my other strains. Since I grow for medical use but regardless I want to keep my plants healthy so I was wondering if anyone has a tip on what’s going on.

It’s in 5 gal of Royal Gold with some worm castings and I’m just using general Hydro nutes currently. The one leaf finger looks like its light deprived but not that light green color and it’s at the top of the plant. Then each clone I take from the plant has the same issue but not at the top of the plant. My room is at 77-83 degrees with about 40-50% humidity since its dry in my area I thought it was humidity. Since each clone has a similar leaf I thought it might be the strain asking for a specific nute mix or a sign that its environmental or Maybe its the cheap Bestva Lights? Thanks for the help!

The pic in flowering is from one of the clones and from week 3. Everything is under the cheap bestva 1500w lights.

G13 X Blueberry Headband