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Hello DGC,

Been a DGC member for a while now, due to an automotive accident and some down time I came up with an idea to build my own press. Realizing I have a true passion for the industry and that this would be a dream job, I’ve now taken on the challenge to start my own company. I now have a product that i’m ready to take to market, but due to my state not “catching up with times”. I’d rather not advertise local. I’ve been a General Motors mechanic for 10 yrs and have an extensive fabricating background and I knew immediately I could produce a press worthy of the industry standards. The press posted is the basic model m.s.r.p 1499.00 . We offer other options for this unit : 4×7 plates that the owner can swap at home, BVA Hydraulics, a cheaper hydraulic ram and cylinder option and dual controllers. I was wondering if the DGC crew could help me out and spread the word. Thanks from Diamond Press Company ………. P.S. – We are from Guru’s home state.