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What’s up DGC!! Hope the cannabis gods stay in everyone’s favor this grow season!! Figured I’d share this cultivar considering that Beth and Andy were on the show a few weeks back talking genetics. Late on transplanting, a touch of overwatering, a tad of light stress and a bit underfed was exactly how this ran started. Shot happens when running new genetics which makes u understand a little better how to still get top shelf results. A real beauty of a plant. Terps are complex and the bag appeal is some of the best I’ve seen in person. These 2 are a real joy to have in our community and I really hope the DGC runs their gear bc it’s definitely work the time. Taken on day 68. Thanks scotty for introducing these genetics to my garden, they will be in there for years to come. Appreciate the DGC for getting me this far (5th grow) and helping me crush my grows!! Growing your own is the best is an understatement. Bc of this community I’m pulling plants u see in a magazine and I couldn’t be happier. Not to mention the zen and return I get from watching my work pay off. Knowledge is everything. When u stop learning that’s the end so I suggest never stopping!!