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I’m on day 24 of veg growing a single Bubba’s Gift feminized seed. I’m using BioCanna nutrients in Pro Mix under an HLG 100 in a 2 x 2 grow tent. I’ve been keeping the light a little closer this time; around 16 inches instead of the recommended 18 inches above the plant, because last time the inter-nodal spacing was a little more than I wanted.

So I transplanted 2 days ago from 500 ml pots (1/8 gallon) to 5 gallon pots, and I’ve been planning to top soon before flowering shortly after. I was planning on topping between the 3rd and 4th node, but was waiting till there was enough space between the two nodes to make a clean cut and not miss.

I go into my tent today, to check out the plant and maybe top it, and I notice my plant already seems to be growing 4-5 tops. So, it sort of topped itself I guess?

I tried taking a few pictures and hopefully I’m not just high and you can see it too. Am I wrong? And if not, is this a good thing or bad thing? I know multiple tops is desirable, but if it’s doing it on its own, does it mean its some sort of weird mutation that is gonna cause it to herm or something?