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Hey Scotty, Dude, Guru & the rest of the DGC!!!

Psyched to being a paying member if the DGC finally.  Totally worth every penny.  I’ve been watching on YouTube for years!  Absolutely, my favorite YouTube channel – by far!!!

On to my question…  I’ve been using Recharge in my small garden for a few years and have always had good/great results.  However, lately I’m not noticing the same (or even similar) reactions from my girls after watering in some Recharge.  I’m growing a couple of autos (Fast Buds Blackberry and Dinafem Critical+ Auto) in Coast of Maine Stonington Blend “super soil”.  Both plants are looking more yellow than I like.  In the past I’ve had success going a little heavy on the Recharge (1-2 tsp/gallon) to bring back the green.  But its not helping at all this time.  It may even have gotten worse.  I know I also accidentally overwatered as well, but that was a couple of weeks ago.  The Recharge I’m using is probably a year plus old now.  When I first opened the package the Recharge was heavily compacted and very solid.  I always have to break it apart in order to use it.  Recently its texture has gotten softer, its not as hard and solid as it was originally.  It doesn’t smell bad – I don’t smell anything like ammonia, mold, etc…, but it also doesn’t smell ‘fresh’ anymore either.  I’m attaching a pic of what the Recharge looks like in the bag now as well as pics of the plants.

Note: in addition to Recharge, I’ve also started feeding in Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer (2-3-1) and Fox Farm Big Bloom (0-0.5-0.7) both at 1/4 strength.