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Hey Scotty, Dude, Guru and everyone else behind the scenes, This girl is a diesel berry cough, the nug pics r the first run and the actual plants r clones from her that I’m bout to harvest in a couple weeks (NYCD x strawberry cough) unfortunately she doesn’t smell or taste like diesel or strawberry cough, but like tangie which isn’t one of my favorites “which is why the run coming down in a couple weeks will b her last” but it’s still good, and not dry af thank god, I just recently moved to Colorado from North Carolina in November 2021 because I had enough of the restaurant management thing and really wanted to get into the cannabis industry, so transfered out here with my restaurant job till I could get my MED badge and now I work at a grow and love it, but this is my first harvest since I moved here and long ago ran out of my stash that I brought with me on the move and had to start to buy a lot from dispensaries since I don’t know anyone for over 1000 miles lol so it’s good to not be smoking weed powder any more.