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Love the podcast! Been growing indoors since 2011, had friends I used to help with their grows & make runs to the grow store for them back in the late 90’s – late 2000’s. I’m in South Fla. Close to where you guys talk about & have been to some of the same places & Mountain bike trails that you talk about and IMO Markham park is the sickest place to ride in S. Fla!

But anyway I was wondering if you guys know what the difference is between DTW nutrients vs. Recirculating nutrients? I’m old school and am still using GH 3-part along with the new millennium secret sauce formula (budswell wk5-flush & the other nutes the week before flush only) with noticeable results so I know GH 3-part can be used for both, Athena pro is DTW only while Athena blended can be used for recirculating, new millennium & floraflex are also DTW only. I want to switch nutrient lines but using clay pebbles with a recirculating system is set it & forget it easy I don’t have to worry about over watering or checking runoff Ph or ppm, just the reservoir. I’ll probably try Athena blended line bcuz it checks all the boxes but was wondering why some can & some can’t be used for recirculating.

Also I am like the dude when it comes to spraying for bugs, I usually don’t spray till I see them. I’ve also learned that when I do have an infestation that a GH azamax root drench (systemic) once or twice, a week or 2 before bloom along with spraying micronised sulphur (1 tbs. Per gallon) up until week 1-2 of bloom will take care of whatever bugs you got for moms, veg & bloom! I also have green clean & captain Jack’s deadbug brew (spinosad) in my arsenal!

Sorry I got a buzz going & am rambling a bit! Speak to you guys later & stay Irie!

Thanks, Mike LOWREY!

P.S. Scotty, can I get you to say “this is Wolfman Jack” one time! LOL!