Hey DGC Smokeytad420 here. I got an older first generation sf2000 LED. I am pretty sure its first gen cuz it don’t have a dimmer easily accessible like all other LED’s or the phone cord type deal to daisy chain then or hook em up to a controller! I can dim the LED’s if i take driver off and pull a lil nub out and  use a screw driver to dim it but its a pain. My question is is there a dimmer out there i can buy that i could just plug the LED into and then it would dim it without me having to take off the driver all the time!! I have a fan speed controller i was going to see if i could use that since it regulates the watts or volts going into the unit so would that work to use that or not and do they even sell dimmers cuz they got way to much life left and still bright as hell and always got great results with it and the sf1000 first gen also but a way to dim them both would be epic without having to buy new led’s! Any input would be great! Give me your knowledge DGC fill my skull piece with all of the power! Loving the show and damn all cherry Paloma talk grrrr i cant afford to get it yet and i cant wait till i do cuz i am going to have it! Got a fund jar going for it but something about it clicked and when it clicks it tends to be winners for me!! i feel it would be the best for my anxiety and PTSD! but yeah just messing no i really am gimme your Paloma. Now  your in my spell hahahah did it work my magic 🤣! Jokes aside not here for handouts i love knowledge and the people ot the mother trucking DGC!!! Peace out Thanks and GrowerzLuv✌️DGC