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Hi guys, I started growing indoors again about a year ago when it became legal. I’m currently starting my 3rd grow. I had updated my Sun System 400w HPS from the ’90s with a first generation SpiderFarmer SF2000 when it came out in anticipation of the end of prohibition and used it to get a head start on my tomatoes. I love these quantum board LEDs and LEDs in general. They’ve revolutionized indoor growing and they last forever with no light degradation or service issues. That’s my problem. The dimming instructions for this 1st gen SF2000 start with, “After unscrewing the ballast from the housing, install your ammeter…”.  Needless to say, it does not get dimmed. I reached out to SpiderFarmer when it came out with later models to see if they had a retrofit dimmer for this model, but they were no help. So, I’m reaching out to the DGC crew to see if any of you have had the same problem and have found a reasonably priced aftermarket LED dimming solution.

My 2nd issue involves the Infinity Cloudline series of fans. I currently have a 4″ for my 2X4 tent, currently running 3 Rabid Runtz autos from Gas Reaper complete with DGC inspired oscillating fan. I also have a 4″ Cloudline for a grow cabinet. That also includes the muffler, which works quite well. That cabinet’s quieter than my fridge with the door closed. And a 6″ for a 4X8 tent that will be going up soon. I had high hopes of using the humidity and temp software controls to dial in VPD, but soon found they had a fatal flaw in programming. While you can set a maximum fan speed, you cannot set a minimum fan speed. This means, when your parameters have been reached, the whole system shuts off. No CO2 air exchange, and just as importantly, no carbon filtering. Here in the Midwest, we can go for weeks at a time when the ambient VPD is perfect. It’s why we grow so much shit. So, I just end up running the fans at a set speed, set some high and low temp alarms, and bypass the auto settings entirely. Any ideas?