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Hello i’m growing this from seed (unfeminised)
Its beginning week 5 in this pic. I’m using mars 300 (120 Actual Wattage) full spectrum leds. Im using recharge and mammoth p. With new millennium nutrients line. . This is my strain im now gonna be cloning over and over.. it smells like (in order of how pallette recognizes flavors) skunk, diesel,dank, earth ,slight sour grape smell .. best described as quality and quantity in one.. i got the high yielding pheno and had one bean . Most phenos of dirty wompa are low yielding high quality headstash.. i love how this plant grows. It does good organically also.. i prefer my microbes inputs and coco loco coco mix.. i also am gonna run it in fully amended soil too .. i prefer it this way though organicocothetics. Lol i love coining terms as much as i love growing my favorite strain.. her genetics are sour diesel , animal cookies, og kush and slightly a lil purple kush (original strains of all) (if the hype meter don’t go off)