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What up Dude, Scotty, Guru and all my fellow cannabis enthusiasts?

All my life I have been into taking things apart and figure out how they work or a new way to use them.

This past fall the dishwasher in my home broke to the point of no repair. I ordered a new one online and waited for the home store to message me that it was ready for pick up.  To pass the time I sat in my kitchen taking bong hits and reading a book about breeding. At some point the weed took over and my thoughts drifted to the broken dishwasher that was sitting front of me. That broken dishwasher was a sealed box that is reflective on the inside. I need to figure a way to breed cannabis in it or at least make some seeds. So that night after the new dishwasher was installed I took the old one to the garage and started to tinker. After I removed all the parts I didn’t need I just had to enlarge a few holes for cords and cut one for the 4 inch inline fan hose to connect to and added a filter on the air intake.  starting out with an old blurple LED a friend had give me, I Hooked it all up with a mini fan I found on Amazon and Did a test run. I was able to flower to harvest 4 small plants in the dish wash but ran into heat problems because I already had it in a 84 degrees grow tent before the fan tried to cool it. It was also awful for taking pictures

So now I have added a cheap Amazon LED full spectrum LED that has a dimmer on it and have moved it out of the Grow Tent. Now the Dishwasher stays around 80 degrees with a RH of 45-50% I have put two rooted clones into flower and soon will be pollenating with the pollen from the male in my basement. I will see how this goes, wish me luck on my first cross. If all else fails I can still say I have smoked Dishwasher Danks! I will be posting updates on my Instagram page @one_eyed_cat_cannabis if you care to follow along.

Much love to everyone involved in making Dude Grows and the community happen. Stay lifted!