Hey DGC, This is for anybody out there who still likes to make some cheap old school Iso hash oil. Today I was going to make some oil out of some old bud I had laying around, so broke out my old water distiller that I used to use for refining a different kind of liquid.

I made my isopropyl/bud mix and strain through a coffee filter, then run it through the water distiller. I was able to to recover 3/4 of the alcohol in under 30 mins. You’re left with a mostly finished oil that sometimes you have add a bit of alcohol back in to get out of the boiler. This is only my second time trying it out so I still have a few bugs to work out. This is much safer and faster than using a hot plate or something similar and you get your alcohol back!

For of you who haven’t heard of them, I bought mine online for 150-200$ Canadian (I forget where and how much exactly). It’s a sealed unit with an internal boiler and a fan cooled condenser that holds 4L of liquid and an automatic high temp shut off. Feel super safe using it. You still need to refine the oil a little bit after it’s done but it does the bulk of the work. Hope this helps, use at your own risk!