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hey everybody,  I know Pa Kilter posted back on Feb. 13th about this setup.  I had made a comment about experimenting with this setup to make it better.   The problem I had with it was that when the solutions would mix together it would lose it’s reaction over time,  long before all the solution had mix together.  During my experiment I found that the ratios of baking soda to citric acid only played into how long the reaction would take place, meaning no matter the ratio, once the citric acid started to react with the baking soda mixture it would get to a point where the reaction was done, even if you added more citric acid to the baking soda.   Now you could shake the mixed bottle and get more reaction.  If it wasn’t for having to shake the bottle and that the reaction stopped this setup could easily support a 2×4 grow tent for a solid week.  I’m trying to create a walk away for a week  setup.  Fairley challenging to accomplish but I’m getting there.  I suck at explaining things so I made a video.  With a cheap air pump this setup can easily be used with a Co2 controller or a timer if you have a data logger and not a controller.  The controller would be much easier I think than figuring out an on and off duration for maintaining co2 levels. I mention you can scale this up,  for example  with two 5 gallon buckets and one 10 gallon, which would last for a very long time vented into a small tent.